March 12, 2008

Today Show Part 2: AAP President Tells Giant Easily Disprovable Mistruth

Yesterday, in a segment on autism and vaccines on the Today Show, Dr. David Tayloe, President Elect of the American Academy of Pediatrics, was asked the following question:

"Do you believe that all vaccines should be used on every child?"

His complete response:

"Yes. I think any of the vaccines we have today have been tested and proven to be safe, and the credible studies don't show any relationship between vaccines and permanent injury. So we favor this and we know that unless we have vaccination rates that are in the 90 to 95% range we are not going to prevent epidemics from coming into this country of measles, of polio, from countries where these diseases are still endemic. So its very important that we vaccinate all our children."

Repeating: No "relationship between vaccines and permanent injury".

This is probably the most glaring falsehood that I have heard in the vaccine debate yet, stated by the chief pediatrician in the US, to whom all other pediatricians look to for guidance in how to treat their patients.

Has Dr. Tayloe has never heard of the Federal Program called the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program, the sole purpose of which it to compensate people for the permanent injuries that they sustain from approved vaccines?

From the VICP section of the HRSA web site that shows the vaccine injuries that are covered:

"The Vaccine Injury Table (Table) makes it easier for some people to get compensation. The Table lists and explains injuries/conditions that are presumed to be caused by vaccines. It also lists time periods in which the first symptom of these injuries/conditions must occur after receiving the vaccine. If the first symptom of these injuries/conditions occurs within the listed time periods, it is presumed that the vaccine was the cause of the injury or condition unless another cause is found. For example, if you received the tetanus vaccines and had a severe allergic reaction (anaphylaxis) within 4 hours after receiving the vaccine, then it is presumed that the tetanus vaccine caused the injury if no other cause is found."

A quick rundown of a few of the covered reactions:

DTaP, Tdap, DTP-Hib, MMR, MR, R - Anaphylactic shock, encephalopathy, any accute complication or sequela of above events(including death).

Rubella vaccines - Chronic arthritis, any acute complication or sequela (including death) of above event.

Measles vaccines - Thrombocytopenic purpura, Mealses, any acute complication or sequela (including death) of above event.

Live Virus Polio vaccines - Polio.

Inactivated Virus Polio vaccines - Anaphylactic shock, any acute complication or sequela of above events(including death).

I am pretty sure that "Death" could be considered permanent injury.

Additionally, Dr. Tayloe has apparently never read a package insert in a box of vaccine.

Here is a random sample of insert quotes. Let's start with the one that sent my two week old Chandler into three months worth of fevers and crying and two years of constipation:

ENGERIX-B, Hepatitis B Vaccine -
"Multiple Sclerosis: Although no causal relationship has been established, rare instances of exacerbation of multiple sclerosis have been reported following administration of hepatitis B vaccines and other vaccines. In persons with multiple sclerosis, the benefit of immunization for prevention of hepatitis B infection and sequelae must be weighed against the risk of exacerbation of the disease."

"Carcinogenesis, Mutagenesis, Impairment of Fertility: ENGERIX-B has not been evaluated for carcinogenic or mutagenic potential, or for impairment of fertility."

"Postmarketing Reports: Additional adverse experiences have been reported with the commercial use of ENGERIX-B. Those listed below are to serve as alerting information to physicians.

Hypersensitivity: Anaphylaxis; erythema multiforme including Stevens-Johnson syndrome; angioedema; arthritis. An apparent hypersensitivity syndrome (serum sickness–like) of delayed onset has been reported days to weeks after vaccination, including: arthralgia/arthritis (usually transient), fever, and dermatologic reactions such as urticaria, erythema multiforme, ecchymoses, and erythema nodosum (see CONTRAINDICATIONS).
Cardiovascular System: Tachycardia/palpitations.
Respiratory System: Bronchospasm including asthma-like symptoms.
Gastrointestinal System: Abnormal liver function tests; dyspepsia.
Nervous System: Migraine; syncope; paresis; neuropathy including hypoesthesia, paresthesia, Guillain-BarrĂ© syndrome and Bell’s palsy, transverse myelitis; optic neuritis; multiple sclerosis; seizures.
Hematologic: Thrombocytopenia.
Skin and Appendages: Eczema; purpura; herpes zoster; erythema nodosum; alopecia.
Special Senses: Conjunctivitis; keratitis; visual disturbances; vertigo; tinnitus; earache."

"CONTRAINDICATIONS - Hypersensitivity to any component of the vaccine, including yeast, is a contraindication. This vaccine is contraindicated in patients with previous hypersensitivity to any hepatitis B-containing vaccine."

(Even though my baby, in no uncertain terms, showed "hypersensitivity", his doctors continued to administer the vaccine to him until his regression at 18 months).

This is given to babies that are hours old. And remember, the head of the AAP says, even though the package insert says differently, that the vaccine is safe for every child and no permanent injury will occur.

Fluvirin, Flu Vaccine

"Controlled studies on FLUVIRIN® have not been conducted to demonstrate safety in pregnant women."


Influenza Virus Vaccine should not be given to individuals with thrombocytopenia or any coagulation disorder that would contraindicate intramuscular injection unless, in the judgment of the physician, the potential benefits clearly outweigh the risk of administration.
Patients with impaired immune responsiveness, whether due to the use of immunosuppressive therapy (including irradiation, corticosteroids, antimetabolites, alkylating agents, and cytotoxic agents), a genetic defect, human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infection, or other causes, may have a reduced antibody response in active immunization procedures.

But if Dr. Tayloe is right, the package insert should be changed to read:




"No studies regarding the simultaneous administration of inactivated influenza vaccine and other childhood vaccines have been conducted."

One more... Merck's MMR vaccine:

Hypersensitivity to any component of the vaccine, including gelatin.
Do not give M-M-R II to pregnant females; the possible effects of the vaccine on fetal development are unknown at this time. If vaccination of postpubertal females is undertaken, pregnancy should be avoided for three months following vaccination (see INDICATIONS AND USAGE, Non-Pregnant Adolescent and Adult Females and PRECAUTIONS, Pregnancy).
Anaphylactic or anaphylactoid reactions to neomycin (each dose of reconstituted vaccine contains approximately 25 mcg of neomycin).
Febrile respiratory illness or other active febrile infection. However, the ACIP has recommended that all vaccines can be administered to persons with minor illnesses such as diarrhea, mild upper respiratory infection with or without low-grade fever, or other low-grade febrile illness.
Patients receiving immunosuppressive therapy. This contraindication does not apply to patients who are receiving corticosteroids as replacement therapy, e.g., for Addison's disease.
Individuals with blood dyscrasias, leukemia, lymphomas of any type, or other alignant neoplasms affecting the bone marrow or lymphatic systems.
Primary and acquired immunodeficiency states, including patients who are immunosuppressed in association with AIDS or other clinical manifestations of infection with human immunodeficiency viruses;41-43 cellular immune deficiencies; and hypogammaglobulinemic and dysgammaglobulinemic states. Measles inclusion body encephalitis60 (MIBE), pneumonitis61 and death as a direct consequence of disseminated measles vaccine virus infection have been reported in immunocompromised individuals inadvertently vaccinated with measles-containing vaccine.
Individuals with a family history of congenital or hereditary immunodeficiency, until the immune competence of the potential vaccine recipient is emonstrated."

Due caution should be employed in administration of M-M-R II to persons with a history of cerebral injury, individual or family histories of convulsions, or any other condition in which stress due to fever should be avoided. The physician should be alert to the temperature elevation which may occur following vaccination (see ADVERSE REACTIONS).
Hypersensitivity to Eggs Live measles vaccine and live mumps vaccine are produced in chick embryo cell culture. Persons with a history of anaphylactic, anaphylactoid, or other immediate reactions (e.g., hives, swelling of the mouth and throat, difficulty breathing, hypotension, or shock) subsequent to egg ingestion may be at an enhanced risk of immediate-type hypersensitivity reactions after receiving vaccines containing traces of chick embryo antigen. The potential risk to benefit ratio should be carefully evaluated before considering vaccination in such cases. Such individuals may be vaccinated with extreme caution, having adequate treatment on hand should a reaction occur"

"The AAP states, "Persons who have experienced anaphylactic reactions to topically or systemically administered neomycin should not receive measles vaccine."

Now that Dr. Tayloe is running the AAP, will they remove that statement from the insert?

I have not even gotten to the sections on Adverse Reactions yet, but I have already made my point.

Oh, yeah... and then last week the Hannah Poling case broke.

It is factual to say that in come cases, approved vaccines DO result in permanent injury and that not all vaccines are safe for all children.

Dr. Tayloe is wrong.

Either he knows about the things which I have written above, in which case he has lied to the American public and he has no place being the head of the AAP, or he does not know the things which I have written above, in which case he is incompetent to be the head of the AAP.

... and there is not a chance in hell that he does not know about all that I have written here.

Additionally, allow me to draw your attention to the second half of Dr. Tayloe's statement:

"So we favor this and we know that unless we have vaccination rates that are in the 90 to 95% range we are not going to prevent epidemics from coming into this country of measles, of polio, from countries where these diseases are still endemic. So its very important that we vaccinate all our children."

Note the goal of his vaccination policy, not to serve the best interest of your individual child, but to protect this country of a viral epidemic.

Keep in mind, that when your are in the pediatricians office and he is looking at your child and making decisions on how to treat him, the AAP, his professional organization has taught him that your baby is not his client. That 'society' is his client. And that depending on how ethical he is or how sharp his critical thinking skills are, he may not actually be serving your child, but "the greater good".

We have been lobbying the AAP to reevaluate vaccines and move in a more cautious direction in making recommendations for their doctors.

If the election of Dr. Tayloe and his criminal pronouncements are the response to the AAP of parents increasingly loud protestations of their destructive direction, then it is time to start ignoring the AAP.

There are many, many pediatrician out there who genuinely want to work in the best interests of their patients, and as difficult as it was for me and Honey to hear Dr. Tayloe lie on tv, it must have been more difficult for them to have heard. They know that serious vaccine reactions exist, and they just watched the man that represents them tell a very stupid lie to the entire country.

(please excuse any typos, etc, as I have not had a chance to proof this. I reserve the right to make corrections)


Jim said...

"we know that unless we have vaccination rates that are in the 90 to 95% range we are not going to prevent epidemics.."

HOW do we know this, I would ask? How can we *possibly* know this, unless we have run studies on large unvaccinated and vaccinated populations, BOTH in the U.S. or in countries of similar hygeinic and developmental standards.

Surely the percentage to reach "hurd immunity" is not as high as 90%?

On person mentioned (in a comment on the AgeOfAutism blog) that she has her child's Ig titers teseted and IgA - the one most responsible for the adaptive immune system's antibody response, was negative. Negative relative to a "reference range" almost certainly "correct" for adults, not 6-month old children. But still, this raises the very interesting question of *are vaccinations doing ANYTHING positive*. By positive, I mean creating immunity. Al Plethchnor, autor of Pets At Risk, runs Ig test of pets as well as antibody titer tests to test for immunity developed from vaccination. In his book, his discusses several cases where a vaccination *failed to produce an antibody response*.

This raises 2 important questions:

1) If vaccines are not doing anything useful for children in terms of creating immunity (their stated purpose), why are we using them at all? Why use them if they don't do anything but possibly create or increase disfunctions in the immune system, mitochondrial system, endocrine system, and neurological system (from the mercury, aluminum, and other toxins AND from the unnatural immunological action of the vaccine).

2) This is possibly a more interesting question: if (for instance - I don't have the DTaP vaccinations at 1, 4, and 6 months do nothing in terms of creating immunity, why don't we see raging diptheria and whooping caugh epidemics in children under 6 months? If this is true (that the vaccines before a certain age do little of nothing to create immunity), this DIRECTLY contradicts the oft-repeated "public health" statement that vaccines are necessary to prevent epidemics. You cannot prevent an epidemic without immunity, so where are the epidemics?

The is an explanation that perhaps one of the later DTaP shouts *does* create immunity, which then prevents epidemics in ADULTS which might otherwise happen, and be spread the children. If this is the case, does it not make sense to simply skip vaccinations that (most of the time) don't work before the age of 6-9 months, and only vaccinate later when the immune system is able to not only actually create immunity? At that time, the immune system might not only be ready to crate immunity, but also be able to perhaps prevent some or all of the horrific injuries that appear to be linked to vaccinations (sometimes within minutes or hours of injection) - some probably partly or fully autoimmune in nature, as seen in autism (and Type 1 diabetes, and perhaps "setting the stage" for autoimmunies which develop later)

Donald Miller MD has developed a "safe(r)" vaccination schedule (can be found at GenerationRescue) that includes only 4 vaccines, to be given separately, in a non-toxic form, using NO live viruses. These 4 are DTaP, and Polio.

This makes sense, as these four diseases are either very dangerous to a child or more virulent and likely to create an epidemic (in the case of diphtheria, pertussis, and polio. Polio and Tetanus if contracted mostly likely leave a child partly or completely crippled for life, or dead, to my knowledge (I am not aware of antibiotic/anti-vital treatment for polio or tetanus).

If indeed there is "herd immunity" among adults which prevent both adult and child outbreaks of measles, mumps, etc, then there is a question of vaccinating for these disease SEPARATELY and LATER IN LIFE. (Later in life people can deal with shots better than kids too, so there is less "multiple vaccine" pressure, as well as much less crying)

Of course, this entire argument rests on the idea that vaccines DO NOT by and large create immunity before a certain age. The only way to test this is to run studies on immune titers in children after vaccinations, and adults - and possibly children naturally exposed to these diseases by unvaccinated. This is the only way I can see to 1) establish whether this hypothesis is true, and 2) in order to do that, establish what appropriate antibody levels in young children/infants actually is.

And research MUST proceed toward developing way to induce immunity ("vaccinate") without using the current vaccination paradigm of infection with a low level antigen - a paradigm which is essentially unchanged since the Cowpox/Smallpox observation many years ago.

If we still want to immunize children, adolescents, or adults. The current paradigm is cheap and easy, and requires little new science be developed, but it is damaging to immidiately damaging to children (in some if not most cases), evidenced by the epidemic of autism and ADHD. The current vaccinations paradigm relies on over-stimualtion of the immune system, and possibly creates some of the other "childhood epidemics" we see - asthma, allergies, endocrine problems, and diabetes - type 1 and maybe even type 2, which is seen in younger and younger children now.

I don't have a real clue what such a new paradigm might be - but I know that it will have to come from more direct, but more subtle manipulation of the immune system to create antibodies and the B-cells to maintain "immune memory". It may also possibly involve infection of children with genetically "killed" (non-pathogenic) viruses, thus mimicking natural immunity.

But this will require much more research, research that will have to be carried out by immunologists. Immunologists could also possibly help in explaining the mechanism behind vaccine induced damage, as I think has already started to be done from a very few papers I've seen.

Where are the immunologists in this war? Aren't there at least a FEW of them that have autistic children? To paraphrase the old Army poster "This war needs them"

If you are an immunologist, or know one who is concerned, feel free to contact me to discuss this further, and about possibly setting up a "Immunologists for Safer Immunizations" movement. I am only a lay-person in this, but I know that something must change - and quickly.

~ JIm Witte

Jim said...

It's ironic that the AAP is bending over backwards (and breaking it's back it seems) trying to "reassure" parents that vaccines are *completely* safe. They probably fear the parents won't vaccinate their kids *at all*.

Of course, we all know that no drug, including vaccines is completely safe. And as Dierdre said in the Imus interview, most parents are *not* saying "no vaccinations". What they are saying is that the need to get the toxins out, they need to spread them out, they need to reduce the schedule.. (do we really need a Rotavirus vaccination? Has Rotavirus such a huge threat in the US until the vaccine was developed in the last 2 years? Yes it kills thousands in the developing world, but here??)

So instead of reassuring parents, the AAP has, by not admitting that "yes there is some risk, and we will take your concerns seriously and talk with top pediatric immunologists in the country about when it's appropriate for vaccination to being, and how how often".. They just put their foot down and say that all vaccines are safe.

They may actually create the very situation they (I think) hope to avoid.

Alicia said...

It is good to know that I am not the only one that thought that Dr. Tayloe sounded incompetent. I liked reading your interpretation, thanks!
I actually had my babies 9 month well baby check today, during which I asked my Pediatrician how I can find out more specifics about what exactly is in each individual vaccine and he acted like he had never been asked this before and after thinking for a minute he said he could give me the pack inserts. For some reason he didn't have all of them, but he gave me several. I thought it was interesting that you posted from them today. I also asked him about specifics like them having formaldehyde and aluminum and he said he wasn't aware of that. It seems to me that our leaders in childcare need to do more research for themselves rather than just listening to what they are told.

Stan said...

Good comments here, esp. from Jim; to whom (& to others) I would like to say that there is actually a known antiviral treatment for polio, & which in fact was known about at the time of the dev. of the vaccine. That is very large doses of vitamin C. A doctor in South Carolina by the name of Fred Klenner came up with the treatment, and was getting excellent results - when the vaccine came on the market. And in the competition between a natural, non-patentable substance and a pharmaceutical product.....and don't we know the results of that sort of story.
As for other of the ch. diseases, there is: vitamin A/cod liver oil for measles; colloidal silver for the DPT triad; the list goes on, of other natural anti-virals and -bacterials & immune enhancers, like olive leaf extract, grapefruit seed extract, astragalus, various short, we would NOt be left high and dry if the full truth about vaccines got out, and parents started voting with their feet in such numbers as to undercut the 'herd immunity' levels. Point: to force the authorities to come up with safer vaccines, or face a rebellion of the herd. Who finally got mad as hell and weren't going to take it any more.

Anonymous said...

They have been lying for 200 years regarding vaccine injury, and the smallpox stats showed mid 19 century that smallpox vaccine was useless and dangerous so they have known for 150 years vaccines are ineffective.

In 1880 the National Anti-Vaccine League stated:

"Another Parliamentary return (No. 443, Session 1877) demonstrates that 25,000 babies are yearly sacrificed by diseases excited by Vaccination."

Also proven easily by Leicester stats where they found they lost 2,200 less babies under 5 when they didn't vaccinate (30 years) compared to their high vaccination years.

Just the tip of the iceberg as far as smallpox vax goes--think also of spreading leprosy, smallpox, syphilis around the world for over 100 years.

And that, smallpox vaccination, is the keystone of vaccination, which itself is the keystone to Allopathy. Just one big fat lie that the rest sit on.

Anonymous said...

There is no such thing as a safe vaccine, and there is plenty of evidence (eg David Ayoub) that they put the mercury in to make them more toxic among other reasons eg anti-fertility, depopulation. And there is no such thing as an effective vaccine, they suppress one and another increases.

And the other biggy (as Stan says) is the fact they have known vitamin C is a cure for all infections, known since 1949 (Klenner), such as meningitis (Kalokerinos), Polio, measles etc, while it will prevent all cot-deaths (Kalokerinos), known for 30 years.

Just that would make vaccination completely unecessary, as Dr levy says:

"Many viral infectious diseases have been cured and can continue to be cured by the proper administration of Vitamin C. Yes, the vaccinations for these treatable infectious diseases are completely unnecessary when one has the access to proper treatment with vitamin C. And, yes, all the side effects of vaccinations...are also completely unnecessary since the vaccinations do not have to be given in the first place with the availability of properly dosed vitamin C."---Dr Thomas Levy M.D., J.D. (Vitamin C, Infectious Diseases and Toxins p30)

Just another ugly truth to consider when they go on about wanting to save childrens lives with vaccines.

The herd immunity bull is just the lie they use to encourage high vaccine uptake. The main reason is the fact they don't want any large groups of healthy unvaccinated kids around to show up vaccination, like the Amish.

"The reason vaccinations are promoted with such intensity is to prevent people from realising that vaccines do not protect and also in the event of an outbreak or an epidemic the vaccinated are as much at risk of becoming infected as the unvaccinated. The truth can be kept hidden if people's vaccination status remains unknown and if everyone is vaccinated, making a comparison with unvaccinated people impossible. This is also the real reason for the relentless push to vaccinate as many children as possible."-- Dr Buchwald (The Decline of Tuberculosis despite "Protective" Vaccination by Dr. Gerhard Buchwald M.D. p101)

Unknown said...

His complete response:

"Yes. I think any of the vaccines we have today have been tested and proven to be safe, and the credible studies don't show any relationship between vaccines and permanent injury. So we favor this and we know that unless we have vaccination rates that are in the 90 to 95% range we are not going to prevent epidemics from coming into this country of measles, of polio, from countries where these diseases are still endemic. So its very important that we vaccinate all our children."


Where are those said credible studies? Where? Why can they not produce them and show that the study design holds and has held merit. How long were any studies following the study subjects? What physiological safety evidence was collected on any subject, and where is their complete blood work files, as well; before and after. How about doing live darkfield blood microscopy on 100 children that received 5 or more vaccines in one visit; before and after.

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