January 9, 2020

Brett Wilcox Summarizes the "Pro-vax Manifesto"

I have never fully understood how stupid and absurd the vaccine industry's arguments defending the current vaccine program actually were until Brett Wilcox put them all together on one page.  I can't believe how badly this country is being scammed.  It is not just horrifically criminal that they are getting away with this, it is monumentally embarrassing that anyone in the US believes them.  What suckers we have been.

Reprinted, without permission, from Running The Country

by Brett Wilcox

I’ve been studying vaccines for a few years now. During that time several pro-vaxxers have done their best to convince me of the error of my ways. Many grow frustrated with me and inform me that I’m simple minded and stupid. It’s true that I wasn’t the quickest kid in the class. It’s taken me a long time to grasp what they’re saying, but I think I’ve finally got it. If you’re a pro-vaxxer, please let me know if I accurately represented your position.

Thanks for your patience!

Pro Vax Manifesto

* All disease is bad.
* All vaccines are good.
* The science is settled, all vaccines work.
* All vaccines are equally effective.
* All vaccines are equally safe.

* Vaccines are tested for safety more than any other pharmaceutical product.
* Vaccine safety studies are long term studies, meaning they last for more than four days.
* Experimental vaccines intended for babies are first tested on babies.
* Experimental vaccines that will eventually be given to unhealthy children are first tested on unhealthy children.
* Vaccine safety studies always include inert placebos.
* The entire vaccine schedule has been studied for safety.

* The theory and the practice of vaccination are identical.
* Vaccine Information Sheets contain the same information as Vaccine Package Inserts.
* Vaccination equals immunization, yet the public should still fear and ostracize the unvaccinated.
* Vaccines work, but only if everyone else is vaccinated because, of course, my medicine makes your medicine more effective.
* Everyone should be forced to vaccinate to protect the vaccinated from getting the diseases for which they were vaccinated.

* Vaccines have never caused ADHD, tics, Guillain-Barré Syndrome, learning disabilities, cancer, diabetes, eczema, paralysis, autism, or any other injury.
* It’s just a coincidence when babies get sick, diseased, regress, or die following vaccination.
* Vaccination is the leading cause of coincidences.

* There is nothing in vaccines that could hurt a baby or anyone else. That’s why vaccine manufacturers and doctors can’t be sued for vaccine injury or death.
* If vaccines injure a baby, it’s the baby’s fault for having bad genes. Vaccines just identify the defect.
* Vaccines are composed of neurotoxins, human fetal DNA, animal tissue, adjuvants, allergens, antigens, and contaminants. Buildings are evacuated and hazmat teams are called when the contents of a vaccine spill on the floor. That’s why the same ingredients are safe when repeatedly injected into pregnant women, infants, toddlers, teens, the aged, and virtually everyone in between.
* The toxic ingredients in vaccines make sick people healthy and healthy people healthier.

* Injecting toxins is no different than ingesting toxins.
* Because one vaccine is safe, two, four, eight vaccines etc. are equally safe.
* Vaccines are better than vitamins, the more you get, the healthier you are.
* Studies show that vaccine injuries and deaths increase as the number of vaccines increase. That’s why babies can safely receive thousands of vaccines at once.

* High-pitched screams, fevers, lethargy, being zoned out, sleeping for days, diarrhea, and seizures are normal vaccine reactions.
* Normal reactions are not vaccine injury.

* The US vaccine schedule is the only schedule in the world.
* There are no alternative schedules.
* Alternative schedules are untested and dangerous.

* Until recently, 100% of people failed to notice behaviors and traits associated with autism that have always existed in 2% of the population. Some of these behaviors and traits include head banging, spinning, hand flapping, poop smearing, delayed speech, speech regression, inability to speak, speaking in an abnormal tone of voice, repeating words and phrases over and over again, yelling, crying, or laughing for no apparent reason, obsessive attachment to unusual objects, gastrointestinal problems, explosive diarrhea, extreme sensitivity to light, sound and touch, indifference to temperature or pain, difficulty understanding other people’s feelings, reactions, or facial expressions, resistance to being touched, failure to bond or emotionally connect with parents, siblings, and others, wandering, and lack of fear of water sometimes resulting in drowning.
* Autism is normal.
* Autism is a gift.
* Autism should be celebrated.
* Parents who don’t celebrate their kids’ autism are selfish crybabies.
* Autism is an evolutionary response to the computer age.
* No vaccine has ever caused autism.
* Only one now debunked paper written solely by one now disgraced doctor has ever linked vaccines to autism.
* That man is a fraud and he’s personally responsible for killing millions of babies just like Hitler.

* Media outlets can be trusted because they always report the truth about vaccines.
* Media outlets are not influenced by corporate sponsors or government censorship.
* Media should shame and mock parents of vaccine-injured children, especially the moms.
* Media should libel and misquote doctors and scientists who address vaccine safety issues.
* Media should not give fair and equal airtime to parents of vaccine-injured children.
* Media sponsored hate speech is bad … unless it’s targeting parents of vaccine-injured children.
* Media should slam movies such as Vaxxed without ever watching them.

* The pharmaceutical industry does not influence medical school curriculum.
* Doctors are taught everything there is to know about vaccination:

1. disease is bad
2. vaccines are good
3. the vaccine schedule
4. vaccine administration and
5. strategies to coerce vaccine hesitant parents and others to vaccinate.
* Listen to your doctor … unless your doctor warns you about the dangers of vaccination.
* The ethical principle of informed consent which was established after World War II to prevent further medical experimentation on uninformed and unwilling subjects does not apply to vaccination.
* When doctors coerce and threaten parents to vaccinate their kids, they are not violating medical ethics.
* Medical providers should chart adverse events from medications, but they should deny vaccine-induced adverse events because vaccines are safe and effective.
* Doctors who address vaccine safety concerns should lose their medical licenses.

* The HPV vaccine has been proven to prevent cancer.
* Teen aged girls who fake injury—including paralysis, full body tics, and debilitating pain resulting in being confined to their homes and beds—after getting the HPV vaccine should see a shrink for psychological problems.
* Exposure to chickenpox and measles in childhood provides no health benefits later in life.
* Getting chickenpox is very bad and very scary.
* Getting measles is very, very bad and very, very scary because measles is one of the most lethal diseases on Earth and probably in the whole universe. That’s why parents used to take their kids to measles and chickenpox parties.

* Vaccines don’t contain human fetal DNA.
* Only two babies have been aborted for vaccine research.

* Vaccines used to contain mercury, but that doesn’t matter because it was the good kind.
* Vaccines don’t contain mercury anymore, but that doesn’t matter because it was the good kind.
* Vaccines now banned in developed countries because they contained mercury are still being used in developing countries, but that doesn’t matter because it’s the good kind.
* The amount of mercury in some “preservative- or thimerosal-free” vaccines exceeds the EPA safety limit and must be disposed of as hazardous waste. But that doesn’t matter, because it’s the good kind of hazardous waste.

* Aluminum is a known neurotoxin and is proven to play a significant role in promoting neurological diseases like Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, dementia, and autism. That’s why it’s safe to inject newborns with aluminum in excess of EPA safety limits.
* Aluminum is essential for optimal brain functioning and development.

* There is no valid reason for religious people to object to vaccination because God has no problem with injecting healthy babies time and time again with a variety of cell-killing and brain-damaging concoctions.

* People get Hepatitis B from dirty needles and sexual activity. That’s why Hep B negative mothers should consent to have their 1 day old infants injected with the Hep B vaccine.

* Pus from cowpox eradicated smallpox.
* 10% of the Earth’s population received smallpox vaccines. That’s why nearly everyone needs to be vaccinated to eradicate a disease.
* Not getting the chickenpox vaccine will kill millions of people from smallpox.
* Not getting the measles vaccine will put millions of kids in iron lungs.
* Environmental toxins and tonsillectomies had nothing to do with America’s polio epidemic and polio disease reclassification had nothing to do with reversing the epidemic.
* The polio vaccine used in India is not causing paralysis in 30,000 children per year.

* Sanitation, clean drinking water, and good food are responsible for the reduction of diseases for which there are currently no vaccines. However, once a vaccine is developed for any of those diseases, the previous statement will no longer be valid.

* Immunocompromised people should not be vaccinated with live virus vaccines … unless they live in developing countries.
* The oral polio vaccine should never be given to HIV positive people … unless they live in Africa.
* Being sick is no reason not to get vaccinated.

* It would be unethical to conduct a prospective vaxxed vs. unvaxxed study because withholding vaccines from children would kill them.
* It would be impossible to conduct a retroprospective vaxxed vs. unvaxxed study because all the unvaxxed kids have already died from vaccine preventable diseases.

* Vaccines have never been tested for safety with pregnant women and their fetuses. That’s why it’s safe to inject them in pregnant women.
* Pregnant women should avoid alcohol, antibiotics, Thalidomide, and other pharmaceutical products, but should receive all vaccines offered them at any stage of their pregnancies.
* Babies are born vaccine deficient.
* Premature infants need the protection from vaccines even more than full term infants.
* Even though the pertussis vaccine does not prevent the transmission of pertussis and is known to result in asymptomatic carriers of the disease, vaccinating family members is the best way to protect newborns from whooping cough.

*Drug companies make drugs for profit, but they make vaccines out of the goodness of their hearts.
* Anti-vaxxers enrich themselves writing and selling anti-vaccine propaganda.

* The industry has never lied about vaccine safety, efficacy, or necessity.
* The industry has never faked vaccine research.
* The industry would never divide vaccine lots to spread out and hide vaccine injury and death.
* The industry would never test vaccines on orphans, disabled people, or people of color.
* Merck lied about Vioxx, but it would never lie about its vaccines.
* Merck supervisors did not order its scientists to fake the efficacy of the mumps vaccine.

* The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation didn’t get booted out of India for conducting cloaked vaccine trials on Indian girls resulting in thousands of injuries and hundreds of deaths.
* The Gates Foundation isn’t preparing to vaccinate hundreds of thousands of African babies with an experimental malaria vaccine known to have negative efficacy, meaning that vaccinated babies get malaria at a higher rate than vaccine free babies.

* The CDC’s primary interest is the health and safety of American children.
* The CDC can be trusted to regulate vaccine safety issues because it owns over 50 vaccine patents and profits from vaccine sales.
* CDC employees have no conflicts of interest.
* When the CDC reports that the flu vaccine is 40% effective, that means that the vaccine prevents the flu in four out of ten people.
* CDC employees have never consorted with industry or the medical establishment to hide the relationship between mercury-containing Thimerosal and autism.
* CDC employees have never consorted with industry or the medical establishment to hide the relationship between the MMR vaccine and autism.
* CDC employees have never trashed data linking the MMR vaccine to autism.
* There is no CDC whistleblower.

* There is no such thing as a Vaccine Court because there’s no such thing as vaccine injury.
* The Vaccine Court has not paid out more than $3.5 billion for vaccine injury and death.

* Congress is not influenced by donations from Big Pharma.
* Congress has never ignored vaccine safety issues.
* Congress has never been complicit in hiding vaccine safety issues from the public.

* Scientific journals can be trusted.
* The papers in scientific journals can be trusted.
* The drug industry does not ghostwrite pro-vax papers for scientists to sign.
* Scientists who address vaccine safety issues should be censured or fired.

* The anti-vax movement is a recent phenomenon.
* Anti-vaxxers get their information from a Playboy bunny.
* Anti-vaxxers get their information from the Internet and everybody knows you can’t trust anything on the Internet, except for the CDC, the American Academy of Pediatrics, and the pharmaceutical industry.
* The AAP has no conflicts of interest with the pharmaceutical industry.

* All unvaccinated people are dangerous vectors of disease.
* All vaccinated kids with HIV, Hep B, chicken pox, measles, influenza, whooping cough, etc., should be allowed in school.
* All children recently vaccinated with live virus vaccines should be allowed in school.
* All unvaxxed kids are by definition sick and dangerous disease vectors.
* All unvaxxed kids should be banned from school, because they’re especially dangerous on weekdays from 8 am to 3 pm.
* All anti-vaxxers are anti-science.
* All anti-vaxxers are baby killers.
* All anti-vaxxers should lose custody of their children.
* All anti-vaxxers should be quarantined, jailed, or hung.
* When someone dies of a disease, unvaccinated people should be charged, tried, and convicted of murder.

* Pro-vaxxers are logical, pro-science, and open-minded.
* Pro-vaxxers tolerate differing points of view and are all around caring, compassionate people.

Brett Wilcox and his son ran across the USA in 2014 promoting a GMO Free USA and world. Brett has greatly enriched himself by writing and selling the following books: We’re Monsanto: Feeding the World, Lie After Lie, Books I and II, and Jabbed: How the Vaccine Industry, Medical Establishment and Government Stick It to You and Your Family. Brett blogs at RunningTheCountry.com.


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