March 24, 2008

Today Was A Very Good Day

On this journey, there are milestones that we wait a long time for and that are huge deals for us when they happen.

The first time Chandler made eye contact, the first time he answered to his name, when he started calling us 'mommy' and 'daddy' (again), the first time he said 'I love you', the day he started potty training and the day (yet to come) when he will be completely potty trained).

Today was one of those days. Chandler learned to swallow pills!

For four years I have been trying every which way to get into his little body all the supplements that he needs, hiding this in a spoonful of that and putting these in those drinks, and longing for the day that I could actually just hand him the darn zinc capsule and a glass of water and know that it will all go into his little belly.

I have tried a couple of times a year for the last few years, and he has not been on board. For the first couple of years he just thought it was funny and didn't get it. For the last year or so he just said a firm, "No." and ran away.

Tonight we tired again, and the credit goes to his big brother Webster who showed him over and over how cool it was and convinced him to give it a real try. Chandler tried three times and couldn't get it down, but kept trying! And on the fourth try, he did it! Then he took two more!

Then he exclaimed, "Excellent!"

I don't know if there has ever been a day that I have actually be able to get all of the supplements down that he needed, but now a new day is dawning! I am gonna try to get some better probiotics in him now that he can swallow pills.

Praise the Lord! This is a very good day!

UPDATE: Well day two did not go so well, but he did try several times and the precedent has been set. Pray for my little guy that he would get to be a champ at this. Just pray for him in general. He is such a great kid.


Stacy said...

A great day indeed! I cannot wait for that day. By then I might have a degree in supplement hiding :)

Mark said...

Well done!!
no more worrying where to hide those foul tasting supplements.

redheadmomma said...

Great kids come from a great mom, Ginger. SO glad you hit that milestone! :)