August 28, 2012

Please Turn Your Eyes to Tampa at 2pm, and Help Maine Push Back Against The GOP Power Grab

Dear Friends,

Please read this now, I really need your support today.

As you know, for the last eight years, I have been working to heal my son from his vaccine injury and working to make sure that what happened to Chandler, stops happening to children in this country and around the world.  While I first began this work, I believed that if we just educated our officials on the problems in the medical system that were harming children, that they would work in earnest to change the disastrous policies that have been making our children so sick.  It was a difficult truth to face that the government know, but just doesn't care.  But after having numerous conversations with people in power positions, and even giving private government briefings on these matters, only to see nothing change, it was a truth I had to face.

So I blogged on, I contributed to the book Vaccine Epidemic, I helped start The Canary Party, and I got back involved in the Republican Party.  And seeing that Ron Paul was the only one wise enough to see how government was making people sick, and brave enough to plainly say it, I knew that the only route to ending the autism epidemic and healing the damage that has been done, was to back Dr. Paul, who wants to minimize government power, and give it back to ordinary people.  Even mom's like me who just want to give our children raw milk, and choose their own vaccine schedule.

It is surprising to me that following that path would put me on the floor of the Republican National Convention in Tampa.  But that is where I found myself yesterday.

As many of you know, I was elected as part of the Maine Delegation.  But the leadership of the Maine GOP and the RNC apparently doesn't want me or my educated, passionate and honest fellow delegates to be a part of their party.  They stripped Maine of their elected delegates, and replaced them with their hand picked choices.  I was not one of those chosen. 

Being in Tampa this week has been an emotional roller coaster.  The way the RNC has treated us has been abysmal, but the way we are being treated by delegates is wonderful!  Even Romney delegates.  It gives me hope that we can reform the Republican Party to the party that it is supposed to be and restore our Republic.  Everyone here knows that this is a power grab.  It was even apparent to the members of the credentialing committee that made the last decision. Dozens of them approached our people to say, "I am so sorry that this happened to you."  As if they were not the ones that even made the decision. 

And even our own Governor stands in recognition of the injustice that is being done.  Although he is a Maine Elected Delegate who was not dismissed, and although he has endorsed Romney for President, The Honorable Paul LePage has boycotted the GOP Convention in protest of our treatment.  We cannot thank him enough for this powerful and public stand on our behalf. 

My own Maine GOP Chair, who is communicating with the RNC directly, as admitted to me that the RNC's position is that, "They say that can seat whoever they want, or they can seat no one at all.  They don't give a shit anymore."

The rules of the Republican Party do not apply to the Maine.

Later in the day, during the Rules Committee hearing, it finally became apparent as to why it was being done.  The new rules of the Republican will do to every state what they have done to Maine this year.  The RNC has so stacked the rules, that they will effectively have the power to choose the candidate they want, and the grass roots will have no power to change things.  And by removing our Elected Maine Delegates, they have been able to strip away ten who would vote it out.

For the details on what is happening, go to:

For the details on Maine's role in this, and to see Mitt Romney tell a reporter on Camera that he didn't know what was happening with Maine, despite the fact that Ben Ginsberg his head lawyer who orchestrated the Rules changes is the one who came to the Maine Convention to sabotage it, and then lead the law suit against seating Maine, go to:

My initial reporting on the Ginsberg and his cheating in Maine last May:

To see who the Elected Maine Delegates really are:  Visit (Although the site was never finished, as we have had to take up a fight to be seated that we didn't know we would have.)

And to read our tweets from the convention in real time, go to:!/GingerTaylor/maine-gop-delegation

Today we will be making our last stand from the floor, to seat the Elected Maine Delegation, so we can join our friends in TX, NV, MN, IA and dozens of other states, to fight the new stranglehold rules.  We have had many expressions of support many states that want us seated.

One of the high points of my weekend was seeing an influential Texas delegate wearing a t-shirt that they had whipped up after our ousting on Friday.  It says, "Remember the Alamo.  And the Maine, and the Massachusetts, and the Oklahoma, and the Louisiana..."  They know how corrupt the process has been since our state conventions, and that the fix has been in on what was to happen at this Convention since at least February.

Please, watch what happens on the floor.  Call your friends and get them to watch.  Tell everyone what is happening with the rules.  Encourage anyone with ties to the GOP to make the establishment play by the rules and honor the election in Maine.

Maine is the last state not to cave to the RNC's crooked tactics.  Please support us.

Understand, what they have done to Maine and the other states is not about Ron Paul, this is a naked power grab, which will make Christian Conservatives, or TEA Party groups or any other faction almost powerless to be nominated against whom ever the RNC leadership chooses.  And that battle for the Delegates and the Rules will begin today at 2pm on the floor of the GOP Convention in Tampa

Please share this letter with as many people as you can.

And look for us on the floor.  We will be the ones in the white hats.

Thank you for your support,
Ginger Taylor
Chandler's Mom