June 26, 2006

On Hiatus

I thought that I would be able to return to blogging last month, but circumstances have dictated otherwise.

I am hoping to be back in the fall.

All the best to you and your little ones.


While you wait:

How Mercury Causes Brain Neuron Degeneration

June 4, 2006

Tonight: Dateline NBC Autism Recovery

From Unlocking Autism:

Dateline NBC Autism Recovery

WHEN: Sunday evening, June 4th 2006 (9PM EST),

Dateline NBC has a 12 minute segment featuring Baxter Berle and Joshua Shoemaker, two children on the road to recovery from autism. The segment also includes information about the treatment research of Dr. James Adams.

Dr. Jim Adams told people at the Autism One conference he saw the piece and thinks it is fair.

This past year Dateline NBC reviewed SCNM's chelation research study with autistic children, conducted exclusively by the Southwest College Research Institute at SCNM. It has been confirmed that the piece will air on Dateline NBC on the evening of June 4th. Please check your local listings for the correct time.