March 6, 2008

The Polings Press Conference LIVE on CNN Now!

Hannah's story is Chandler's story. Typically developing children who developed fevers and crying after vaccination and the descended into autism after their 18 months shots.

It is the same story told by thousands of autism parents.

And this court case, and this press conference on CNN mark the start of a new era in having our stories heard.

It is time for the medical community and health authorities to stop stalling and act.

You have made our children sick with your policies and with your overly aggressive, one size fits all vaccine schedule and you can no longer ignore that fact.

Things need to change now!

If you are new to this issue because of the Poling's press conference today, Welcome. Take your time and investigate for yourself.

My posts about Hannah.

My coverage of the Vaccine Omnibus Hearings that resulted in this judgment.

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