June 18, 2015

Late Annual Birthday Fundraiser This Year

So usually every year on my birthday in January I put out the tip jar and ask that if I have been of service to you in any way in the past year, that you consider lightening my financial burden with a few of those dollars that are so popular with so many people now a days.

But this year we took off running with our hair on fire Jan 1 when Pharma fired a starting pistol and sent everyone racing after our vaccine exemptions, and all other life kinda halted.  Including the other paid work I usually do.

So now it is June and the coffers are dry and the bank is still insisting that we pay the mortgage and I checked to see if they would take facebook likes and twitter RTs instead of federal reserve notes, but apparently they are not quite that far into the digital economy yet.  (They really need to step into the internet age.)

So, if my work this year has been of service to you in any way, please tip your advocate.