December 3, 2004

I am just so tired and empty

Chandler's therapist is encouraged by his progress, but since it is not as rapid as it was in the summer and early fall, it is hard for me to see sometimes. I have spent the year hard charging at Chandler's autism, trying to stay positive, powering through, and now I am hitting the wall. I know it is completely illogical, but I feel like after all the work he should be "fixed" by now. I have always been a good sprinter, but long distances are hard, as I don't pace myself well. If we could just get a vacation from autism until the end of the year, get caught up with our lives, get focused again then I really feel like I could hit it hard again in January.

Does any know where Chandler could dump this autism for a few weeks so we could just let out guard down for a time and gather ourselves?