March 7, 2008

Jenny McCarthy Calls For Julie Gerberding's Resignation

And she is not alone.

A number of different people have been calling for her ouster for a while now. Most significantly many from inside the CDC

I’m asking all parents and autism groups to join me in demanding Julie Gerberding’s immediate resignation as Director of the CDC.

On Monday, March 10th, beginning at 9:00am Eastern Daylight Time, let’s all start calling the White House and ask President Bush & Laura Bush to demand Julie Gerberding’s resignation for incompetence during the autism epidemic. The White House switchboard can be reached at:


Also, on the same day, please call your local Congressperson and Senators from your state and ask them to call for her resignation, too.

Julie Gerberding has led the CDC for 6 years during a time when the autism epidemic has only gotten worse. Despite tens of thousands of children who declined just like Hannah Poling, Ms. Gerberding stood before cameras yesterday defiant, cold, and defensive. Where is her humanity in the face of such tragedy? Why couldn’t she have said, “We at CDC want to make sure what happened to Hannah doesn’t happen to any other children, we want to make vaccines safe”?

Rather than listen to the heartbreaking stories of so many parents, you can be sure that Ms. Gerberding is spending her time right now trying to get the Spin Machine up and running to minimize, confuse, and deceive the American public.

The autism epidemic won’t end until we fix the vaccine schedule by reducing total vaccines, separating shots, waiting until our kids are older to begin shots, greening our vaccines, and screening for at-risk kids. Ms Gerberding has stood by and watched self-interested parties more than triple our vaccine schedule and I’m certain her inactivity to help our kids will continue.

The chances of Ms. Gerberding taking the radical steps to reform the CDC and reform our vaccine schedule to make it kid-safe are zero! We need a new CDC Director who is an open-minded reformer and who recognizes that we are experiencing an epidemic of autism, which Ms. Gerberding has never publicly admitted.

Please, parents and national autism organizations, let’s all help make our voices heard on Monday.

Thank you,

Jenny McCarthy


concerned heart said...

Yes, Julie Gerberding is hiding the vaccine connection to autism and also the advancing paternal age linkage to a different cause of a great deal of non-familial autism.

FredWaltersJr said...

I saw Jenny on the Chelsea show. I called the White House (it's 2 am Texas time) but no one answers the phone there. I will call tomorrow.

I am concerned that no one in the White House has done much for kids with this condition.

Yes, I agree with Jenny, Julie Gerberdine must go.

LW623 said...

I also saw Jenny on the Chelsea show and when I finally did get through to the White House and asked for Julie Gerberding's resignation they hung up on me. The same thing happened to two of my friends as well.

cindy said...

When you call, the lady answers and mumbles something like "Law Office". Ask to be put through to the comment line. You'll hear a message, hold and then actually speak to a person who will log your comment. I said "I'm asking for the resignation of Julie Gerberding". Keep it short so more of our precious calls will get through. :)

Unknown said...

You can write the President and your Congressional representative and Senator by going to It's easy.

Ashley Ashbee said...

“We at CDC want to make sure what happened to Hannah doesn’t happen to any other children, we want to make vaccines safe”?

In this statement you assume that vaccines are unsafe or that there is reason to think they cause autism, which there isn't! Jenny McCarthy is hardly a reputable source. Is she really the best source you can cite? Have you found any scholarly literature on this subject that supports your arguments?

You can demonize doctors and the CDC all you want, but you should at least accept that they obviously know a hell of a lot more than you clearly do.

McCarthy's level of power is extremely dangerous. People listen to her because she is a celebrity, even though her skepticism of vaccines is illogical. Because of her, there are lots of moms refusing to vaccinate their children, putting them at risk for serious, preventable conditions. But having a serious illness is better than having autism, right?

I suggest you spend your time learning how to help your son and documenting your progress rather than spreading logical fallacies and rallying people who are as ignorant as you.

Ginger Taylor said...

Dear Homeboy,

I have been writing about problems with vaccine safety issues for five years or so. Jenny McCarthy has never been my source for citing the problems with vaccine safety or the vaccine/autism connection.

Please take some time and read the blog before making presumptions statements like this.

"But having a serious illness is better than having autism, right? "

Because autism is not a serious illness?

I invite you to read the blog, start with "the highlights" section, and comment on my arguments, not presume that the whole blog is about Jenny McCarthy from one post.

I have been writing since before she became an autism activist.

Thank you for visiting.