October 2, 2018

Paul Offit Reports that "Vaccination is a Violent Act."

"Vaccinations arn't easy. This isn't an easy thing to do. We ask a lot of our citizens. To get as many as 26 inoculations in the first few years of life, and five shots at one time. It's hard to do that, especially given that vaccination is a violent act, you pin the child down, you give them this biological agent against their will. The biological agent generally isn’t understood well by the parent, and to some extent not understood all that well by the physician." –Paul Offit
The history of Paul Offit's comments and pronouncements are as bizarre as they are varied. The defacto salesman for the global vaccine industry regularly issues mistruths about vaccine safety and efficacy, attacks both vaccine injured families and those who have learned from them how to protect their families from such a fate, and occasionally says something reasonable. It is the latter moments, when Offit tells the truth, that highlight how unreasonable he is in his usual missives. Today, such a message was brought to my attention. In March of 2011, the Mütter Museum of the College of Physicians of Philadelphia interviewed Paul Offit and Seth Mnookin about their books attacking vaccine injured families and those who have stopped vaccinating because of the corruption and risk in the vaccine program. Offit actually validates vaccine risk aware parents by admitting to the inherent violence in vaccination:
"Guest host, George Wohlreich, MD, Director and CEO of The College of Physicians of Philadelphia, interviews Paul Offit, MD and Seth Mnookin. The History of Vaccines brought the two authors to The College for a lecture on March 1. For more, see http://www.historyofvaccines.org" Link to full interview. As always, Offit's faux compassion for vaccine injury families is not born out in his behavior. His true disdain for those who are opting out of the products he makes a living promoting are reflected both in the title of his book that he was selling at the time, "Deadly Choices: How the Anti-Vaccine Movement Threatens Us All," and in his on camera treatment of the father of a child paralyzed by vaccines who approached him for an interview.
So in summation, Paul Offit's message to you is that if you choose not to vaccinate, it is reasonable, given that vaccination is violent and we are asking a lot of you to participate in such an aggressive schedule, even though it is safe for an infant to recieve 100,000 vaccines at one time, however, you are a threat to us all, and if you want to talk about it, get the fuck out of here. He doesn't want to talk to you. h/t 2ndfor1st