March 6, 2008

Spinning the Hannah Poling Case

"Do Cigarettes Only Aggravate Pre-existing Genetic Factors, Causing Lung Damage Including Features Of Cancer?"

-"Randy" commenting on the verbal spin of the government.

People settle court cases and voluntary pay damages when the know they can't win a case.

The government conceded the Poling case, knowing full well it was chosen to be a test case and would be applied to thousands of other cases.

But they, and their apologists who are out in full force in the media today, are still trying to emphasize that vaccines don't really cause autism, just 'aggravate a very rare underlying disorder that results in autism like symptoms in this one isolated incident'.

These linguistical gymnastics are plain silly and are merely attempting to wiggle out of a full admission of the theory that vaccines cause autism in two ways:

First, by putting the emphasis on the mitochondrical disorder as the real culprit of her autism, rather than the vaccine.

Hanna was a healthy, typical child with no hint of any 'underlying, undiagnosed, genetic, mitochondrical or any other kind of disorder'. What ever was 'underlying' was undetectable. She got her shots and regressed into autism. Later she was found to have a mito disorder that the government conceded made her vulnerable to her vaccine injury...

As David Kirby has noted, if a child dies from a peanut allergy, we blame the peanut, not the predisposition for anaphylaxis, because if the child never had the peanut, they would be just fine.

As Randy infers, when someone dies of lung cancer, we blame the smoke, not the genetic predisposition for vulnerability to lung cancer.

But apparently we want to blame Hannah for her autism because she just wasn't being a good receptacle for the super, super safe vaccines?

Keep in mind, they paid her from the VACCINE INJURY Compensation Fund, which means her autism is a vaccine injury.

She was not paid from the Underlying Mitochondrial Disorder Vulnerability Compensation Fund.

Second, "autism like symptoms"? "Features of Autism"? Seriously?

There is a name for 'autism like symptoms'. It is called 'Autism'. Autism is solely diagnosed by its symptoms, so if you have the symptoms, you have autism.

The government is trying to make is sound like Hannah didn't have autism. Hannah has full blown autism.

If someone was brought into an ER, bleeding from a small hole in his belly, with a small chunk of metal inside of it, and his friends were yelling, "He got shot! He got shot!", and the attending physician turned to a nurse and said, "This man has gun shot like symptoms", you would think that doctor was a moron.

- Ginger Taylor M.S.
Who believes that the ice cream she has eaten only aggravates her pre-exiting genetic factors causing changes in her thorax including features of obesity.

But don't you dare tell her that she ate too much ice cream and it made her fat.

UPDATE: David Kirby has more details on the spin and who is putting out the 'autism like symptoms' talking points on the Huffington Post.


Rob43 said...

Your comments are amazingly right on. Hannah Poling's case is important in that it is actually very typical of many, many others. As her Mother said today, she has the same little gene anomaly and she does NOT have ASD or any kind of mitochondrial disorder or disease. She is normal and Hannah WAS normal. Thanks.

Angela DeRossett said...

Holy crap.... Larry King, I am watching right now. The Poling family did not have to provide ANY medical documentation on this case. It would seem the gov already had it...

Anonymous said...

Vaccines are NOT the cause of the Autism!
The cause is the artificial colors used in the vaccines.

Artificial colors are made from petroleum based coal tar and artificial flavors from wood based coal tar.
Coal tar is a known Group One carcinogen in the same catagory as tobacco, benzene, asbestos, arsenic and about 100 other toxic chemicals.
See feingoldDOTorg.

I saw hannah on tv her cheeks are red with rosecea, I had that same symptom when I discovered that I have a severe allergy to the toxic artificials.

Products like Doritos, jello, koolaid, gatorade and much more all contain the toxic dyes and flavors.

This week Parliment in Britain is working to BAN all artificial colors, flavors and non essential preservatives.

read my myspace page for the real cause of autism!
This is no joke!

Ginger Taylor said...


Is it the dyes? Is it the mercury? is it the aluminum? Is it the live viruses? Is it the formaldehyde?

The ingredients of the vaccine really are the vaccine.

We may just be splitting hairs.

quicksilver said...

Blame the peanut?

In this case the peanut is thimerosal; only made from mercury the MOST TOXIC non radioactive element.

Heads of Depts at USA Universities say thimerosal is the most TOXIC substance they know of, and they are PROFESSORS of CHEMISTRY.

The peanut strikes 250 000 US children dead or injured.


The Pierian Spring said...

Peanuts don't kill people. (unless you choke on them) It's your disregulated immune response to the peanut allergen that kills you.

Similarly, if you have an underlying genetic disorder, then an insult that other people would shrug off, might cause significant harm.

For example one mitochondrial disease, hereditary coproporphyria, comes from a partial deficiency of a mitochondrial enzyme (coproporphyrinogen oxidase). The disease often remains occult until an insult (such as barbituates, steroid hormones) triggers an acute attack. Then you see symptoms ranging from abdominal pain and vomiting to motor neuropathies and psychiatric disorders.

Was it the drug that caused the symptoms? Only in the most literal, proximate sense. The other 999,998 out of 1,000,000 people who took it were fine. It was the genetic disorder.

Similarly Hannah's mitochondrial disease may have stayed occult, until the 'insult' of the vaccine. (Vaccines generally come with an adjuvant that riles up the immune system to trigger an immune response that guarantees the target protein get's picked up, processed and presented to T cells)

And while I would never rule out a vaccine-autism link (I can easily imagine that there are certain genetic/environmental profiles where the normal peripheral tolerance response fails in the brain), I also know that I can't prove a negative, so I'm reduced to reviewing the existing evidence and balancing the risks.

I'm sufficiently persuaded by the evidence that the benefits outweigh the risks. (I've seen infants with bacterial meningitis, so the fact that the Hib vaccine cut Haemophilus influenzae cases by 95% was a big selling point to me) To make a long story short I vaccinated my daughter.

ps: My research is in neuro-immunology.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you that the government is really skirting the issue although I don't think it is quite as malicious as many people think it is. There is tremendous need to maintain consent on this issue because although autism may be caused by vaccines in genetically susceptible individuals the vast vast majority of people will not have that problem and thus the benefits of vaccination FAR outweigh the costs. I think the government just worries that parents will FOOLISHLY not vaccinate their kids out of the one in a million chance their child MAY get autism when the odds of contributing to a probable epidemic are much higher. The government should really just have more faith in its citizens and do more to educate parents on the pros and cons of vaccination.

Jed said...

Dave said, "...the benefits of vaccination FAR outweigh the costs."

Yes, that does seem to be the view of the Government. However, I take it you do not live with an Autistic, vaccine-injured child.

Parents, children and families are being robbed of their health, money, dreams and quality of life when their children are injured by vaccines.

The government needs to fess up and fix the vaccines. A credibility problem is brewing..and parents will "FOOLISHLY" take the non-vac route if they weigh the risks and decide they can selectively vac and delay vacs till the child is BIGGER.