March 6, 2008

9 Other Families Compensated???!!!

Tonight CBS News did a story on the Poling case, and the very last piece of the story drops on us the tidbit of info that CBS News has uncovered that at at least 9 other families have been compensated for autism or autism like symptoms!

Since 1990!

It took 18 years for this to come out??

They have been paying people for 18 years!?

They have known for 18 years!

I can't even think straight right now.

I understand that a couple of journalists are on the trail.

Stay tuned either for the story, or the notice that I had an aneurysm.

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Catrina said...

I am beyond sorry. I know that this is good news for so many people, yet it is also devastating news at the same time. To have your worst fears confirmed and know the betrayal is maddening. Praying for you. I linked the story and your blog over at mine so that as many people as possible are informed.