December 29, 2013

New Years To Do: Opt Out of Your State Vaccine Database

Today the Washington Post printed a story entitled, "2013 is the year that proved your ‘paranoid’ friend right."  So now that we are all on the same page that the US government is completely run amok, is all up in in everyone's business, and that those of us who trusted that it would look out for our own good (rather than the corporate $$$ interests of their donors or their own profit and power) were naive babies... and that none of the three branches give a crap that you don't like what they are doing... let's look forward to how to avoid the next thing that they are gonna do to piss people off.  That right now... of course... we are called crazy for considering might become a possibility.

THE COMING VACCINE PUSH!  (who are we kidding... they are constantly pushing...)

Paul Offit, Pharma Face for Vaccines, of course, has been telegraphing this for years.  Pharma goes, "what completely insane thing do we wanna do that we know we will never get away with?"  Then they tell Offit to write about that thing, then they get their blogdoggies to push that thing, cause God Offit said the thing, then five years later, they are actually pushing the thing out in the open like it is totally sane and people in positions of power to make that thing happen are all... "well yeah... we should do that thing!  People have been talking about it for years!"  (As they cash the Pharma check.)

We are in the middle of such a thing now.  Three years ago Offit was quoted in The Lancet suggesting that parents must complete an education program (to of course tell them what a bad choice they are making) before having the right to opt out of vaccinating their children.
“Offit suggests one way to raise vaccination rates is to make it harder for people not to get themselves or their children vaccinated. This could mean, for example, attending educational classes that teach the public what the safety profiles of different vaccines are, before they are allowed to opt out of vaccination. “You have to convince people that a choice not to get a vaccine is not a risk-free choice; it’s just a choice to take a different risk.”
Jump ahead two years, and what do you know...  a pediatrician in the legislature, backed by AAP and every Pharma whore ever... introduces AB2109 in California, requiring that parents must complete an education program (to of course tell them what a bad choice they are making) before having the right to opt out of vaccinating their children.  Apparently they had been lobbying for it quietly for at least a year, so by the time it came up for a vote, parents were too late to get legislators on their side.

One year later... what's that Paul Offit?  You are teaching an online education program to tell parents what a bad choice they are making if they opt out of vaccinating?  YOU DON'T SAY?!  Wow... who saw that coming!

How long before these all merge and you have to take Offit's propeganda course before you are ALLOWED to make decisions on what goes into your own body or the bodies of your children in your state/school system/medical practice/profession?  Stay tuned to find out.

So let's stop being niave and pretending these things happen organically, rather than being planned in marketing boardrooms years in advance.

On to state vaccine registries.

While no one was noticing... all fifty states set up databases of who has and has not been vaccinated with what.  And yes you and your kids are probably in there.

"Ginger, that's crazy!  We have medical privacy... surely that would violate our privacy rights!"

"Wake up and smell the 1984," I say.

Here is the CDC's master list of all the state databases: CDC Immunization Information Systems (IIS)

Here is my state's information on the program:  ImmPact:  Maine Immunization Information System

Here is what the program is for:
Intent:  The Immunization Information System is intended to be a repository for accurate and up to date immunization records for all persons born, residing, or receiving vaccine in the State of Maine. The primary purpose of the system is to collect data related to vaccine administration, and to promote effective and cost efficient prevention of vaccine preventable diseases.
Note the language, "all persons."  That is me and us and everyone here.

Here is how the program works:
4.         Establishment Of The Immunization Information System:

            A.        All children born in Maine and registered in the Electronic Birth Certificate system shall have their demographic data entered into the Immunization Information System (hereinafter referred to as the “IIS”).

            B.         The Department may use any birth record, Medicaid record, school record, or immunization record for the purposes of obtaining an individual’s Immunization and Demographic Information and entering that Information into the IIS.

            C.         An Immunization Provider who administers immunizations with vaccines provided by the Department shall record or report all immunizations administered directly into the Immunization Information System, or through other methods as approved by the Department, within five (5) working days of administering the immunization.

            D.        All Patients will be informed during an initial immunization encounter with an Immunization Provider of the inclusion of their immunization record and demographic information into the IIS, and will be provided with the opportunity to opt-out of the IIS. All Patients will automatically have their immunization and demographic information maintained in the IIS, unless a Patient states in writing on a form prescribed by the Department, that he or she wants to opt out of the IIS.
Note that they are supposed to tell you this ahead of time, and that if you don't want in, you have to opt out. (Hey Mainers... do you even know about this database?)

Here is the bit on confidentiality:

5.         Confidentiality Of The Immunization Information System

            A.        Identifying information contained in the IIS shall only be disclosed to Authorized Users and the individual that it identifies, except in the case of an authorized exchange (as specified in Section 10-C), or in the event of a public health emergency, as defined by statute.

            B.         Authorized Users must sign a user agreement in a form prescribed by the Department that sets forth the terms for using the IIS. Any such Agreement shall include a confidentiality clause, as well as provisions related to penalties for unauthorized disclosure.

            C.         Authorized Users shall not disclose information from the IIS about an individual except to another Authorized User when allowed by these rules, or by state and federal laws addressing patient confidentiality.
Isn't that Adorable?!  (Must have been written before 2012.)

You can read all the rules here.

Who cares if they know exactly what vaccines you and your kids have had?  Well this is where a little clause in the Obamacare law can make things relevant to your interests (emphasis mine):
H.R. 3590 An Act Entitled The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, 
Subtitle C-Creating Healthier Communities, 
section 4204,  Immunizations, 
(b):Demonstration Program To Improve Immunization Coverage-
‘(1) IN GENERAL- The Secretary, acting through the Director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, shall establish a demonstration program to award grants to States to improve the provision of recommended immunizations for children, adolescents, and adults through the use of evidence-based, population-based interventions for high-risk populations.
‘(2) STATE PLAN- To be eligible for a grant under paragraph (1), a State shall submit to the Secretary an application at such time, in such manner, and containing such information as the Secretary may require, including a State plan that describes the interventions to be implemented under the grant and how such interventions match with local needs and capabilities, as determined through consultation with local authorities.
‘(3) USE OF FUNDS- Funds received under a grant under this subsection shall be used to implement interventions that are recommended by the Task Force on Community Preventive Services (as established by the Secretary, acting through the Director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) or other evidence-based interventions, including--
‘(A) providing immunization reminders or recalls for target populations of clients, patients, and consumers;
‘(B) educating targeted populations and health care providers concerning immunizations in combination with one or more other interventions;
‘(C) reducing out-of-pocket costs for families for vaccines and their administration;
‘(D) carrying out immunization-promoting strategies for participants or clients of public programs, including assessments of immunization status, referrals to health care providers, education, provision of on-site immunizations, or incentives for immunization;
‘(E) providing for home visits that promote immunization through education, assessments of need, referrals, provision of immunizations, or other services;
‘(F) providing reminders or recalls for immunization providers;
‘(G) conducting assessments of, and providing feedback to, immunization providers;
‘(H) any combination of one or more interventions described in this paragraph; or
‘(I) immunization information systems to allow all States to have electronic databases for immunization records.

States will be given money to come to your house and give your children their "recommended" vaccines.  (One bully school system already tried it, took a local news crew along to film it, and they both were sued for it. Video here.)

You know what states love?  Money.
Federal Government: "Hey State....  Wanna million dollars to count the number of dots on all the backs of all the salmon in your state?"

State:  "Sure... why not

Federal Government: "What about ten million for a door to door vaccination program?"

State:  "Hell, yeah!"

The only thing preventing all states from asking for this cash for door to door vaccination?  The fear of doors slammed in faces and angry voters calling to yell at the Governor VaxALot.

But I am sure there will be a campaign on the way to get people to accept that too.

So in the mean time.  Contact your state IIS and get your names off the database.


Some have asked about how to opt out.  Check with your state.  Here is how to do it in Maine:

6.         Individual’s Right To Opt Out Of The Immunization Information System             A.        Any individual may choose to be excluded from the IIS, thereby limiting future access to his or her Immunization Records and Demographic Information from the IIS, by submitting a signed and witnessed document to his or her Immunization Provider on a form prescribed by the Department. The Department’s form shall contain, at a minimum, the following information:                         (1)        the Patient’s name;                         (2)        the Patient’s address;                         (3)        the Patient’s date of birth;                         (4)        the Patient’s signature;                         (5)        the Witness’s signature                         (6)        the Patient’s reason for the requested exclusion; and                         (7)        the Department address.             B.         The Patient is responsible for notifying any Immunization Provider at each encounter of the decision to be excluded from the IIS. No Immunization Provider or health plan shall be liable for entering a previously excluded Patient into the Registry if that Patient did not provide that Immunization Provider or health plan with written notice of the exclusion. This rule does not relieve the excluded Patient from the obligation to comply with current immunization requirements set forth in State Law.             C.         Upon being notified that a Patient wants to be excluded from the IIS, the Immunization Provider is responsible for opting out that Patient from the IIS, and continues to be responsible for the maintenance of appropriate immunization record keeping for the Patient.             D.        In the event that an individual does not have an Immunization Provider, that Patient shall notify the Department directly in writing on the prescribed form of his or her decision to be excluded from the IIS.

August 11, 2013

Vaccine Trials Course at Johns Hopkins University, Institute of Higher Brain Washing. I Mean... Learning.

So biomed mom Shannon Strayhorn took a class on from my alma mater, Johns Hopkins University, on vaccine trials.  She offers us a little insight into the brain washing that is taking place inside the halls of "higher learning."

So I took a class this summer from Johns Hopkins on VAX trials.  The class was "Vaccine Trials: Methods and Best Practice".  I started taking as many vaccine/health/eviro health classes as possible because I think we need to approach the subject from every imaginable way. Knowing what is being taught and what kind of conversations are bring had is important to being able to provide truth in a public way. Of course every time I said something they would say it has to be backed up with science (I had all the links on there).

They would not read them. Then they would respond that they needed to be peer reviewed medical/science papers (they were if they bothered to read). Then without reading they would repeat again that there is no science.

I would bang my head and once again share all the links (pages of them). Then I would get "well millions of them couldn't possibly be wrong" (Ha!).
In response of course I asked them to read the science and feel free to counter it with their own to prove me wrong (none could or did-not one paper). So then they would give me their resumes...blablabla...I have a PhD, I work in the industry, etc.

So of course I shut up...NOT!

I kindly said while I am soooooo impressed with their degrees and careers that I find it scary that someone so educated could in fact get to that point considering they couldn't even be bothered to read the science, and couldn't counter one little mom like myself. I asked if it was necessary to post my resume too? I was told we are just parents who are so clueless and don't understand what the difference is between causation and correlation, that the discussion was going to be stopped because it was off topic, and that it wasn't necessary to counter what I shared because the science was in and definite. Definitely in.

Bahahaha....oh it is in....but it is clearly not showing what they want!

It was completely out of their typical playbook:

1. Deny science.
2. Pretend parents are dumb.
3. Make it all about Wakefield and say things he never said.
4. Pretend no other science exists.
5. Use your PhD to convince people they must believe you because you are smarter.
6. When panicked reference their idol Offit.
7. Deny any corruption or financial ties unless you need to defend why you think Wakefield was wrong in which case that is allowed.
8. Claim correlation and say how you understand the stupid parents are desperate and how bad you feel for not having answers and in same breathe say they must not understand science.
9. Deny any and all proof that pharma has a history of lies and corruption and if someone points that way redirect and say how awesome of a job you do taking safety as the priority.
10. Pretend you have no idea who Thorsen is or if pressed claim it doesn't matter.
11. Use terms like "studies in other countries" (because people won't know) or say crap like "mercury has been removed" (use MMR because you think that is what we want to hear) or if all else fails talk about antigens.
12. Blame parents.
13. Accuse parents of following newspapers, and celebrities.
14. Repeat there is no science.
15. Repeat your degree.

Oh and i totally fell for that too....because you know I am just another desperate, uneducated, Mom, who clearly knows nothing. Bring it on!!

Just for the record I will say that the discussion is mostly driven by those enrolled and the instructors mainly just redirected and said these subjects where off topic although we did get into it over the idea that the science is "in". The peers if you will, carried the wonderful condescending comments. The class itself was not very controversial and really about just what "should be done and how in trials" and other than the discussions and a few things I personally didn't agree with, it was not a bad class and actually refreshing seeing a different side (by the books without corruption-the way things should be!

P.S. Ended with a 98% in the class.  No clue how that is possible when I am so dumb.

 Seems they just wander around campus repeating, "There is no science. There is no science. There is no science."  Sorry to break it to ya... but there is more than just a little bit of science.

No wonder it is getting so easy for us to do this work.  They just get more and more absurd.

Course info:

Vaccine Trials: Methods and Best Practices
Karen R. Charron, BSN, MPH, CCRC
Associate Lecturer
Center for Immunization Research

Amber Bickford Cox, MPH, CCRC
Research Associate
Center for Immunization Research
This course will explore the process of evaluating investigational vaccines in clinical trials including informed consent, recruitment, enrollment, safety evaluation, and quality data collection.
About the Course
Vaccines are evaluated through a series of clearly defined controlled studies to assess these investigational products for safety, immunogenicity and efficacy before they are approved for licensure.  All clinical vaccine trials are bound by international ethical guidelines and, in the case of US trials, Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulations.
Good Clinical Practice is defined by the International Conferences on Harmonization (ICH) as: “A standard for the design, conduct, performance, monitoring, auditing, recording, analysis, and reporting of clinical trials that provides assurance that the data and reported results are credible and accurate, and that the rights, integrity and confidentiality of trial subjects are protected.”
That’s a tall order, so how is it done?  Individuals who enroll as subjects in these trials play an essential role in the development and evaluation of new and improved candidate vaccines.  They are average citizens who volunteer to roll up their sleeves and, in the process, make a tremendous difference in society.  So why do they volunteer and what safeguards do we put in place to protect their rights, safety and well-being while in the trial?  What are the responsibilities of the investigators, sponsors and ethics committees who conduct and oversee these trials? 
Along with our colleagues, we will introduce you to how GCP is applied in clinical vaccine trials to ensure proper and ethical scientific conduct. The course will use examples from real vaccine trials to demonstrate the application of the FDA Code of Federal Regulations and ICH GCP Guidelines to explore methods and best practices involved in implementing phase I and II vaccine clinical trials.  This short course offering through Coursera is based on our work at the Center for Immunization Research and an in-depth graduate course taught at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health.
We hope it inspires you to work in this exciting field.
Course Syllabus
This course will cover the following topics: A brief review of vaccine history and types; how vaccine trials are conducted, including which data are collected and how those data are managed and evaluated; appropriate processes to ensure human subjects protection and informed consent; methods for recruitment and enrollment of participants; and vaccine safety assessment. Upon successfully completing this course, students will be able to:
Describe the types of vaccines in use today
Describe how vaccines are evaluated in phase I and II clinical trials
Identify key regulatory requirements, considerations and ethical standards for human subjects protection and informed consent. 
Discuss how clinical trials are conducted with an emphasis on quality data and protection of the rights, safety and well-being of volunteers.
Recommended Background
The pre-requisite for this class is a basic understanding of vaccines.  For those without this background, the CDC Epidemiology and Prevention of Vaccine-Preventable Diseases (Pink book) is an available resource providing information on routinely used vaccines and the diseases they prevent!
A course on Vaccines is also taught by Paul Offit through Coursera which may be helpful to those enrolling in this course but is not required. 
Course Format
The course will involve weekly lectures followed by a short assessment assignment.
Who should enroll in this course?
The audience for this class includes: Those currently working in clinical trials, pre-clinical development, regulatory and ethical review of research and students of public health, medicine, nursing, and biological sciences
Do I need a textbook for this course?
All the material needed for this course can be found on the web or within the lectures. The course will reference the US Code of Federal Regulations 21 CFR 50, 56 and 312 and the ICH Standards of Good Clinical Practice E6. You can also find electronic versions on the web. USFDA and ICH GCP E6. For those with strong interest in this field, we recommend that you purchase a printed GCP reference book at
Course Schedule
- Week 1
Course Overview (Karen Charron and Amber Cox)
Lecture 1: Type of Vaccines, How Vaccines are Administered, and the Vaccine Development Process (Neal Halsey)
Lecture 2: Essential Elements of a Vaccine Protocol (Karen Charron)
- Week 2
Lecture 3: Characteristics and Outcomes of Vaccine Trials (Clayton Harro)
Lecture 4: Protection of Human Subjects (Amber Cox)
- Week 3
Lecture 5: Vaccine Trials in Pediatric Populations (Elizabeth Schappell)
Lecture 6: Vaccine Management and Preparation (Hye Kim and Vivian Rexroad)
- Week 4
Lecture 7: Data Management, Quality Assurance, and Quality Control (Karen Charron)
- Week 5
Lecture 8: Community Involvement and Recruitment (James Williams)
Lecture 9: Study Start-Up and Implementation (Karen Charron)
- Week 6
Lecture 10: Screening Volunteers (Karen Charron)
Lecture 11: Enrollment and Implementation Procedures (Karen Charron)
- Week 7
Lecture 12: Safety Assessments and Management of Adverse Events (Anna Durbin)

August 9, 2013

CDC No Longer Denying Vaccine/Autism Link?

So the Actual Reporter, eagle eye Sharyll Attkisson posted this note on her facebook page... and apparently CDC has had the following on their autism page on the CDC web site for 18 months:

Causes and Risk Factors

We do not know all of the causes of ASDs. However, we have learned that there are likely many causes for multiple types of ASDs. There may be many different factors that make a child more likely to have an ASD, including environmental, biologic and genetic factors.
  • Most scientists agree that genes are one of the risk factors that can make a person more likely to develop an ASD.
  • Children who have a sibling or parent with an ASD are at a higher risk of also having an ASD.
  • ASDs tend to occur more often in people who have certain genetic or chromosomal conditions. About 10% of children with ASDs also have been identified as having Down syndrome, fragile X syndrome, tuberous sclerosis, or other genetic and chromosomal disorders.
  • When taken during pregnancy, the prescription drugs valproic acid and thalidomide have been linked with a higher risk of ASDs.
  • We know that the once common belief that poor parenting practices cause ASDs is not true.
  • There is some evidence that the critical period for developing ASDs occurs before birth. However, concerns about vaccines and infections have led researchers to consider risk factors before and after birth.
  • A small percentage of children who are born prematurely or with low birthweight are at greater risk for having ASDs.
ASDs continue to be an important public health concern. Like the many families living with ASDs, CDC wants to find out what causes the disorder. Understanding the risk factors that make a person more likely to develop an ASD will help us learn more about the causes. We are currently working on one of the largest U.S. studies to date, called Study to Explore Early Development (SEED). SEED is looking at many possible risk factors for ASDs, including genetic, environmental, pregnancy, and behavioral factors.

I laughed when I first read that bullet point I highlighted.  Took a team of lawyers to craft that one, now didn't it!

Screen shot for posterity.  Full size here.

July 29, 2013

Dr. Koren Boggs Does Not Want To Talk About Her Idiotic Statements

So here is the story...

Thalia Michelle and Rainna Moran were promoting the Thinking Mom's Revolution book, and went on a local New Orleans station to discuss on a show called The 504 with Melanie Hebert.  They also had a local ABA therapist, PhD Koren Boggs.  Boggs did not like their vaccine stance, it got heated, so Ms. Hebert had Boggs and TMR back on the following night to debate the issue.  Kim Spencer was up for TMR this time, and wiped the floor with Boggs, who actually even repeated the "thimerosal in the MMR" cluelessness.

So I got mad, wrote this piece, and made this video, which ran last week on the TMR blog:
Dr. Koran Boggs Is An Idiot
by Ginger Taylor

It's harsh... I know... but I can't take this crap any more.  She should know better.

It has been NINE YEARS for me since my son regressed after DTaP, Hep B and three other shots, while I have to hear the lie that, "there is no association between vaccines and autism," repeated over and over and over and over...  That made me nuts back when there were less than ten research papers that showed a link, and now I know of 70!

Including one that showed that our own federal government has paid at least 83 autism cases from the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program, while also pretending that vaccines could not possibly cause autism. 

I just can't stand the deceit any more. 

So when I saw Kim's debate with Dr. Koran Boggs, I got so angry I had to stop half way through and take a long break just so I didn't have a neurological event.

Then I just needed to rant:

You can see why the seasoned Pharma/Public Health talking heads never agree to be in a debate with any of us.  They can't get away with the usual BS talking points.  ;)

So the list of research is growing steadily, as more people see it and sent me studies that I have missed, so these links will be updated regularly.  You can view it on my blog, on Facebook to share there, or in a Word doc.  Please spread them around any time you hear the lie that "the vaccine/autism causation theory has been debunked because is based on one retracted British study and the opinion of a playboy model and that there is not one study that supports the theory that vaccines cause autism."

In fact, share them right now.  Then share this video.

And here is the information on Bill Posey bill's to force the vaxxed/unvaxxed study that CDC still won't do after thirty plus years.  Call your congressman and ask him to be a co-sponsor.  Do it.  And then share it too.

Now on the Japan study... she is referring to Honda's study, "No effect of MMR withdrawal on the incidence of autism: a total population study."  If you read the abstract, which I have linked to, it gives the impression that this is a study that compares kids who got the MMR to unvaccinated children, to see if there was a difference in autism rates: 

"The MMR vaccination rate in the city of Yokohama declined significantly in the birth cohorts of years 1988 through 1992, and not a single vaccination was administered in 1993 or thereafter."

However, when you read the actual study itself, you find that the study was done when Japan (which using the MMR with the Urabe strain Mumps vaccine) realized that it was causing meningitis, and yanked the vaccine.  They replaced it with the single dose version of the Measles vaccine, the Mumps vaccine and the Rubella vaccine: 

"However, due to a high frequency of reports of aseptic meningitis, a suspected side effect of the mumps vaccine (Urabe strain), the program was terminated in April 1993. Subsequently, only monovalent vaccines were administered. Following a reform of the Immunization Law in 1994, measles and rubella vaccinations were each specified for children between the ages of 12 and 90 months (the measles vaccine was recommended between 12 and 24 months of age and the rubella vaccine between 12 and 36 months). The mumps vaccination was voluntary and aimed at children one year of age or older who had not contracted mumps. It was also stipulated that an interval of at least four weeks separate administration of vaccinations."

So this not a vaxxed v. unvaxxed study, this is a vaxxed v. vaxxed slightly differently study. The way this study is done, it actually asks the question, "is the MMR that Japan was using the SOLE cause of autism."  And not one person in the debate thought the MMR was the only cause of autism at the time.  In 2005 when the study was published, David Kirby had just written Evidence of Harm, parents were trying to find Hg free vaccines and as we know... Thimerosal was never in the MMR.

If anything is to be gained at all from this study, it is evidence that splitting up the MMR vaccine into individual shots may not be of any help in avoiding an autism regression. 

And we can see that from her poor understanding of the Honda study, Dr. Boggs either ONLY read the abstract, and made some assumptions, or someone just told her that this was a vaxxed/unvaxxed study and she didn't bother to check for herself.  (Likely the same person who told her that there is no research that supports the vaccine/autism causation theory.)

And here is CDC's MMWR on the chelation deaths.  1 boy with autism.  1 girl with lead poisoning, both accidently given Na2EDTA instead of the appropriate drug for them, CaEDTA, with which they had both been treated successfully prior to the drug mix up.  A third woman died, believed to be using the same version of EDTA, and all three deaths were associated with hypocalcemia (basically the Na2EDTA pulled all the calcium out of their blood.)  In talking with docs, it is my understanding that Calcium EDTA is now becoming the standard drug for chelating both adults and children.  We chelated our own son with IV CaEDTA with wonderful results and no side effects.

So, to Dr. Boggs... Kim said you were wrong, and as we see here, you were wrong.  No Thimerosal in the MMR, vaxxed/unvaxxed autism research does not exist per CDC's own testimony under oath only 8 months ago, and we have presented here 70 research papers that show not just one, but MANY links between vaccines and autism.

We await your formal letter retracting your false claims, and I believe it would be most appropriate for you to send the letter to Ms. Hebert so it may be read on her show, "The 504," where you disseminated your errant information in the first place.

Because it is all about the science... and the children... right?

That same day I wrote to Boggs, and copied her director at Children's Hospital of New Orleans and the reporter who aired the stories:

-------- Original Message --------
Subject: Your 504 debate appearance
Date: Thu, 25 Jul 2013 13:39:47 -0400
From: Ginger Taylor 
To: Koren Boggs 
CC: Kim Spencer, Jodi Kamps , Melanie Hebert

Dear Dr. Boggs,

I am the mother of a child who regressed into autism following his 18 month vaccines and now work in vaccine safety advocacy nearly full time.  I hold a Masters of Science from Johns Hopkins in mental health, and I am currently providing research for the House Committee on Oversight & Government Reform for their upcoming hearings into the federal Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (the second in this past year their series on vaccine safety, autism, and associated disorders.)

As some one who has been looking at the vaccine/autism issue for almost a decade, while working to heal my son, it was extremely upsetting to me to hear you repeating falsehoods on your appearance on The 504. 

I was moved to make a video addressing you directly and taking apart your claims.  It is now posted, along with a letter and links disproving your statements, on the Thinking Mom's Revolution web site.  It is harsh and direct (deservedly, I believe), and I am hoping that it will humble you to the point that you examine yourself and your claims, and that you will do the right thing and retract your statements that:

1.  There was mercury in the MMR.  (You have confused two different autism causation theories)
2.  That there is vaccinated v. unvaccinated autism research.  (Note the video of the CDC being forced under oath eight months ago to admit there is none.)
3.  There is no research supporting vaccine autism causation, and the entire theory is based on one study published fifteen years ago.  (70 Studies that show a link.)

I await your reply to my video and demand for a formal retraction.  Kim Spencer was right, and you do a disservice to your credibility, to Ms. Spencer, and to all those affected by autism, by letting your errant pronouncements stand.


Ginger Taylor, MS
Adventures In Autism
Vaccine Epidemic

Aaaaaaaaaaaaannd.... no response.

July 2, 2013

Welcome Ernest Hancock Listeners

Post a list of documents here that I have referred to on the show today.  Feel free to email me with any questions.  Thanks for listening!

Research that supports vaccine/autism causation:

Web Page

Word Doc

CDC recommended childhood vaccine schedule, pre/post 1986 National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act that gave complete liability protection to the vaccine industry, public health and medical professionals:

Full video and testimony in Darrell Issa's House Committee Oversight & Government Reform on the Federal Response to the Autism Epidemic, "1 in 88 Children: A Look Into the Federal Response to Rising Rates of Autism," which began to explore the vaccine/autism question:

July 1, 2013

Tracking Chandler

Two weeks ago I attended a festival, and decided to take my boys there and camp out.  For a week.

"Camping for a week in the mountains with a child with autism... are you mad?"  You must be thinking.

Yeah.  I guess.  But we stopped locking our house from the inside a year ago, and I have let him and his brother walk two blocks to the natural health food store alone (we live in a small town in Maine, so not exactly the biggest danger zone.)

So when I decided to take the boys, I put a shout out to local friends for someone to loan me a tracker, but no one had one, and I didn't have time to order one, so I had to buy one local.  The best thing I could find was a hunting dog tracker at LL Bean.  The Garmin Astro.

When I started looking at it, I was all... "ummm this is kinda great for what we are doing"... It is to track dogs in the woods.

It ended up being my only option... and $625 bucks... but I figured I would happily pay that much to get Chandler back if he got lost in the woods... so we snapped it up, threw nine thousand lbs of our friends camping equipment into the car and drove north to try to figure out how the heck to do this "camping" that so many speak of.

I was sure Chandler would not wander off.  But he did.  I was in a lecture, listening to Milton Freidman's son discuss his ideas on how a completely anarchist society would function, and moved chairs to see better.  I told Web, but not Chandler, and he went looking for me, out side of the pavilion.

So... actually it was my fault.

By the time Web noticed (he was playing Minecraft) and told me, I whipped out the tracker and located him... but the super awesome security staff, who I had already briefed Chandler on, had already found him and was bringing him back.  He was walking around asking, "Have you seen my Mom?"

Thrilled the tracker worked, and realizing that he actually was doing what any normal kid would do when they could not find their mom, I though... "perhaps I have under estimated the boy."  So I decided to lengthen the leash a bit, as it were.

We had been there for three days, and knew the place well.  So we spent the rest of the day testing out the electronic leash.  I gave the boys tasks to do, (go to the Juice Caboose and buy organic smoothies, then to the bathroom, then back to the tent and you guys can play video games.)  Then I would wait for them to get out of sight and track them with the Astro.

And they were great!

Families had been playing "Humans v. Zombies" all week, where they divide up, chase each other all over the camp grounds, and the last human alive wins.  So I decided to let them play while I went to another lecture.  I watched them run around the camp (could even tell when they got into skirmishes with zombies, because their path would go all zig zag.  After an hour, Chandler got hot and quit... a HUGE win for autism world!  He got to play like a normal kid until he felt like quitting!

So when we got home, Dad took the boys out with the tracker and mapped the place we go in town.  Natural food store, Library, gelato shop, all within four blocks... so the boys can start going on more adventures together.

Anyway... no it is not a kid tracker, it is a dog tracker... and it funny when he stops somewhere and it tells me that, "Chandler has treed his quarry."  But I kinda love the thing.

And no contract is needed.  Which is also nice.

So today he walks up to me and says, "Mom... put my tracker on... I am going to the store by myself to get stuff to make pizza!"

Dad went with.  ;)

June 30, 2013

Tim Bolen Wants to Make Us (or maybe just me) Feel Like We Are Being "Boiled in Oil."

(Also, I am responsible for the autism epidemic... so sorry guys... my bad.)

So I don't blog much any more.  Doing more serious and boring work... but taking the weekend off to share with my readers my exchange with a man named Tim Bolen.

If you have never heard of him, skip this post.  It is just stupid drama and tangential to anything important for our kids.  I am just putting this out there so people in our community see what a creep he is and don't fall for his BS.

Long story short, this is a guy who is basically a PR type guy in the Health Freedom movement (The entirety of which, excluding Bolen, have been wonderful to us and supportive of us), who, from what I can put together, sees the vaccine injury community as a cash cow and is trying to "take over" our movement.  (His own words.)  Which is hilarious, as no one in our movement actually wants to be in our movement, or do any of this fighting, we just want the poisoning, abuse, neglect and deaths of our kids to stop, and the epidemic to end, so we actually CAN'T stop fighting.  (God knows we have all tried, and it only lasts a few months at best before we get dragged back into the battle.)

So long story short, he starts writing hit pieces like six or eight months ago on "Autism Leadership," mostly SafeMinds and that warped into Canary Party, and the stuff he writes is just bizarre, barely based in fact, and never actually goes anywhere.  Lots of innuendo, no real point.  He wrote a really stupid one Friday, and I finally lost it and posted this on FB, then Age of Autism ran it.

He is also using one of my photos on his page with out permission, so I sent him an email to ask him to remove it.  Then another.  The following email exchanged ensued.

Posting so you can see what a kind hearted, reasonable guy he is... and how hard he is working to support families with vaccine injury and autism in our fight to stop the epidemic and heal our kids.

From: Ginger Taylor []
Sent: Saturday, June 29, 2013 9:42 AM
To: Tim Bolen
Cc: Mark Blaxill
Subject: Please remove my picture

Mr Bolen,
This is my second notice to you.  You are using my photograph of Larsen and Issa with out my permission.  Remove it from your web site.
You are a bad faith player, and I do not want any of my work associated with you in any way.
Ginger Taylor, MS
The Canary Party

Subject: RE: Please remove my picture
Date: Sat, 29 Jun 2013 10:04:49 -0700
From: Tim Bolen <>
To: 'Ginger Taylor' <>

Consult an attorney.  Since I am writing about you and yours my use is called “Fair Use.”  And , I am certainly not intimidated by a “Ken and Barbie” hanger-on.
You can absolutely count on the fact that your work will be associated with mine – very clearly, and widely distributed.
I am looking for MORE photos to use explaining the autism situation as it really is.  You people convict yourselves.
Really Ginger, the Canary Party gave Darrrell Issa $40,000 so each of you could have your picture taken with him trying to convince the Autism Community that YOU had some value in the discussion?  I am sure you are aware, as I am, that Darrell Issa’s committee did ABSOLUTLEY NO FOLLOW UP after last November’s meeting?
I am having a problem finding the Canary Party’s IRS 990s.  Where can I find them?
YOU are responsible for your actions.
Oh, and it would be a very good idea if you consulted an attorney about that little piece on me you put on FaceBook.  I may let the first one go, because I think you are a simple, emotional,  misguided, dupe, trying to fins a way to assuage your guilt - but a second time…
Hold yourself responsible for Autism.  I don’t know how you sleep at night.  Alcohol?
Tim Bolen

Please note that The Canary Party is a PAC, not a non profit, so we don't file 990s.

It should be very easy for you to sue me.  My husband and I have about $800 to our name.  Could not even afford a retainer for a lawyer.  So you would probably get the like 5 grand in equity we have in our house, and our ten year old Honda Pilot.
And we could probably find an apartment for $500 dollars a month here in Maine to raise our disabled child in.  But of course you bleeding us for a judgement for calling you out on the horrible things you are doing to families like ours would end any financing we had to actually treat, or even provide supplements for, my vaccine injured boy.
But yes... I fully believe that you are so evil that you would not only merely steal my intellectual property, slander me and my friends, sabotage the progress we have made struggling for a decade in the political system and do your best to ruin reputations and relationships... as you have already done all that... I believe you when you say you will sue me for telling the truth about you and your actions, and literally end my child's treatment.
YES Tim... I believe that you are that guy!  You are that evil.
And you would be happy to do it all, to tear down ALL of the orgs that we have spent a decade building, even to replace them with NOTHING as you have done NOTHING for our community, just to win because, you "absolutely love war."  And apparently war with the most vulnerable.
Sadly for me, I have not been given much of a choice in the matter.  My commission in life has been to call out liars who hurt the weak and the disabled.  Even if it means be being broke, scorned and even murdered.
So feel free to punch a poor autism mom in the face and take what little she has that she can help her child with.    Because you are that guy.

Ginger Taylor, MS
(Should Bolen take our home because I published this piece, I will be posting a sign up sheet where you, the reader, can offer my family a guest room at your house for a week or a month at a time.  We also have a tent and can sleep in your yard in warmer climes or in summer.)
Fortunately you wrote that piece as the Executive Director of the Canary Party…  and now, of course, after Dan Olmstead, who also, like you, for all practical purposes, is an employee of “Ken and Barbie…” re-published your piece, the dynamic has changed.
Life can be fun.
But, what makes you think I’m going to sue you, and yours?  My newsletter is a hundred times the size of Age of Autism…
Go ahead and list the “some progress” you claim to have made, please.  I’m right here waiting.  You people simply glom on to the “flavor of the month.”  No plan, no thinking, no analysis – but EVERY opportunity to have your picture taken.
I’m right, aren’t I?  Autism Leadership really is a “Ken and Barbie” romance drama, isn’t it?
Tim Bolen
Please note Bolen's persistent and creepy interest in the sex life of our very attractive President, who is young enough to be his daughter.

To: Tim Bolen
Subject: Re: Please remove my picture
You don't seem to have grasped the point of my note.  You write:
"Life can be fun."
It is fun for you to attack families of disabled children.  Even when they are telling the truth.
It is "fun" for you and you "absolutely love" it.
You have done zero to help us, and are having "fun" attacking and threatening law suits.  That is the kind of awful man you are.
Get my point?  Don't you think that this whole PR campaign for the Geiers might be something you want to rethink for the sake of ACTUAL autism families with ACTUAL sick and disabled kids... and, I don't know... for the sake of not being evil?
Ginger Taylor, MS

I simply can not get by the expenditure of $40,000 to have your picture taken with Darrell Issa – for that’s all you got out of it.  And you claim to be so poor…
I, Tim Bolen, am very much thinking of Autism families – but your “Ken and Barbie” operation stinks.
Want me off of your back?  Show me a breakdown plan, with an operating schedule, to solve the problem.   I find it hard to believe that there is no one within the Autism Leadership that does not know how to do a situational analysis.
The first step to solve a problem is to define it – and I am defining it.  ALL of your leadership groups together could only draw 1,500 people to AutismOne.  Your group is incompetent and you have no credibility.  Wake up.  You are problem number one.
Until I see a plan then get the fuck out of the way.  Because I definitely know how to do this.
And, stop whining.

Tim Bolen
"Get the fuck out of the way?"  Are you kidding?!  My lifelong dream!  I get to stop fighting this horrible fight, wipe off the blood, bandage my wounds and go pick out colleges for Chandler!  Glory to God in the Highest!  Tim Bolen has solved the autism epidemic!

Can't wait for him to step in and fix it so I have nothing to do any more!
To: Tim Bolen
Subject: Re: Please remove my picture
"I simply can not get by the expenditure of $40,000 to have your picture taken with Darrell Issa"
Please understand where I am coming from...
Again... you are a bad faith player.  You are phony.  You have done nothing for our kids.  You get paid to talk.
If you believe you have the means to fix the vaccine injury epidemic in this country THEN BY ALL MEANS... FUCKING FIX IT!  Because you have not done jack.
I would be THRILLED to retire from the vaccine battle that has sucked up a decade of my life.  You started claiming you and 'your people' could fix this six months ago... and yet you have not fixed it.  So either you can fix it, and you just aren't, which makes you an asshole who doesn't care about kids, or you can't fix it, and you are just bashing parents for no reason, which makes you an asshole.
Kids getting brain damage every day you sit by and fail to implement this amazing master plan you have up your sleeve but keep failing to execute.
If you are the magician that you claim you are, then how in the world can us lazy, ineffective, drunk, incompetent, non-credible, dupes POSSIBLY be getting in your way??
Looking forward to watching you fix the vaccine problem with your super powers.  Please let us know when you have brought the evil doers to justice and healed our children.
Ginger Taylor, MS

To: 'Ginger Taylor' <>
CC: 'Dan Olmsted' <>, 'Kim Stagliano' <>, 'Katie Weisman' <>, 'Mark Blaxill' <>, 'Jennifer Larson' <>, 'Patti Carroll' <>

Three points:

(1)   You seem to have deleted your earlier audience from this email string, so I am adding them back.  I wouldn’t want them to miss anything.

(2)   Situational Analysis is actually very simple.  It is simply a process.  But, for the Autism Leadership community there doesn’t seem to be any interest in actually solving problems – only showing up for an audience, whether in photos, or in person, to PRETEND that something is being done.  As one of the Autism Leaders I respect says to me “Ask any autism organization out there, “how do you plan to end the epidemic?” and no one will give you a straight answer, because they don’t have a plan. They are pursuing dead-end goals using outdated strategies. “
(3)   You all keep acting like Superman is going to fly in and save the day.  Wake the fuck up.  Superman is a comic strip.  This is real life.
(4)   Over the next several months you are going to think you are being boiled in oil – I have that much material – and it all comes from those you have stepped on, shit on, fucked with, marginalized, and laughed at.  And, it is going to make really good reading.  Plus I have REALLY GOOD investigators and researchers.  And, a very large audience.
(5)   I intend to hound all of you, continuously, until you start acting like adults.  I hold YOU responsible for the autism problem now.  Quit fucking around and fix the Autism problem.
(6)   You certainly do NOT have the support in your own community you think you do.

Tim Bolen
Sadly Bolen's plan is still a secret.  Perhaps we should pay him money for his plan?  I wonder how he plans to unveil his plan?

Also... on a serious note, If anyone reading this feels like they have been "stepped on, shit on, fucked with, marginalized or laughed at" by me, please let me know, because... well I think you all know how I feel about our community, and the idea that any earnest person would be hurt by something I did... I hate that.  Please get in touch privately if you feel like I have something to apologize to you for.
I hardly know how to respond... except to say that I think you are a crazy person.
We are a broke and broken volunteer army.  We are self financed.  We are all spending our own time and money.  If we suck at it, as you seem to think we do, then you should definitely tried to get us... fired?  Wait... no one employs us.  Oh... you should try to get our financing yanked... wait... we pay for all our own expenses.

You are writing hit pieces on volunteers, Bolen!
Newsflash... WE ALL HATE OUR FUCKING JOBS!!!  None of us do this by choice!  We do it because no one else is doing it and it has to be done!  Our kids are sick and dying!  No one is helping us.  YOU ARE NOT FUCKING HELPING US!

I repeat myself... you and "your team" whomever that is, want to take over and end this then God Bless You!  Do it!  Make me obsolete!  FUCKING DO IT ALREADY!  Why in the world are you wasting precious time and resources going after a bunch of losers like us when you could win the war for us!
I cannot wait to NOT have this responsibility on my shoulders any more!  No more fielding phone calls from parents trying to figure out what the hell just happened to their child... no more late nights reading research... no more funerals of my friends children to attend.

Quit crowing about what a hero you are, and be a fucking hero!  But thus far you have shown up for nothing, done no work, offered no help!

But we should stop doing... what exactly?  Cause I am not really clear on what you want us to stop doing, since you think that we should not be doing anything.

So we should NOT have brought Issa to AO?  Not put together testimony for MN?  I, all by my lonesome... was fighting for and against legislation in Maine.  But I guess I should NOT have been doing that here because you and your team were... doing it...  I am not sure.  Should we not be trying to get more hearings in the OGR?

Please let me know what you want us to stop doing that is getting in your way of saving the world.  Because if you got this, then I can go back to my career and buy a second car and pay of my school loans.  That would be sweet.
Ginger Taylor, MS
That was the last email in that thread.

But as a bonus!

So part of what he started doing late last year was make up an email list he called the "Autism Leadership Council" which presumably included the leaders of our various groups, CP, GR, AO, NAA, EBCALA... don't know exactly, because he BLIND COPIES the list and uses it to troll everyone.  He sends out these emails basically baiting people into saying mean things about each other, but no one can respond to the group only to him.  They are usually followed by people in our community randomly forwarding the emails to one another with comments like, "Who is this guy?", "Crazy." and "WTF?"

I got these emails for a while and I didn't know for like two months what the "Autism Leadership Council" was.  I thought there was some new group I had not heard of.

So yesterday he sent out this one:

Subject: The expose has just begun...
Date: Sat, 29 Jun 2013 08:49:26 -0700
From: Autism Leadership Council <>

Autism Leadership Council
I want to thank all of you that commented on the recent shake-up of the
existing Autism leadership – or, as I point out – the lack of Autism
This expose has just begun.  Be assured that I, or my people, have checked
out every situation that all of you told me about.  The pattern that many
of you described is just as you described – I’m sorry to say.
No wonder Autism is still right here with us.
In conversations with many of you I have brought up a concern I have.  It
is time, I think, to talk about this more openly.  It is the simple fact
that there are only two answers available to the question "Why isn’t the
Autism Community successful in any of its efforts?"  The two possible
answers are (1) The current Autism leadership is venal and stupid, or (2)
They are a true Fifth Column.
So, let’s talk about that.
I have spent hours and hours listening to many of you describe how time
after time, over the years,  momentum to accomplish something begins,
builds, and then gets co-opted and nullified by almost always, the same
group of people.  I find it hard to believe that time after time, year
after year, “venal and stupid” wins.  After all “venal and stupid” is venal
and stupid.  Venal and stupid doesn’t consistently win.
I have a shocking series of Autism situation stories coming up. Stuff that
only some of you know, and horrible stuff none of you already know, but
should have been informed about.
Although my newsletter is primarily directed at what’s called "The North
American Health Freedom Movement" I have developed a serious Autism
readership – so, my words are going to have a direct effect .  And, about
As you know, I have kept all of your comments private, and acted on them
privately, without revealing the source.  That policy continues.  Send
comments, and questions, to
Yes, it is my intention to make change.  I already see that happening. And,
I absolutely love war.
Tim Bolen
Still trying to figure out what the "recent shake-up of the existing Autism leadership" is that he was referring to.
This particular email was followed by a couple of "WTF?" notes flying around... as apparently he is trying to save half the people on his list from the other half of the people on his list?  All these people, of course, who have been working together and fighting together for like ten plus years.

So ... already having lost patience with his trolling, I sent the following:

From: Ginger Taylor []
Sent: Saturday, June 29, 2013 3:00 PM
To: Autism Leadership Council
Subject: Re: The expose has just begun...

Take me off this stupid email list.
I am tired of your blind copy trolling on your made up "Autism Leadership Council"... or whatever the hell this is supposed to be.
Ginger Taylor
And he responded by again, calling me a drunk.  He knows me so well.

Subject: RE: The expose has just begun...
Date: Sat, 29 Jun 2013 15:50:13 -0700
From: tim bolen <>
To: 'Ginger Taylor' <>

You were off my list fifteen minutes after I figured out you were “Ken and Barbie’s” suitcase carrier.
Oh, you mean the “email list.”  Sure, I can do that.
I’m betting you are a Sauvignon Blanc consumer right?  Or maybe a Rosé?  Half gallon bottle a day, and no more than four bucks a bottle?
It won’t be YOU, then, that comes up with a plan.  Will it?
Tim Bolen
So there you have it.  This is the guy that is going to unseat me and my fellow broke ass, fried volunteers from our glorious and powerful positions of... staying up all night and reading research and testimony and writing books and articles and news letters and trying to remember the relevant points of finding standard deviation, and pounding hallways and briefing parents over the kitchen table and ranting on the internet... you know... all that super sexy stuff that us advocates get to do.

Getting fired from fighting against the Vaccine Lobby is like getting fired from your volunteer job in the coal mine or the fox hole.  The only thing you're gonna miss is your buddies.

So just give Dobby the fucking sock already!

God bless him... can't wait for him to take over this work already and end the autism epidemic!  Then I can get back to drinking full time!!  Now where's my box of wine!

Addendum:  Heard from as associate of the Geiers who says, "The Geiers and Tim Bolen are not working together and have not been working together for quite some time."  Very good to hear.

Update July 6th:

-------- Original Message --------
Subject: Information for your retraction
Date: Sat, 06 Jul 2013 15:14:08 -0400
From: Ginger Taylor <>
To: Tim Bolen <>
CC: Mark Blaxill, Jennifer Larson , Patti Carroll , Katie Weisman, Dan Olmsted, Kim Stagliano, Barry Segal, Diane Miller, Jerri Johnson
Mr. Bolen,
We have posted the information and video on the MN hearings, along with further information on what people can do to try to prevent the expansion of the vaccine schedule in that state.
The effort to fight the expansion was organized by Canary Party Executive Director, Patti Carroll (she began working on this last November) and we are thrilled that so many individuals and organizations stepped up and took part. 
I am forwarding this information to you so that you have what you need to print a retraction of your last piece on what you have described as "Autism Leadership," in which you falsely characterized us as "organizationally constipated" and erroneously claimed that, "They simply cannot, and will not, form up."  Please note that our action alert on the matter brought over one hundred people out to challenge the changes, four times what was needed to trigger an administrative hearing before a Judge.  We are in the process of compiling the dozens of pieces of testimony that were submitted, but that will take some more time.
If you are interested in helping, rather than hamstringing or harming, efforts to roll back the epidemic of vaccine injury in this country, it might be a helpful choice to run this information in its entirety so that your readers can join in the effort in MN.  It is my understanding that when presented with a similar opportunity to tell your readers about the attack on the vaccine exemptions in your home state of California during the last legislative session, rather than help spread the word on the fight that Canary Party members were putting up against the bill, you called one of our activists leading the fight and told her to be happy that the bill was not worse... and declined to tell your readers that their rights to forgo vaccines with out coercion in CA was under attack.
I respectfully request that you let your readers know about the efforts of the Canary Party in MN, and the wonderful coordination that we had with our sister organizations, and correct the record so your readers are not left with the false impression that CP had no role in the hearings, and that Ms. Miller's organization was the only one that showed up to offer input on the vaccine expansion.
Also.. please correct the very strange accusation that the Canary Party did not say the word "vaccine" at hearings about the "vaccine program," as it is both inaccurate and nonsensical.  (Video of our ED, Patti Carroll's testimony on the "vaccine" schedule and Pharma/MNMDH's malfeasance and conflicts on this issue
Ginger Taylor, MS
The Canary Party


 The harrassment from Bolen has continued, and only become more disturbing.  On 12/31/14 in a yahoo group with dozens of professionals, he compared me to a "howling dog" who someone has "with a stick, inserted the turpentine soaked rag six to eight inches up the animal's rectum."

He was ejected from the group and I have requested that he never contact me again.  Despite this, he continues to try to contact me.


After more attacks online, I invited anyone to ask me any questions to clear up any of the lies that Bolen has spread about myself and my colleagues.  An earnest woman sent me the following and I replied.  Posting because I don't think that I have done a detailed response to is crazy pieces where he just makes up lies and publishes them  Posting part of the exchange here:

Hi Ginger

I sent you this FB message, but you might not have received it.

I realize you are probably busy, so please don’t spend a lot of time on this. I am just a truth warrior looking for the truth. I followed a lot of the thread between you and Ron Fogia and found his information to be at first persuasive, but then questionable especially his tactics in blocking you from being able to answer.

The main point that stands out for me is that he accused Mark Blaxill of having ongoing ties to pharma companies.

I have enjoyed many of your blogs. I appreciate your efforts to share you story and inform unsuspecting parents. I seek to provide facts to help those still convinced of the vaccine myths in order to help them avoid vaccine injure which you and many of pioneers know all too much about:
Hi Ginger, I'm not sure if you have ever answered Tim Bolen's allegations against Mark Blaxill, or what your position is in regard to Blaxill. The confusion caused by the likes of Ron is not helpful I understand. And I know Tim Bolen does not have a pristine record. However, some of the points he makes about Autism One and Blaxill doing his own conference in Texas are concerning. I am not an "insider". It is difficult to sort the information from the allegations. I thought maybe this topic has been addressed somewhere.
There's a Hole in the Bucket Dear Liza, Dear Liza... Then Fix It, Dear Henry, Dear Henry, Dear...
Last March I wrote the third article in this series "Why Autism is Going to Be Here Much, Much Longer... Unless Major Change Happens... " Then, I just walked away from the Autism world, not appearing anywhere, not getting involved with issues, just doing other things. Just to let the situation mar…
It is clear that there is a lot of disinformation as well as confusion. Then comes all the blaming and name-calling. All this does not help the unification against those who have committed crimes against the children of this country. I'm just trying to understand the truth. Thanks if you have time to direct me. - B

Hi B,

No I had not seen it.  Thank you for contacting me directly.

I will try to address this as best I can (and yes we have addressed these things constantly over the years) but the problem with addressing Bolen's writing is that it is just a fantasy.  He will take an actual event and twist it into something unrecognizable and leaves people who were involved to go, "What?  What the hell is he talking about?"  For every paragraph he writes it would take three to explain what is wrong with it.  And then some stuff is just completely made up.

And having to read this stuff is just like drinking poison.  Tomorrow I have the fun task of going to the police again to see how to start a request for a restraining order because he will not stop sending me harassing emails.  

It has been a rough night, but I will try to address this as best I can.

What you need to pay close attention to is that Bolen opens every one of his "newsletters" with:
"Opinion by Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen"  
He does this because if he says "Mark Blaxill showed up to a party in a dress," when in fact Mark is a button down, preppy 52, year old Harvard MBA that does not even appear in public in a shirt with out a collar, was not wearing a dress, has never worn a dress, and appeared at the event in tasteful men's casual wear... with pictures to prove it, if you try to sue him for defamation or slander he can merely respond... "This is an OPINION piece.  It was my OPINION that Mark Blaxill was wearing a dress."

This is Mark at that karaoke party.  Mark was a singer at Princeton, wonderful bass voice, and will sing for us about once a year. Notice the lack of women's wear on him:

Also, that is me left, holding a glass of wine.  This, to Bolen, was proof that I was an alcoholic.

Allow me to walk you through what it is like for me reading Bolen's garbage:
"On January 24th, 2015 in Minneapolis, Minnesota an event was held sponsored by a self-styled Autism Leadership group calling itself either the "Canary Party or "Health Choice," whichever name,  I think, sounds catchier to whomever they are talking to at the time."The event, allegedly a book-signing at a University, by authors of ten books on autism issues, was advertised by hiring a billboard somewhere near Minneapolis, and the most meager of FaceBook campaigns.  Of course, no one showed up.  The event was a massive failure.  The temperature outside in Minneapolis on an average January 24th was high of 32 and a low of 26.  It was a grandstanding to NO audience.  Authors flew in from all over the country to sign books for each other. 
Just one more massive failure, by this group, to add to the list." 

We had a book event, which Bolen did not attend, and managed to get the University of MN.  The school was harassed to throw us out, and the skeptics warned students not to come.  It was cold that day, but we still got a decent turn out.  We also got some people with brains to listen to us from MN.  Yay!  A little victory against adversity!  Right?  No... according to Bolen, who was not there, it was a "massive failure."  WTF?

And did he miss the part that CP/HC members have published a DOZEN books on the problems in the vaccine program and mainstream medicine, all aimed at the mainstream population to expose the damage being done?   I feel like that was kinda the point of the event.  Didn't he kinda bury the lead?
"Like the characters in the old Children's Song titled above, some of what is known as Autism Leadership, have been locked into a solution pattern that did not work in the past and will not work in the future."
Umm... what's "Autism Leadership?"  Is that a group I have not heard of yet?  (Googles "Autism Leadership."  finds nothing.)  Who is he talking about, is that supposed to be us?  I don't understand.
"Thankfully though, there is a big, long overdue, power shift going on in the autism community. The move is away from the Canary Party/Health Choice  partying, preening, and posturing, towards determining actual solutions - then working towards actuating those solutions."
There's a power shift?  When did we have power?  What exactly did we have power over?  And where did we loose that power?  Did someone say they wanted to stop working with us or something?  No?  Then anyone know what he is talking about?
"There is, of course, with this, discomfort.  Those that think like the Canary Party/Health Choice posers, assuming that they can solve the autism problem by having their $40,000 photo taken with a Congressman (and, yes, that has happened - see below), are looking around kind of stunned, wondering where that Congressman went once the check cleared.  For Autism Leadership REALITY is here in all its starkness.  What works is over here.  What does not work is over there.
And, it is ABOUT TIME."

Me:  "I don't even know what this means!"  Jennifer Larson:  "He is a crazy person!  Now stop reading Bolen's crap and finish writing the Congressional briefing packets!  We have 8 Congressional meeting starting tomorrow and I have to be on a plane to DC in two hours!  Did you find a videographer for Thursday yet?"
"As everyone has figured out, the effort to destroy Autism One, the biggest most inclusive event in autism, and replace it with a Canary Party/Health Choice Ken and Barbie Play Day, failed. Autism One is bigger, and stronger, than ever, with far more support once, as I reported earlier about Autism One "They threw out the trash..."
Hey guys... did one of you try to "destroy AutismOne" and not mention it?  Because why would you try to destroy AutismOne?  Does he mean that when we were a sponsor in 2013, and then in 2014 decided to sponsor a different conference with our limited funds?  Yea... I guess not sponsoring a conference is a effort to destroy it.  Yes... I know, I know... Bolen is a crazy person.  Got it. 

And it goes on and on and on!  If I responded to all the craziness just in this ONE post it would take me all day.  So I will hit the highlights.

"The hijacking of the November 29th, 2012 autism hearing in front of the US Congressional Oversight and Government Reform (OGR) Committee chaired by Congressman Darrell Issa."
Long story short.  Brian Hooker was working with OGR on the hearings...  We were told by one of the staffers that... they no longer wanted him to testify before the committee.  SafeMinds had been working on Capitol Hill for many years and Lyn Redwood was put in to testify in his place.  Lyn then had a schedule change and could not appear, and asked Mark to appear.  Jake Crosby, with out citing any sources for his information, decided that Mark schemed to get Brian thrown out.  30 people tried to talk to Jake to get him to stop lying about this.  He won't.  Bolen reports the lie as truth.  Despite the fact that there is no source on the record, apparently it is up to us to be able to prove a negative, which is impossible to do.

And all the crap about the Congressional Panel at AutismOne?  Complete nonsense!

Some time between that May 11th video and May 24th, the day of the panel itself, things changed.  Suddenly, the Canary Party was sponsoring the panel, the panel moderator was changed from attorney Bob Krakow to Mark Blaxill, and the panel was increased by one member Darrel Issa, the Chairman of the US Congressional Oversight and Government Reform Committee."
Here is Bob Krakow moderating the Congressional Panel! 

Note that Krakow thanks AutismOne for "making this happen." Mark's crime?  Introducing the panel.

"Bringing Issa was a waste of time."
Bringing Issa was amazing and opened a ton of doors and allowed us to get some amazing messages out. like the Congressional briefing i linked you to.  It made our cause legit in DC.

Bolen does not know anything about what we do behind the scenes and what came out of bringing Issa to AO.

Canary Party/Health Choice's succession of failures...

(1)  Probably the key event, the catalyst, so to speak, of change, was the, behind the scenes, big money spent, blatant takeover of that November 29th, 2012 Congressional hearing event, where Brian Hooker, and others, were pushed out of testifying in favor of whatever-the-hell-that-was where Ken (Mark Blaxill) couldn't get the V word out of his mouth."

Here is Mark testifying at the hearings about vaccines and autism.  Note the audience applause.

(3)  Then there was the Canary Party's attempt to claim credit for something the Health Freedom Movement did in Minnesota.  I wrote about that here."

CP coordinated the hearings with Health Freeom in MN.  We are good friends with them.  Here is the CP executive director testifying  She was the point person who set up the testimony.  CP flew in Karen Kain to testify.

(8)  Their eviction from Autism One.  I don't know the whole story about this, but from what I am hearing, it may all have started when Ken (Mark Blaxill) showed up at the Karaoke Party at Autism One 2012 wearing a woman's dress that, apparently fit him very well.  It is not known whether Blaxill brought this dress with him in his suitcase, or whether he wore a dress that some woman had worn that day to Autism One.  I don't even care to hear an explanation."

Would you like to see the email that Teri Arranga of AutismOne inviting us to sponsor the conference in 2014?
Subject: AutismOne 2014
Date: Sat, 21 Sep 2013 07:19:35 -0700
From: Teri Arranga <>
To:, 'Ginger Taylor' <>

Hi Patti and Ginger:

Not sure if you’ve seen on Facebook, but we’ve already started work on the conference for next year.  This work includes speaker selection and space (e.g., lecture/meeting room) allocation.  As you can imagine with a schedule as big, intricate, and challenging as AutismOne, there is more flexibility earlier in the planning process than later.

Please let me know if there is interest on the part of Canary Party.

I will be the liaison for the aforementioned, so please contact me directly.

(***) ***-****

As for this:

Ken is actually an Intellectual Property Strategist with, at least in the past, an impressive client list, some of which, he admits, are Big Pharma.  Got that?  Absorb it."


Mark was a VP for the Boston Consulting Group when they had Merck as a client.  They were not Mark's client.  Mark would not shut up about vaccine damage and wrote a book about it (, and BCG fired him around 2010 ish? (don't remember when)  He formed is own company and has never taken pharma clients.  He does not have pharma clients.  Mark is not fond of Pharma. 

Prove it you say?  How can anyone prove a negative I ask!

(Got one thing wrong and sent her a correction - I talked to Mark and I have to make a correction to what I sent you.  He said that he worked at BCG from 1988 to 2006, and during that time he did work on one pharma project.  He contributed to one for Merck.  Sorry.  But he would not shut up about vaccine risks and BCG fired him, so clearly it didn't compromise him.  And he has never had a pharma client since, and vehemently says he never will.)

Bolens writing is wall to wall bullshit.  Sorry... it is is Bolen's "opinion" that mark has "an impressive client list, some of which, he admits, are Big Pharma." 

So he doesn't have to prove it or anything.  No source, no link.  Nothing.  Just an opinion piece.  He told you so right at the top. 

Note that even though he attacks Age of Autism for screening comments, he allows no comments what so ever on his web site.  Because he could not lie about people, as they could show up and post videos of the events he lies about and shut him down.

It is my opinion that Tim Bolen is a con-man and a sociopath.  And everything I have written in this email is my opinion.  And it is also my opinion that you, B****, are SENDING ME THREATENING, CONFRONTATIONAL EMAILS AND I AM AFRAID FOR MY LIFE AND YOU ARE CLEARLY PHARMA!!!

See how that works?  Imagine someone doing that to you publicly for three years.

Do you see what I mean when I say you can't even sort through it?  Do you know how many hundreds of hours we have spent at this point trying to untangle the lies this man tells? 

I'm gonna go to bed.  Please feel free to send me any other questions.  I appreciate when people come to us directly.  Hope this helps.

Ginger Taylor
Adventures In Autism
Vaccine Epidemic

Final update:  After Bolen's serious harassment of other autism moms and notifiying Bolen that I considered his behavior toward me harassment, I told him that he was not to contact me again.  He continued to try to contact me for a full year, and I eventually contacted the police.

They in turn called him and told him that they had been notified that he was harassing me, and that they were now tracking the case.  Reiterating formally that I did not want him contacting me.

Bolen's response was that he would continue to try to contact me despite my request and the request of officials.

So he has officially declared himself to be a stalker.

I have blocked him everywhere so I don't have to deal with the harassment any more, so when you message me and say, "Have you seen what Bolen wrote?" my answer will be no.

Closing this chapter with this troubled and dishonest man.