March 12, 2008

Today Show Part 1: Autism Mom and Meningitis Mom Agree

...that not every vaccine is safe for every child.

Honey Renecella, mother of twins with vaccine induced autism and Suzanne Walter, mother of a girl whom she did not vaccinate who subsequently contracted meningitis, appeared together on The Today Show yesterday to tell their stories and talk about vaccine safety.

I am not sure if the show's bookers were expecting a cat fight, but what they got was anything but...

See The Today Show Part 2 to see Honey try to hold in her anger at the statements of head of the AAP who claims that all vaccines are for every child.


MiSScNeLLY said...

Thanks for sharing this, I didn't get a chance to view it and everyone was telling me about it.

Tom said...


Thank you so much for this post and for all that you have done.

I invite you all to come check out in addition the activity at if you haven't already.

We are about to break through since this Hannah Poling case broke (not to mention the other nine cases that were all hushed up).

This week, in particular, I can feel the tremendous momentum out there.

We are positively jamming the phone lines at the White House, and we are demanding that the President of this country respond.

First, we want Julie Gerberding out, out, out.

We want action, and we want it now, and we will not shut up until we get some.

THEY'VE ADMITTED IT! Vaccines caused this girl to become autistic!

What are we waiting for?

Today--everyone who reads this--call the White House, on behalf of the 500,000 other Americans directly affected by autism, and ask when the President is going to speak for Julie Gerberding's resignation.

We are expecting to hear something this week.

Go, Ginger!!

You ROCK!!

Terri Lewis

Ginger Taylor said...

Thanks Terri!

And yep... I am all over the Age of Autism these days!