February 26, 2011

Death At SeaWorld

Intrepid reporter, David Kirby, again gives voice to the voice less in his upcoming book, Death at SeaWorld. He was interviewed this morning on Fox & Friends about the death of Dawn Brancheau's at the jaws of the killer whale Tillikum.

Mary Holland Discusses Bruesewitz v. Wyeth and Vaccine Epidemic on Fox & Friends

GlaxoSmithKline Vaccine Sales Employees on How Unethical GSK Is

Occasionally I pop over to CafePharma.com, online hang out for pharma worker bees, and look at the vaccine discussion there. I thought I would share this one with you. Someone pops in and asks what it is like to work for GSK in vaccine sales.

Note this description of the ethical atmosphere at GlaxoSmithKline (maker of the UK MMR vaccine and chief tormentor of Andrew Wakefield):

Actually, if you are a sadist who enjoys inflicting misery on others and you can get a management job GSK is a pretty good gig.

If you want to be tagged as management material, be sure to emphasize any illegal and / or unethical conduct at previous companies. That is a HUGE plus at GSK these days. Also, any examples of behaviour dehumanizing others is important - rapes, war crimes, etc.

Good luck.

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Default Vaccine Sales

Currently interviewing with your company for an Immunization Sales Specialist position; looking for CONSTRUCTIVE feedback on pros/cons of this position. Is there more career stability in this division vs. pharma?
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Default Re: Vaccine Sales

The best thing you can do right now is run like hell and never speak with GSK again. GSK is a hell hole sweatshop. The only reason people are still employed by GSK is to qualify for retirement / severance / VRIF. There is no other reason to be at GSK right now.
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Default Re: Vaccine Sales

Disagree with the above post. I am in the Vaccine Business Unit. We have had some difficult times as has almost every division and almost every company. All things considered its not a bad place to be.
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Default Re: Vaccine Sales

Thanks for your reply I've kind of gathered this from all of the other threads I've read. I've heard about rumors of GSK acquiring Novartis vaccine division in the very near future...any chance this new entity would be worth entertaining?
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Default Re: Vaccine Sales

If you have a thick skin and do not need to be praised for the work you do.
If you have a strong stomach for humiliation
If you can work hard everyday and still be thought incompetent by your boss.
If you can lived day to day wondering if you will have a job next month
If you dont mind feeling like an ax is ready to fall on your neck
If it is ok with you to sell products that might be dangerous
If riding with a micro-manager every 2-3 weeks is your idea of support
If you can stand to be considered a cog in a wheel and not a person

Then by all means---------------go to work for GSK
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Default Re: Vaccine Sales

Actually, if you are a sadist who enjoys inflicting misery on others and you can get a management job GSK is a pretty good gig.

If you want to be tagged as management material, be sure to emphasize any illegal and / or unethical conduct at previous companies. That is a HUGE plus at GSK these days. Also, any examples of behaviour dehumanizing others is important - rapes, war crimes, etc.

Good luck.
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Default Re: Vaccine Sales

Unfortunately, this position isn't what it used to be.

Consider the state you're in, and how VFC Vaccines are supplied. If there's open access and choice for your accounts, you might have a good position.

Also consider how many groups there are, as this division just moved to account managers in many areas that are covering large purchasing groups. If your position has a lot of large private business, it might be fun. All the small accounts are getting passed to telesales, so watch out.

The biggest problem right now in this division is supply, and how it impacts the selling contracts. They aren't making allowances to customers for the shortages, and it's a problem.

They've "pharma-ized" this division as of Jan 2009, so it's a lot about metrics and less about sales.

Oh, and by the way, speaking of sales: you won't get paid on your sales...no one at GSK gets paid on territory sales anymore. Good luck.
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Default Re: Vaccine Sales

I am in the vaccines business unit. It is a little more stable than pharma however, we have had our share of challenges. Just went through a really big cut in sales force so hopefully no big ones comming up again soon. Most reps are full line now which means you have quite a few products to learn both pediatric and adult.

Your life could be hell though if you are in a territory where you have lot's of big systems and your vaccines are not available on that groups formulary per say than you have no control also important to see if you have a lot of VFC.

Just do your homework and find out why the position is open and what the challenges are in that market before signing on the dotted line
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Default Re: Vaccine Sales

those jobs are crap.
you are done and wont make 70 grand
from, a former vaccine mgr at gsk............dont fall for it.............fool
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Default Re: Vaccine Sales

Lots of work, pressure and bullshit for little or no bonus. Negotiate the highest salary possible. Don't buy the bonus potential, it's a joke. Also be prepared to work lots of hours with little success. Your manager will feel a lot of pressure from above and it will all fall on the reps.

February 23, 2011

Pissed about Bruesewitz and Gates? Get to NYC to Protest on Thursday!

Since sending out my last email on the Supreme Court Ruling, I have been fielding emails and phone calls non stop.  It is now midnight.  It is clear that this community is horrified at what is being done to our children.

So here is your chance to make your voice heard NOW.  On Thursday in New York there will be a protest to tell the world just what we think about having our rights to civil process removed and how we feel about Bill Gates calling those who advocate for vaccine safety, "Child Killers".

And Wednesday, pick up a phone, call your Congressman, Senator and the White House and let them know LOUDLY that we will not stand for having our constitutional rights for redress be taken from us, or have our children be used as experimental subjects in a run away vaccine program that is not accountable for killing and maiming children.


February 23, 2011

Press Conference at Microsoft NYC Headquarters on Feb 24

On Thursday, February 24 at 11:30 am, advocates, parents, and professionals will gather for a press conference at Microsoft's NYC headquarters at 1290 Avenue of the Americas (52nd Street and Sixth Ave, southeast corner).
Join us for a public display of anger. It is time for a protest that sends a strong and unequivocal message.
We reject Bill Gates's misguided rhetoric of intolerance against those who question vaccine safety. We demand an apology from Bill Gates for his irresponsible comments on national TV. All human beings, including parents whose children were injured and died from their vaccines, are entitled to speak out about vaccine safety and affirm that vaccination choice is a human right. No one, including our corporate leaders, should be permitted to publicly insult this right.

Vaccine Epidemic Authors Condemn Supreme Court Ruling in Bruesewitz v. Wyeth

Coming on the heels of a successful book launch event in New York City on Feb 18, which gathered over 300 people at the NYU School of Law, we were deeply disappointed yesterday morning to learn of the Supreme Court's ruling in Bruesewitz v Wyeth. The 6-2 decision forecloses civil lawsuits for vaccine design defects and further tilts the already unfair playing field of the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program, which consistently decides against vaccine-injured famlies after years of venomous litigation.
Justice Sonia Sotomayor wrote a blistering dissent, in which Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg joined, arguing that the majority appears more concerned about shielding industry than about the welfare of our children, and more concerned with a policy to prevent tort cases alleging vaccine-induced autism from reaching civil court than with the statute's plain language.
Many safety and autism advocacy organizations have joined to express their condemnation, as reflected by the Coalition for Vaccine Safety's press release issued yesterday.

Microsoft Chairman Says Vaccine Safety Advocates Are "Killing Children"

Earlier this month, Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates stated on a CNN interview with Dr. Sanjay Gupta that so-called "anti-vaccine efforts" -- which are, in truth, efforts to raise science-based concerns about vaccine safety -- "kill children."
Gates's expression of intolerance was directed at those who voice concern about the wisdom of current vaccination policy and defend their human right to vaccination choice. His statement went unchecked in the mainstream media. It is an undisputable fact that vaccines injure and cause death to some children. Those who fight for vaccine safety seek to lessen these injuries and deaths, not ignore them, as Bill Gates would have people do.
Please join the press conference to help break the silence of vaccine injury and to call attention to the human right to vaccination choice.

If You Can't Be in NYC on Thursday, Buy a Book or Three

If you can't join us in NYC tomorrow, buy a few copies of Vaccine Epidemic and commit to loaning them or giving them to people who will read them. You can always donate a couple to your local library.
There is no "standing still." Either we move forward, or we fall behind.
It is a formidable act of advocacy to put copies of Vaccine Epidemic in people's hands. Knowledge is powerful. To open your eyes is to find your voice. And at just $14 each, it won't break the bank.
Please help us to spread the word. There are times when the very best way to be heard is to show up. See you in NYC on Thursday.

Louise Kuo Habakus

Mary Holland

p.s. For those who don't live in or near NYC, stay tuned... your time is coming, too!
Continue to hear about news updates and events about Vaccine Epidemic by clicking HERE to sign up. Unsubscribe HERE and you will be permanently removed from our list. And keep up with the very latest on the book’s website: Vaccine Epidemic.

February 22, 2011

SCOTUS Rules: If You Are Injured By A Vaccine, You Are On Your Own

The world has just changed.

The Supreme Court has just ruled that if you are injured by a vaccine, you have no right to sue anyone for it.

The only right you do have is the right to ASK the government to pay you for it.

And if they don't want to, you have no recourse and there is NO consequence for the government.

And the government rejects the vast majority of vaccine injury cases that people file.

There will be reams written about this to come, but for the moment, you need to understand that your government has removed your basic civil right to go to court if you are hurt or your child is killed by one class of medical products.

I cannot imagine that there will be any other reaction to this than parents everywhere declining vaccination on a wider and wider scale as they come to realize that this means, choosing instead to chance treatable viral illness over a life of poverty following a debilating vaccine injury.  When England removed the separate measles, mumps and rubella vaccines from the market, and their choice was MMR or nothing, mom's choose nothing.  

Which will mean that the next step for the vaccine pushers, and truly no one can deny that they are pushers at this point, will be to travel down the course that Offit has been telegraphing since last year and begin to use coercive measures on the public to FORCE vaccination.  We know that CPS has already used child removal, that schools have illegally denied entry and that even judges have ordered parents to vaccinate in complete violation of their own state laws.  So where is the Doctocracy going to take us from here?  

And when will we collectively, as a nation, yell STOP!

Because until we do... you have to understand...


From the Coalition for Vaccine Safety:

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:                                                     Contact: Robert Krakow, Esq.
                                                                                                   (917) 763-0063
February 22, 2011                                                                    Mary Holland, Esq. (212) 998-6212
                                                                                                   (917) 743-3868
Court Protects Vaccine Manufacturers, Not Injured Children

Supreme Court Decides Bruesewitz v. Wyeth 6-2, Foreclosing Civil Lawsuits for Vaccine Design Defect 

New York, NY – The Coalition for Vaccine Safety (CVS) condemns the decision of the U.S. Supreme Court in Bruesewitz v. Wyeth to preempt all vaccine design defect lawsuits in state and federal civil court.  Quoting Justice Sotomayor’s dissent, the majority “imposes its own bare policy preference over the considered judgment of Congress.”  In the dissent, which Justice Ginsburg joined, Justice Sotomayor argues that the majority misreads the text, misconstrues the Act’s legislative history, and “disturbs the careful balance Congress struck between compensating vaccine-injured children and stabilizing the childhood vaccine market.”

The actual circumstances in Bruesewitz v. Wyeth illustrate why the Supreme Court’s decision is misguided.  Hannah Bruesewitz, hours after a diphtheria-pertussis-tetanus vaccine, developed catastrophic brain injury and a lifelong seizure disorder.  The only plausible explanation for the harm to Hannah was her vaccine.  Indeed, many other children were injured by the same vaccine lot, yet the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program, the only court where Hannah could bring her claim, denied compensation after years of litigation.  Now the Supreme Court tells Hannah and her family that there is no courtroom in the country in which she can obtain justice and compensation for the years of care ahead that she needs.

The majority’s true intent appears to be to prevent several thousand tort cases claiming a link between vaccines and autism from reaching civil court to assert that a dangerous vaccine design, using mercury as a preservative, was defective.  Sotomayor writes that this concern, to shield manufacturers from litigation, “appears to underlie the majority and concurring opinions in this case.”

According to vaccine safety advocate Louise Kuo Habakus, “The Court is telling parents that they’re on their own.  Parents know that 4 out of 5 cases of vaccine injury do not get compensation in the misnamed Vaccine Injury Compensation Program.  The Supreme Court has slammed the courthouse doors shut.”  Because the federal government recommends 70 doses of 16 “unavoidably unsafe” vaccines, and states compel 30-45 doses for school attendance, this issue affects all children.

CVS calls for Congressional hearings and action to amend the 1986 National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act to reinstate the right to sue for vaccine design defect in civil court.

For more information on Bruesewitz v. Wyeth and vaccine safety, visit www.coalitionforvaccinesafety.org.

Organizations supporting the Coalition for Vaccine Safety:

Age of Autism (www.ageofautism.com)
Autism One (www.autismone.com)
Autism Action Network (www.autismactioncoalition.org)
Center for Personal Rights (www.centerforpersonalrights.org)
The Coalition for Safe Minds (www.safeminds.org)
Elizabeth Birt Center for Autism Law and Advocacy (www.ebcala.org)
Generation Rescue (www.generationrescue.org)
National Autism Association (www.nationalautismassociation.org)
National Autism Association New York Metro Chapter (www.naanyc.org)
Talk About Curing Autism (www.talkaboutcuringautism.org)
Unlocking Autism (www.unlockingautism.org)  

National Vaccine Information Center Cites “Betrayal” of Consumers by U.S. Supreme Court Giving Total Liability Shield to Big Pharma

WASHINGTON--(EON: Enhanced Online News)--The National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC), whose co-founders worked with Congress on the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1986 (PL-99-660), is calling yesterday’s U.S. Supreme Court decision giving drug companies total liability protection for injuries and deaths caused by government mandated vaccines a “betrayal” of the American consumer.
“The U.S. Supreme Court has removed all financial incentive for multi-national pharmaceutical corporations, which enjoy a $20 billion dollar business, to make vaccines as safe as they can be”
In a 6-2 decision, the Court majority voted to reject substantial evidence in the Act’s legislative history that the 99th Congress fully intended to protect an American’s right to sue a pharmaceutical corporation for injuries that could have been prevented if the company had elected to make a safer vaccine.
NVIC co-founder and president Barbara Loe Fisher, said “Parents of vaccine injured children, who worked in good faith with Congress in the early 1980’s on the 1986 law, have been betrayed by six American judges, who ignored congressional intent and threw victims of vaccine injury under the bus in order to give complete liability protection to a wealthy industry with a long history of hiding their products’ risks. They have removed the safety net we were promised. If we had known this day would come, we would have vigorously opposed any federal legislation that limited civil liability for drug corporations now making substantial profits from vaccines mandated by government.”
Hannah Bruesewitz was brain injured by DPT vaccine as a child but she was denied compensation by the U.S. Court of Claims, which administers the federal vaccine injury compensation program created by the 1986 Act that has turned away two out of three plaintiffs. Her attorneys then sued in civil court, providing evidence that Wyeth-Lederle had the technology to produce a less reactive, purified pertussis vaccine but declined to do so.
“The U.S. Supreme Court has removed all financial incentive for multi-national pharmaceutical corporations, which enjoy a $20 billion dollar business, to make vaccines as safe as they can be,” said Fisher. “This is a sad day for all Americans forced by law to use dozens of doses of vaccines or be barred from school or health insurance or employment. The only leverage left to American consumers to ensure that vaccines with the fewest health risks are produced is to oppose vaccine mandates and work to defendvaccine exemptions in all public health laws.”
The National Vaccine Information Center is a non-profit charity founded in 1982 to prevent vaccine injuries and deaths through public education. NVIC co-founders were responsible for inclusion of vaccine safety and research provisions in the 1986 Act, including theVaccine Adverse Events Reporting System, and for ensuring that the Act protected the right of those injured by vaccines to access the civil court system if they were turned down for compensation or offered too little to meet their lifetime medical care needs.
NVIC has been critical of the failure of the U.S. Departments of Justice and Health and Human Services to implement the 1986 law in accordance with legislative language, history and congressional intent. For more information, go to www.NVIC.org
National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC)
Barbara Loe Fisher
President – Co-Founder

Apparently Vaccine Epidemic is Getting Under AAP's Skin

As you know, a few weeks ago our book, Vaccine Epidemic, was released to the public. It quickly rose through the ranks on Amazon to #117 on their bestseller list, and was the number one book in several categories, including Public Health. Three days after the launch, the book went into its second printing, as both Amazon and Barnes & Noble have requested more copies. Reports I get from people trying to buy the book in the stores is that they are finding it sold out.

Really pretty good for a little book like ours that has had no mainstream press what so ever.

By contrast, Paul Offit's most recent book attacking our community, Deadly Choices: How the Anti-Vaccine Movement Threatens Us All, has been out for more than two months, didn't break the #1,000 threshold on Amazon's list, and spent the weeks since our launch trailing our book in Public Health and the other related categories. That is, until yesterday.

On Sunday, someone sent me a link to this:

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Mass Bookbuying Event Tomorrow: Raise Awareness of Safety & Efficacy of Vaccines

A group of pediatricians are planning a mass book-buying event tomorrow, Monday February 21st.

Here's the action:

Go to Amazon and purchase a copy of Paul Offit's Deadly Choices: How the Anti-vaccine movement Threatens Us All. The hard-cover edition is $17.11 and the Kindle edition is $9.99.

Remember, Dr. Offit is donating all royalties from the book to the Autism Science Foundation.


Moving Deadly Choices onto Amazon's Hot New Releases List. If his book is the biggest seller on Amazon on Monday the 21st, this will raise much needed publicity about the importance and safety of vaccines.

But I already have a copy of the book!

So? Buy another and donate it: to your local library, to a local high school library, to a high school or community college teacher of biology, health, or journalism, to your pediatrician...let your imagination be your guide.

On Personal Medicine, a blog that aims at, "enabling Primary Care Physicians to return to a simpler more gratifying method of medical practice, enhancing physician needs for lifestyle, professional satisfaction and income," we find that entreaty passed along. We also learn from Alison Singer's email that has been posted there, that the plucky "group of pediatricians" that are bravely banning together to get the urgent word out to parents that questioning vaccines is "deadly" is in fact the American Academy of Pediatrics. A 60,000 member strong, the Pediatricians Union, snuggled tightly into bed with Offit and Pharma, that once upon a time was concerned with the health of children and that would abruptly cease to exist if it ever admitted that the practices that it was prompting its doctors to practice were causing neuroimmune disorders in an entire generation of children.

Dear Friends:

AAP District 1 is promoting a mass book buying event on amazon.com for Dr. Paul Offit's most recent book, Deadly Choices. This event will take place on Monday Feb 21st (tomorrow). See the note from District 1 leadership below. Also, please know that Dr. Offit has generously agreed to donate all royalties from book sales to the Autism Science Foundation, so that we can fund research to learn the true causes of autism. Many thanks. Alison

Alison Singer
President, Autism Science Foundation

Apparently AAP no likey that the public is choosing the actual good faith arguments in Vaccine Epidemic over yet another propaganda screed like Deadly Choices.

We see that "Chip" at PedSource encourages pediatricians to:

From Dr. Jill Stoller:
In an effort to raise awareness for the importance of childhood vaccinations, the Section I chair for the American Academy of Pediatrics (the Section on Administration and Practice Management) is promoting a mass buying event on amazon.com for Dr. Paul Offit's most recent book Deadly Choices
Dr. Offit is the Chief of Pediatric Infectious Diseases at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. He is a relentless in his advocacy for children's health and childhood vaccination. As a favor to me, and all the children you know and love, please purchase a copy of his book on Monday February 21 on amazon.com.
If his book is the biggest seller on Amazon on Monday the 21st, this will raise much needed publicity about the importance and safety of vaccines. Even if you don't have the time to read his book, purchase it and donate it to your local library!

Thank you for helping in this effort!
Update (5:30PM, Jan 21): Deadly Choices is #4 on the Amazon Movers and Shakers list and is now #28 on their sales list! A 40,000% increase - amazing.

Note that people are not expected to actually READ the book, just to buy it.

What is the medical equivalent of "astroturf?"

So Offits book shot to #27 on the Amazon best seller list yesterday.

Seth Mnookin's book got a bump as well, rising from the #5,000 neighborhood where he and Offit had been dwelling, despite all the media hype of their books (and Offit even appearing on Colbert), and Seth made it as high as #777 by my tracking.

So congratulations to Offit and Mnookin for getting the people whose asses you are covering by writing these books, to buy these books.

And to the AAP, you know what you could have done instead? You could have asked your doctors to read our book and actually started a real, common sense, good faith conversation with the HALF of the country that doesn't believe you on your vaccine safety claims, and begun to repair the damage that you have done by lying to the public. But once again, instead of course correcting, you double down.

I will end this as I have dozens of posts on this blog. By urging wise pediatricians to take back their profession. All those patients that you are arguing with in your offices are real people who want to have good faith conversations with you on vaccines. A bunch of them got together and wrote a book outlining many of the REAL problems in the vaccine program in this country. Realize that the AAP is not your friend if you want the truth on vaccine safety, read the book and (like Dr. Oz did last week) start the real conversations. Stop allowing yourselves to be propegandaized by Merck's boy Offit and the AAP who is trying desperately to prevent you from waking up to the fact they have lied to you for years.