November 19, 2007

"Expert" links autism to mothers drinking

"Mothers" say that expert must be drunk.

I didn't drink during my pregnancies. I probably average eight or ten drinks a year. (Alcohol is not tasty to me).

This theory is just counter intuitive. In the 1950's women routinely drank during pregnancy as they didn't understand the risks it posed. Autism was unheard of then. Today if a pregnant woman orders a glass of wine at a restaurant, the waitress calls child protective services. Autism everywhere.

November 14, 2007

Why You Should Support The Writers Strike

Bottom line .... because many of those writers are parents of autistic children, and the residuals that they are fighting for will go to support their autistic children for years and years to come.

My dear husband's first writing job was on a WGA show for Discovery Kids in 1998. About 5 years ago he was flipping through the channels and randomly saw it running. He thought, "Great! I will be getting a little money." But no money ever came.

Then a year later he saw it again. So he put the show on the Tivo and found that it was running constantly. So he called the Writers Guild and they did some research and found that the show had been running non stop all over the world and his episode had aired around 400 times.

When it was all said and done, the WGA had to go after the production company, and of the $40,000 that was owed to my dear husband, he received $2,000. Just this spring.

I try not to think about all the good we could have done for Chandler with that $38,000. It hurts. We had to discontinue most of Chandler's biomed for much of 2006 because we just didn't have the resources.

So if you are thinking about getting annoyed with the writers for holding up your favorite shows, and are tempted to believe the media corporations claims that the writers are being unreasonable, keep in mind that those companies like reselling their shows over and over again, and don't like to pay writers their fair share when they can get away with it. Even when they DO have a contract they still don't always pay.

And to put a human face on this strike, remember my dear husband Scott... Autism Super Dad... who is working his butt off to provide for his autistic son.

(And yes he made those costumes for his boys.)

Send a note to who ever makes your favorite show and ask them to pay the writers that create the characters and stories you love.

For info on how to support the writers visit


Thanks for all the kind words from our United Hollywood friends! Welcome writers, feel free to browse and educate yourself about the current state of Autism in America in between picketing gigs, then go back and write about our kids when ConHugeCo Inc. comes to their senses and makes a fair deal.

For my regular autism visitors, please take a moment to view some videos about what this strike about:

Now watch The Daily Show's writers explain in their own way:

November 10, 2007

The Rescue Post is now Age of Autism

The Rescue Post has joined forces with Dan Olmsted of UPI's The Age of Autism fame, to become

Put them on your favorites list because they will surely be a force to be reckoned with.