March 10, 2008

"A well placed source high up in the DC power elite writes ..."

Interesting tidbit from David Kirby.

So when will people start going on the record?

"Interesting analysis from an extremely well connected, high-powered official inside the Beltway. This was sent to me last night. .

I am now getting all kinds of fascinating messages from all over the world, ever since the Poling story aired.

Who knew the woodwork could hold so much stuff?

= DK"

I've thought about why the govt would concede. You know there were many many meetings between govt and pharma and all concerned before this concession. It was no oversight or accident. And I believe it's because they know they had lost this strong case (with the dad a neurologist no less) and felt like if they "Lost" one of the "landmark" group of autism cases it would make a bigger splash/precedent. But if they "admitted" it (rather than "lost" it) and get it out of the big group of autism test cases, they could spin it as a strange "exception" not a "precedent" etc.

Either way they were screwed, so they went for the path that they hoped would make the least splash (knowing it would make SOME splash either way). They're probably right. If a "decision" had come down in vaccine court that the govt "lost" a test case it might have been even bigger -- and more difficult to spin. But it looks like either way the genie is out of the bottle. They know this.

I wish I could get to all those emails flying now as to the plans on what to do. Of course that's assuming they haven't had a plan ready for a long long time. I believe they've known since 99 this was coming (if not earlier) and have been working on strategy and presentation for when it all came out.

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