May 30, 2012

Stop What You Are Doing And Watch This Video: Jeffrey Smith on GMOs and Autism

Four years ago I watched The World According to Monsanto, and was horrified to learn that I had been feeding my children poison.  We had switched Chandler to a SCD diet the year before, and saw dramatic improvement in his behavior, language, happiness, relationships, and his puffy belly went flat.  Check out my posts on his gains from the spring of 2007:

I wondered if his healing was not just because I had been giving him only simple sugars, but also because this diet was now organic, and he was not getting GMOs any more.

I wrote about it in post entitled, Monsanto GMOs: My Questions about Monsanto's GMOs and Autism.  I got a response from Árpád Pusztai, one of the worlds experts on Lectins who got Wakefielded when he discovered that gm foods caused autoimmunity, GI problems and acted as an adjuvant in lab rats.  He said, yes, it was plausiblethat GMOs could be facilitating some of the damage we see in our kids with an "autism" diagnosis.

Now THE master of the GMO fight, Jeffrey Smith is confirming that it is likely part of the assault on our kids is by Monsanto and her sister witches.  He gave an amazing presentation at Autism One, and if there is only one speech you watch from that conference, it should be this one.  This is the speech he gave there.  And this is not just for those with autism.  Everyone with a mouth should watch this.

Watch it!

Read his full discussion on the topic here:

May 28, 2012

Honoring the Memory of 1st Lt. C. Chandler Perine

Marine Corps 1st Lt. C. Chandler Perine was my uncle and he loved me.

He died in the service of his country on November 15, 1970 at the age of 26 when the plane he was piloting suffered mechanical failure during take off from McGuire AFB, New Jersey

Chan, my father's younger brother, served as a helicopter pilot in Vietnam, a football player in college and "class flirt" in high school.

My youngest son, Chandler Perine Taylor, is named in his honor.

In October of 2003, while attending the Perine family burial plot for my grandfather's internment, Chandler, just 18 months old at the time, wandered away from me and our group, and walked straight to the grave of his name sake.  He lay down the truck he was playing with on Uncle Chan's headstone, and began to stroke the rose that had been laid there a few minutes earlier.

My sister followed him with her camera, and this is the picture she took.

May 20, 2012

Seth Mnookin is a Journalistic Carpetbagger Who Should Shut The Hell Up

So, so sick of these people and the GARBAGE that they put out.  Lost my temper a bit today.

Seth Mnookin is a guy that pretends to be a journalist, and writes hit pieces that encourage people to neglect the medical needs of children with autism.  He is now attacking Autism One, about which he knows neither Jack nor Squat.  My comment on his blog:
Autism One is amazing.

Seriously... it is like coming home.  Being in a place where there is so much information and encouragement and people (both professionals and parents) with a driving passion to find things that will make your child's life better is like coming into the sunlight after having the crap beat out of you in a tornado.

You sit next to a mom, start chatting, figure out your child has a problem that hers used to have... "Does he also have X symptom?  Have you had him tested for Y?  Because Dr. M is speaking on that in two hours.  Here is my phone number and email... if you think this might be what is happening with him, call me and I will get you a copy of Research Paper W, and you should call Professor T at University P.  If he does have it, call me, I host a weekly conference call of parents dealing with it and they can offer tips on what worked when they did intervention Q, and what side effect L looked like in their child so you know what to be careful of."

And then you do it and he has it and you treat it and when he wakes up at 2 am with strange behavior K, and you can't your pediatrician on the phone, and Seth Mnookin is comfey in his bed and of no help... but that mom who was a stranger to you when you sat down is happy to take your call and let you know that, "Yes... 2 am Behavior K is something that we see often... it only lasts about three nights, no worries, call the doc in the morning."  or "No... I have not heard that from anyone, might wanna stay up and keep an eye on it," or "Beth's son did that, and thirty minutes later he had a massive seizure.  You might want to get to the ER." 

Or should I call you at 2am to get your advice Seth?  What with you being so invested in my child's health and functioning. 

Hey... while I have you... Chandler as of late has been giggling in class a lot more, and it started at the same time that he got a mild rash on his back.  Any thoughts on what that might be?  Because my pediatrician never has answers to questions like this.  Or should I just accept it because looking for a solution is anti-science and means I hate my child and don't accept him for who he is?  Could you tutor him on the stuff he is missing in Social Studies because he can't stop thinking about how hilarious Phineas and Ferb are?

Oh... wait... I am going to Autism One in three days.  There will be about 3,000 people there who will have ideas on what might be going on with him, have medical, dietary, and educational ideas on how to help him, and will be happy to call me for the next month to see how he is progressing.

But Seth Mnookin says I should not go because Jenny McCarthy likes to be naked.  Gosh... tough call... find cutting edge solutions to make my beautiful baby happy, healthy, functional, social and educated from people who spend all day every day thinking about how to help kids like mine; or be in the same building with someone who is slutty.   What to do, what to do.....

The things that that community has done for my son... well I cannot put into words how grateful I am for what people have risked and sacrificed and spent on our child and those like him.  I have one doctor who spent 4 hours with me doing a detailed history, he guy is a fricking Columbo, and never charged me a dime.  To be with people who could not give a crap what the world thinks of them, that they just want to see my baby healed and happy and living his best life... It is like walking into a hotel full of love and wisdom.  And kids (and adults) can be as weird and difficult as they possibly can be, and instead of judgment and crass bitchiness like you put out... they are surrounded with understanding and affection and two dozen people with in year shot who drop what they are doing to figure out how to help (not jerks who declare them "disruptive" and have them escorted out of the building)... Seth... you are so clueless!!!

Seth... you truly have no idea how wrong, destructive and awful your writing is to children like mine.  Chandler was severe when we started, and now he is happy, verbal and mainstreamed in a 4th grade classroom with an aid.  Your opposition to biomedical treatment for children with autoimmune disorders, mito disorders, chronic viral and bacterial infections, and who have been poisoned (all of which resulted in neurological regression) is the avocation of child abuse and neglect!  It is a joke.  It is pathetic.  It is cruel.

'Stop healing children!  I declare it unscience and disallow it!  Quick... get a petition out there to say we disapprove of making children healthier!   Don't even TALK about new possibilities for children with autism!  Put them in a closet and ACCEPT that they will stay sick, unhappy, aggressive, disconnected, confused, obsessed, anxious, afraid and stressed out beyond measure!  To do otherwise is anti-science and means you hate children with autism!'


Autism One is freaking awesome.  And strange how you don't mention that professors from Harvard also come, and that the keynote address is being given by a Nobel Prize winner. 

People's children are sick and seizing and drowning and being assaulted in school, but Seth is on the story.. on the difference between "Free" and "A $25.00 processing fee?! for like two hundred hours of lectures on ALL topics autism... that is being streamed for free online?"  Someone get this man a Pulitzer.

Mr. Mnookin... Go away and leave our kids alone.  You clearly could not give a rodent's hiney, about our children, you have already declared parents like me who want to make their own vaccine decisions, "Total Assholes." We have registered your opinion.  Now just stop talking. 

Your journalistic carpet bagging is pitiful and transparent.  If you were looking for a safe career move, you should realize that you came late to the party and this is a poor long term investment.  If you had been making these claims like Orac in 2004, people might have listened, but biomed is now mainstream.  The strange little club of people who want to let children with gut issues continue to suffer in them is coming apart quickly.  Where I was mocked for taking gluten out of my son's diet eight years ago, there is now gluten free everything in every food seller in this country.  And half my neighbors are gluten free to treat their own autoimmune issues!

And you did hear your friend Kurt Anderson's interview with Walter Zahorodny where he did not get the answer to the vaccine/autism question that he was quite expecting... didn't you?

"Kurt Andersen (Seth Mnookin's friend): “I guess we know what they (the causes of autism) aren’t, for instance childhood vaccines. Right?”

Dr. Zahorodny: “Vaccines don’t play a significant role in autism increasing. Some small number of children probably do have autism because of an adverse vaccine reaction, but they don’t make for the overall rise.”"

If you have trouble discerning what he was saying... his answer to the yes or no question on whether vaccines can cause autism was YES!  If you sit quietly and listen to which way the wind is blowing... that is happening a lot these days.  But I don't know if you can hear it over the sound of you and your friends screaming "SCIENCE!!" at the top of your lungs.

The open secret it out.  Vaccines can cause autoimmune reactions that cause brain inflammation that cause brain damage that cause "autism"!  Addressing that autoimmunity and other factors allows the brain to heal. Addressing mito issues allow the brain to be powered.  Addressing blood flow issues allows the brain to be oxygenated.  Addressing GI issues allows the brain to be fed.  Put it all together and the brain gets healthier and works better.  THIS IS NOT ROCKET SCIENCE!  It can be explained to the man on the street in 15 minutes.  Everyone gets it now.

There is a reason that you are having to stomp your feet at every new media piece on vaccines, autism or biomed... because people are becoming educated, they know how much damage is being done, they know the vaccine program and the toxic assault on babies is not sustainable, that autism is a rising disaster, and that pretending that Off it is not completely absurd in his claims is not longer an option.  AND YOUR BULLYING DOES NOT WORK ANY MORE, because people care more about children than they do about being in your stupid faux science club!

Have you not noticed how your world/fans/meetings/book sales are getting smaller and smaller, as ours are getting bigger and bigger?

You have stepped into the end of a dying paradigm.  Best career move you could make now is to go write another book about baseball or move on to an in-depth exploration of the evolution of classic American Blues into Rap in the information age. 

Or go ahead and stick around until the party is completely over.  Just make sure you turn out the lights when you leave.
Stop what you are doing and feast your eyes on the Magnificance of my beatiful and talkative and excited and happy and funny and engaged boy!  Remember that when we started all that "Quackery" he was only able to say "Uh Oh" and "All done" and could not even call me Mommy, look me in the eye or answer to his name.

Two weeks ago I took him to the Maine Republican Convention.

On the 30 minute wait online to get into the Augusta Civic Center, Chandler
invents a new way to hold hands with Mommy.  He calls is "Backpack Mode"
and  stays there for almost the entire wait.  Mommy is pleased.

If you read any of the coverage, you know that it was a barn burner, and that it was two ten hour days of alternating fighting and boredom.  At the end of BOTH days, I had people come up to me and say, "I just have to tell you, I have been watching your boys all day and I am really impressed with how well behaved they are."  You can imagine their surprise when I told them that one of them has "autism."  "It's true" I say... "We have found some wonderful medical interventions for him...."  And so the conversation begins again and yet another person becomes "immune" to the inane "anti-science" rants of Mnookin and co.  Because my son is awesome for ANY boy, much less a boy with "autism."

Please tell me that eight years of biomed was DANGEROUS for him and what a big mistake we made doing the same things that that stupid HO Jenny McCarthy did for her son.  Tell me how I should have left him rocking in a corner and accepted him.  Tell me there is no evidence that biomed makes children better.  Tell me I am a bad parent for the way I have raised Chandler.

Say it Seth... I fucking DARE you!

(Angry autism mom is Angry!)

And to Ed and Teri Arranga, and Bernie Rimland before them, and all who have made my son so happy... you have all of my love and gratitude.  See you all on Wednesday, at Autism One in Chicago.

Update:  Not only does the legendary cowardice of Seth Mnookin continue in full force in his failure to respond to my comments to him... HE CLOSED THE COMMENTS.

Just want to point out the double irony of this, as his initial post included complaints against a publisher for not responding to his criticism.  Hypocrisy, thy name in Mnookin.

Can't handle your critics, even when they are the actual stakeholders making legitimate points about how egregious your "journalism" is?  Erroneously declare them "disruptive" and have them removed from the building.  Ignore them and shut down your comments section.

Seth you are a coward and a child and your shallow, crap "reporting" on the autism epidemic just adds to the damage that your predecessors have piled up.  Find a new hobby.

May 5, 2012

Romney Campaign Shenanigans at the Maine GOP Convention

The whole story, including the answer to the question, "Who is Charlie Cheater?"

The long version:

The short version:

Original Post:

We interrupt our regular reporting on the corruption in the autism epidemic, to report on the corruption in the Romney for President Campaign.

So this was my day:


 I think that the guy is an actual Romney campaign guy. After the video was finished, I saw him outside the venue and confronted him. He had changed his shirt as to become stealthy I guess? Not working.

I asked him who he was and he would not tell me. Where he got the slate and he said he didn't know. Why he put me on the slate and he said he didn't know.

Back in the convention hall I asked him again for his name, and no go. He was not wearing any credentials, which I am pretty sure is verboten.

I am sure we will find out who our friend is who thinks so highly of me that he wanted me to go to Tampa.

I really hate corruption. Seriously. It bothers me.


So Sunday at the convention Mr. Redshirt had a name badge on.  I am told it was a volunteer badge, the first name was Charlie, and that the paper was folded or something so you could not see the last name.

As an aside, I did run as an alternate delegate on the Paul slate on Sunday, and was elected.  So I will be going to Tampa.

The interesting thing is that the list of people running as alternates on Sunday, had not been released on Saturday, and yet several of the people, including me, who were on the fake slate on Saturday, where the ones who would be running as alternates on Sunday.  So did the Romney campaign get the Paul alternate slate the day before it was released by the Paul campaign?


Romney campaign had their top lawyer there, Benjamin Ginsberg, one of Bush's laywers during Bush v. Gore.  NO WONDER the convention was so delayed!  I heard Romney's lawyers were arguing every point, I didn't know they had this level of commitment to ramming Romney through in Maine.  News report on the event, and Romney's fight for Maine.  Good information, but most importantly it contains footage of me in better lighting. ;)

And frankly, if Ginsberg is in Maine to fight like hell for our piddly little four electoral votes, you know Romney co is seriously afraid of the fact that Ron Paul is picking up so much steam.


I am told that the man at the mic who was nominating all the people on the fake ballot (not shown on the footage) was David Sorensen (, policy aid for the Maine House of Representatives.  His picture certainly looks like the man I approached at the mic to ask why he nominated me.  I would feel more comfortable if we had video confirmation though.  Anyone have footage of him nominating people?  (update... footage found)

Reading Sorensen's twitter feed, it seems likely that he is the guy.  He clearly has the requisite contempt for Ron Paul supporters needed to try to sabotage their delegates.

It really bothers me that people in Maine government feel so comfortable speaking so poorly of a significant percentage of his fellow Mainers and his own political party  (Didn't Paul garner a third of the votes at the Maine Republican Caucuses?  Romney 39% and Paul with 34%.)  I want grown ups running my government and setting policy, not contemptuous frat boys who look down their nose at the unwashed masses.

I also wanted to comment on the reception that the delegation got from Charlie Webster following the convention.  Afterward, the elected delegation met outside with Webster and I was expecting it to be a bit stressful.  I was pleasantly surprised at how congenial he was.  He was very cheerful, said he knew that there would be a challenge to the delegation, but "that doesn't have anything to do with me," and "I will fight for this group."  He said we should go ahead and start making plans to elect a chair for our delegation and make plans to go to Tampa.

I was very encouraged by this, and taking him at his word.  I hope that this is a sign that the current Maine GOP leadership may warm to the idea that the Paul camp is here to stay, and hope that this will be the beginning of a better relationship between the groups. We will see!  (another update:  Charlie says the same thing on camera, and calls the convention, "Exciting"  "The way I look at this an election was held. We're going to fight to get our delegates seated in Tampa, that's our position. That's what we're ready to do.")

However it is pretty clear that the RNC has already chosen Romney, in violation of their own rules, and that they are likely going to work with Romney's lawyers to prevent the Maine delegation from being seated in Tampa.

Little ole' Maine is now the tipping point on the new guard/old guard fight.  What the RNC does next is going to make or break the Republican party.  They can either come to terms with the fact that The Ron Paul movement (because this is not completely about Paul or Romney) is growing exponentially and is now breaking through the barriers that the establishment politicos and media have constructed, and welcome them into the fold as equal members and partners, or the party will have to go to war with itself.

If they do the former, it WILL engender good faith and engender trust in the Republican party.  It will tell the American people that they are ready do deal with the ugly and messy problems that they had a hand in creating.

If they do the latter, they will decimate the party.

Your move RNC.


I have received requests for more videos on this.  I have two other pieces that are support items for this story.  I was going to put them in the initial video, but was trying to keep it short and get it uploaded quickly. Testimony from two other delegates to what was happening on Saturday afternoon:

Took a closer look at this slate.  Turns out it looked like a Paul slate, but had Romney's nominees on it.

Update:  Confirmation that it was David Sorensen that nominated the fake slate.  From Chris Dixon:
David Sorensen, a Policy Aide for the Maine House of Representatives, is confirmed as one of the Romney operatives. He took the floor to push a false delegate slate of Paul supporters in effort to divide our vote.

Two Paul supporters pressed Mr. Sorensen at different times. The first one did so outside of a County Convention room and asked him why he was pushing the slate. The response was that it was a tactic to divide the Ron Paul vote and that our people did it, too. This is false. A Paul slate was introduced to kick off nominations and that was the ONLY peep out of Paul supporters on the floor next to refusing nominations that Sorensen made. When this point was made, Sorensen kept repeating this point.

Mr. Sorensen then, upon being pressed, confessed to the division tactic, as well as the tactic to stall the convention to waste time.

Another Paul supporter had pressed David Sorensen on it, asking if he had created the false delegate slates. He denied it.

Mr. Sorensen is a Policy Aide with the Maine House Republican Office, thus having a direct connection to the Maine Republican Party. Because these two discussions happened one-on-one, there is no conclusive way to prove these words. But the proof is on the books, before the entire convention, that Mr. Sorensen did advance the slates forth.

The issue was raised by State GOP chairman Charlie Webster on the second day that if we run over 6pm, the party will be on the hook for $10,000 per hour. In the end, we were there until after 8pm.

As 6pm rolled around, it became clear that we wouldn't make it. District 2 convention was still in progress and the votes from District 1, which had run all day, were still in progress. The day was also behind schedule because GOP Platform and National Committeepeople votes were scheduled to happen on the first day, but was prevented because of multiple recounts on Convention Secretary and a highly-contested Convention Chair seat.

Representative Aaron Libby promptly took the floor and urged Paul supporters to donate money on behalf to cover the fees. Because he was a different district, he was correctly asked to leave the floor. Representative Jeff Timberlake then took over and made urged people to donate a little each.

The fact still remains however:

There is question that an individual, directly associated with the Maine Republican Party, deliberately engaged in stall tactics that not only propelled the convention into chaos, but put the Republican Party on the hook for $20,000.

...but Ron Paul people are the bad guys? You be the judge.

Got an email from someone who Sorensen falsely nominated, that talked to him on the floor of the convention.
"I introduced myself to him, shook his hand, and inquired if he knew me from someplace.  He said he did not.  That being established, I asked him why he put my name into nomination on the floor for national delegate if he did not know me.  He said, "it was a tactic to divide your vote".  He then began throwing around insults..."Ron Paul will never win, because his supporters are black helicopter conspiracy theorists".  He said we should get out of the party because we are "ruining it".  Instead of argue in this manner, I politely inquired as to why his admitted vote dividing "tactics" were necessary if he knew we would never "win".  He then accused us of doing the same thing.  I asked him to provide examples of us nominating fake slates; he could not provide any.
An hour or so before I approached him, our delegation chair... asked him why he nominated people from the fake slate.  He denied doing it and told our delegation chair to "fuck off".
Update (Tuesday morning):

Got a note this morning with more info on Charlie.  He does work for the Mitt Romney campaign according to Conor O'Brian, who lives only one town over from me:
Ginger I have posted regarding your video with the fake slate guy that indeed 'Charlie' was a Romney person.  I was a volunteer Ron Paul vote counter from Bath and that dude was one of the Romney observers.  I was in the counting room on every count as was he.  On the last recount I (Conor O'Brien is my name), sat across from a Ron Paul observer named John Hawk Cry (or something like that) and to my left was Charlie.  By this time I knew he was a fiend but wanted to dig a little bit for info.  He was originally from California but now lives in the Boston area.  

Update (Wed afternoon):

Apparently the RNC Parliamentarian that was working with Brent Tweed to run the meeting said that everything was done by the book, which makes the Romney challenge to seating the Maine Delegation at the RNC a bit more difficult.  And as that particular parliamentarian was an editor on the book on Roberts Rules, I am guessing he has some street cred on that issue.


Safe to say that "Charlie" is employed by the Romney Campaign.  This was posted to the Daily Paul today

Charlie, the Maine fake slate guy

I just googled Benjamin Ginsberg, Romney's lawyer....I was one of a few counters left at the end of the day on Sunday. Mr. Ginsberg came over and said goodbye to our friend Charlie and even commented on him getting back to Boston. This all took place with in two feet of me. The cheating is being orchestrated by Romney's/Bush's top lawyer. Beware states yet to hold your convention, the sore losers will be coming to a theatre near you!