July 18, 2008

Savage Attack on Our Children

Michael Savage has joined in the attack on our children. Apparently they are faking it and we are encouraging them to do it for the money. You know... all that money we get for having autistic kids?

The recent attacks on our kids initially made me angry, but now I am just grieving and becoming depressed over them.

I will let Wade take this one:


Contact said...

Savage Apology ...

Jim said...

"The Medicalization of Brathood"

Gee, new tack in the 'no epidemic' - instead of saying 'diagnostic substitution' ("it's the doctor's fault, stupid!"), they just say it's 'brat substitution'.. or maybe 'medicalization of brathood' (?). In other words, "it's the parents, stupid!".

Can we arrange for the ARI to send this person redacted version of ALL the metabolic biomarker tests they have collected over the years with permission of parents to this jerk, perhaps with a few lumps of coal thrown in for good measure?

Playing Devil's Advocate (a bit), my psychiatrist told me that he has seen 'autism' diagnosed by his collegues where there is no such thing. STILL - *99* percent? That's just cruel. 5%, 10% maybe, but not 99..

I remember a passage from Dr. Bock's "Healing the New Childhood Epidemics" where a mother is on a plane with her daughter who has PANDAS - and the daughter has a cycle. The description of the other passengers' reactions ("control the brat!") would fit Savage to a tee.

I hope this blows up in his face like some other shock jocks antics have. Savage.. Gotta love the name. It fits.

loveconquersall said...

I feel schmaltzy.

I feel like one of those 70's sayings (when the divorce rate was on the rise)and posters were exposing our greatest fear...

But, what about the children?

Really....do we even care about children anymore? Or has our values decreased while we were having our lips and breasts augmented? Does it mean more to us, as a society, to have perfection in our lives. The bountiful quantity of material things that social and economic classes can afford - at the risk of our greatest asset ....our children.

Have we become so complacent, by having others care for our children, that now we have to fight for our rights to actually parent our children?