July 2, 2008

Hey Dr. Gerberding.. What is this "Autism-Like Syndrome"

"While we recognize, and have recognized, mitochondrial disorders are associated with... autism-like syndrome, there is nothing about this situation that should be generalized to the risks of vaccines for normal children," said Julie Gerberding, director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. - The Washington Post

Hey Julie... What is this "Autism-Like Syndrome" you speak of?

How does it differ from actual "Autism"?

Does my child have "Autism" or "Autism-Like Syndrome"?

Where is my resource to find out about this "Autism-Like Syndrome" that CDC has recognized both now and in the past that is associated with mitochondrial disorders? I have checked the CDC's web site and can't find anything.

Are there some case studies you can point me to?

Is this the same as the "Symptoms of Autism" that Hannah Poling got from her Vaccines?

Is this the same thing as "Vaccine Induced Encephalopathy"? 'Cause that has the symptoms of autism too.

Is CDC going to put out an "Autism-Like Syndrome Alarm" like the Autism Alarm that you put out for pediatricians so that they can tell the difference between these syndromes, correctly diagnose their patients and get them appropriate care?

What about a "Vaccine Induced Encephalopathy Alarm"? I just talked to a soon to be pediatrician graduating from med school who said she was not taught about Vaccine Induced Encephalopathy. She had never heard of it. Pretty poor on the medical establishments part not to teach their own doctors to look for known, permanent, kinda brain damagie side effects of pharmaceuticals that they are administering DOZENS OF TIMES A DAY!

Wait... CDC lady... aren't you the one who is supposed to be setting standards for medical care in this country? Have you not made sure that medical doctors look for medical conditions like Vaccine Induced Encephalopathy that explains "Autism Like" symptoms right off the bat?

I mean shouldn't doctors rule that out first before jumping to a psychological diagnosis of Autism with 'no cause and no cure'?

And how can they rule out that diagnosis if they are never even taught of it's existence? Hmmmm....

... and what about your comment about not generalizing vaccine damage in children with mitochondrial disorders to "normal" children? Which are the "normal" children?

Hannah Poling seemed to everyone a "normal" child before her vaccine induced, mitochondrial related, regression into "encephalopathy" with "autism like" "symptoms" that was diagnosed as "autism".

My son was "normal" too. Or was he? How can I know?

If we can't see the not "normal" kids with the naked eye, then why are we not testing for not "normal"? Or should pediatricians just be checking birth certificates for any child named "Abby Normal" and assume THAT is the "rare" child who has an undiagnosed mito disorder and will get "Autism Like Syndrome" from vaccines?

Come to think of it, if Hannah didn't show any outward symptoms that she was not "normal", how can ANY parent know that their baby is "normal"?

This is all so confusing for my tiny little, desperate, emotional, non vaccine expert, parent mind. I better rest it before I give myself a headache.

So many questions... absolutely no answers.

Speaking of no answers, I have been emailing CDC since March asking for those "15 good studies" that CDC stands behind and is basing it's "no link between vaccines and autism" stance on. I just keep getting responses that CDC will get back to me.

It has been three months. If you don't have 15 good studies that prove no link, then can you just send me a note to that effect so I can stop bugging you guys every two weeks?

But seriously...

When is the media going to stop giving CDC a pass on these increasingly absurd statements? Shankar Vedantam is given the chance to actually question a 'vaccine expert' who is an autism dad and should have answered to these essential questions to his satisfaction before spiking the vaccine autism connection, and there is no sign that any of these important questions were even considered. But we did find out that Hotez is insulted at the idea that anyone would cover up a vaccine/autism connection.

Has the medical community not noticed that we don't care if anyone is insulted by this anymore? Because that concern was last seen somewhere in the spring of 2004 around the time of the IOM "don't even bother looking at vaccines" decision. And the Simpsonwood transcripts put the last nail in that coffin.

Dear Media,


Autistic children have been being paid from the Vaccine Injury Compensation Fund for more than 15 years!!! How many clues do you need that there is a big fat link between vaccines and autism before you call shenanigans on the AAP, CDC and HHS!

How much easily disprovable "Bullshit" do they need to shovel for you guys to report that their story is not adding up?

... and Shankar, I feel for the thousands of African children struggling with diseases that I have never heard of before, but the reason that I have never heard of them before, is because they are not a threat to my American child. Please stop trying to change the subject of the American autism epidemic by mentioning that other diseases exist in other places. Either vaccines can cause autism or they can't. The fact that they also may or may not help with other illness does not change that. Safety and effectiveness are two different issues.

... and please stop falling for this "talking about vaccines and diet treatments distracts from genetic biomarkers" crap. Untold millions in research has been poured into genetic causes for three or four decades now with ZERO applicable results and with a comparative nothing going into treatments that are actually working for our kids. Do your research before quoting a college sophomore. You are using up valuable space in one of the world's most influential papers interviewing a 19 year old who 'might' study autism one day.

Julie Gerberding has already gone on TV and admitted that vaccines can cause autism and explained how it happens. Please get your head out of the sand.

God bless the few of you reporters that are out there doing your jobs for real. I hope you all get Pulitzers when this is done with.

Ginger... getting snarky and annoyed


Anonymous said...

F'ing brilliant Ginger! Just f'ing brilliant!


Anonymous said...

Well Miss Ginger snarky and annoyed...nothing like laying it on the line and telling it like it is.

Rock On Baby!

Petra said...

Getting snarky and annoyed right with you there Ms. Ginger.

Autism like syndrome.. gimme a friggin' break..

Really, if it looks like a horse, sounds like a horse, walks like a horse, eats things horses typically eat, has 4 legs like a horse, has a tail like a horse, has teeth like a horse, and craps like a horse, it's probably a HORSE (and not a horse-like creature)....

To paraphrase a, now much beloved in my house, actor: "How stupid do they think we are?"

(And don't even get me started on that article you refered to.. Reading about this young girl's life made me first profoundly sad and then profoundly mad)

K Fuller said...

I want you to know how much I appreciate the time you take to keep us informed. You are able to write a well thought out,well put together and intelligent piece and yet those of us without your expertise are able to understand it.

Snowdrop said...

They seem to be ignoring this.


Interesting isn't it?

Lisa Jo Rudy said...

Wrote a blog on this issue myself, and got a few interesting responses (http://autism.about.com/b/2008/06/19/autism-versus-autism-like-symptoms-whats-the-difference.htm).

From what I can tell, there is exactly NO difference between autism and autism-like symptoms except... it seems that if you can point to a cause (outside of genetics), cure it or successfully treat it, it probaby isn't autism!

Seems like a great way for the researchers and therapists to stay on the gravy train for life...

Lisa Rudy

Petra said...

I'm sorry, but this is just total b.. s... (not directed at you Lisa Rudy):

"... it seems that if you can point to a cause (outside of genetics), cure it or successfully treat it, it probaby isn't autism!"

That's like saying "... it seem that if you can point to a cause, cure it or successfully treat it, it's probably not cancer, or diabetes'..or whatever else you want to insert for autism.

Autism is a catch-all (as in, we really can't figure out WHAT is going on with your child, nor do we really want to spend the time to figure out what is going on, but we don't want to say that, so we try to apeace you by throwing the DSM-IV at you) diagnosis based on a series of behaviors. Sure, some of those behaviors may have a genetic origin, but many others don't.

Regardless, the genetic origin of the behaviors does not make "THE one and only TRUE autism". It's the behaviors that make the autism diagnosis, not the other way around!

I don't think it's just the researchers and therapists that 'like to stay on the gravy train for life'...