July 14, 2008

Watch Julie Gerberding Not Lie

I was doing a search on Julie Gerberding when I came across some surprising video.  Julie Gerberding talking candidly about smoking.

What was surprising to me was hearing her talk like a normal person.  She spoke off the cuff about her thoughts on smoking and health policy, and she was not the least bit full of crap when she did it.

Now I have only heard her talk about vaccines and autism, and the person that she is when she talks about these two topics is not at all the person I see in the above video.  When she talks about autism and vaccines she is rehearsed and condescending and carefully threads the needle with very specific, very qualified, very evasive language.  (Watch the CNN video again, both the questions and her answers are pretty clearly from a script)  Not in a million years would I expect to hear Julie speak extemporaneously on vaccine safety.

If there was ever any doubt that Julie was spouting bullshit when talking about vaccines and autism, it is dealt a death blow by hearing her talk about something else.

Nothing like hearing some one tell the truth to figure out when they are lying.  

...also it is kinda funny to hear her talk about the stupidity of knowingly giving toxins to kids via cigarettes.


Unknown said...

Oh my God! What a find. WOW. I can hear her now..."vaccines good, cigarettes bad"

What a joke!

Unfortunately, she is just a puppet and her strings are being pulled when it comes to the vaccine, autism subject.

Justin Lofton
Not Autism

Unknown said...

You are so right. And it's a little spooky to see two different people in the same body.

Anonymous said...

Wow. Incredible. You could substitute the words vaccines for cigs and not miss a beat in the logic flow at all!

And this was only LAST MONTH.

Great find Ginger.