July 14, 2008

Police Chief Throws Crying Child With Autism From Resturant

So... at current count our children are not allowed to cry in planes or in restaurants

At this rate, we should go ahead and ask for some sort of "separate but equal" system since our kids are such a huge problem with people with such delicate sensibilities that hearing a disabled child cry rocks their whole world.

This stuff sucks and it is really starting to make me angry.


Jim said...

"hearing a disabled child cry rocks their whole world."

Maybe people will finally start taking an interest in figuring out how to cure autism now - and we can finally get those federal studies on 'controversial' chelation treatments. :shakes head

Churches, schools (thrown out and tasered), planes, now restaurants.. And don't forget drugged into oblivion in Fairview..

THIS proves that there is an autism epidemic. I don't give a rat's ass about how they twist the statistics, but THIS kind of stuff just didn't happen 10 years ago, or even 5 (or the media did a HELL of a job covering it up! Why should they stop now?)

The image of the impending tornado on AoA for the "autistic kid thrown out of chuch" story is quite appropriate. It's particularly ironic given that Jesus would never have done something like that - prostitutes, tax-collectors, lepers, but not autistics??)

Jim said...

Oh GOD, and there's more - Apple this time calling an autistic (Asperger's actually) a freak:

(from same page as restaurant story)
"Apple Store Manager Calls Autistic Guy A "Freak"

Joshua's MacBook was splitting along one side—you could push it back together, but after a few minutes it would start to separate again. When Joshua, who has Asperger syndrome, tried to get it repaired at his local Apple Store, he ran into all sorts of problems. First there was a two-hour wait to see an expert, then an assistant manager walked up and said, "I've seen you in here a lot with that laptop, what's wrong?" Joshua explained, and pointed out that he had a meeting to attend that evening and needed his laptop to take notes, so he was hoping to have it looked at in person."

Ginger Taylor said...

... I had forgotten about "church". that is just the lowest.

And when an aspie can't get respect in a computer store... then damn... we have a problem.