July 22, 2008

Radio Shack Distances Themselves from Michael Savage

...and wants everyone to know it.

David Sapp is the father of a little girl with autism who believes that Michael Savage, "needs to pick on someone his own size, not my 4 year old daughter."

Below is the response he received to his letter to Radio Shack asking that they pull their ads.

Apparently Radio Shack already had an agreement in place with radio stations that their ads were NOT to run on Savage's show. The stations were not abiding by their agreement.

Thank you for your email to RadioShack's Media Relations Department. We appreciate and share your concerns.

We would like to emphatically state RadioShack was not and is not a sponsor of the Michael Savage radio show. In fact, our agreement with the radio stations airing his show specifically excludes his program (along with several others) as one on which our commercials may appear. Any ads that may have run on the July 16 broadcast of this show were in direct violation of our advertising contract with these radio stations. The stations have admitted their mistake to us and apologized for the confusion they have created. We will continue to investigate all local stations that air Michael Savage to ensure any unauthorized ads airing on Michael Savage are accounted for and that this does not happen again in the future

Unfortunately, the stations’ mistake was heard by many individuals such as you who have since spread the inaccurate message that RadioShack sponsors this program. Likewise, Web sites that were quick to post our name as a sponsor without investigating the actual facts have been very slow to correct the record online. Until that happens, we would greatly appreciate your help in spreading the correct facts through your own personal network.

Once again, thank you for writing and allowing us the opportunity to set the record straight.

Charles Hodges
Director Media Relations

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. said...

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