June 18, 2010

Obama's "Cybersecurity" Bill

Should Obama be allowed to shut down the Internet?

The Daily Beast:

Can Obama Shut Down the Internet?
by Philip Shenon

A new bill rocketing through Congress would give the president sweeping powers to police the Web for national-security reasons. Could this be a way to block WikiLeaks?

Is cyberspace about to get censored?...

Obama can declare an "emergency" and start turning off access for up to 30 days. But what constitutes an "emergency"? Well remember the last "emergency"? That was when the mildest flu in recorded history was declared an "emergency"?

From NVIC:

Because public health is now considered a matter of national (and international) security, if this bill passes, the President could potentially block websites considered a threat to government-led "countermeasures." Like when there is a "pandemic" announced and websites like NVIC's are critical of the government's mass vaccination program.

ummm... that's me.

Hell No.

If they don't want power lines attacked, THEN GET THEM OFF THE INTERNET.

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California Progressive said...

The title of the article is misleading. This bill is not Obamas bill it was brought forward by Senators one Independent and one Republican and it would not affect solely this President but all after the current President.

Ginger Taylor said...

But if passed, the president would administer that power.

And yes... all presidents.

As with the patriot act, it gives huge power to the president, and who knows what any subsequent president would so with it.

Rexinator said...

Good Lord talk about missing the Forest for all the Freakin trees how does every President from Here into the future having the power to kill the internet because of such emergencies as 'people disagree with me' or 'I don't like bad news' much the way Iran and China do no how does that make this bill a good idea?? Who cares who 'brought the bill forward'???? It's Censorship. I don't care if John Wayne and Captain Kangroo wrote the bill. It's bad. Much more efficient for Senator Lieberman and President B.O. to move to China or Iran.

Robin Nemeth said...

The way I see it, there are too many people who've in effect brought this on because they deserve it. Because while they're saying they disagree with censorship, the number of people I've met who are actually willing to keep an open mind and listen and allow others to speak when what's being said poses a threat to their agenda, that number is miniscule. What they say too often doesn't jive with what they do.

Lol hell I'm listening to c-span right now and two people in the last hour have called and said how great it is that there's one place where they can speak. Ooooh boy are they deluded. But I can't be too hard on em, cause I've been there, done that.

Ginger Taylor said...


I don't understand... who has brought this on by doing what?

And frankly, everyone disagrees with censorship, until it comes to their opponents... I even have to chastise myself on occasion when I think, "someone ought to shut that guy up". (Bad Ginger)

"What they say too often doesn't jive with what they do."

The number of govt officials who do what they say? Shocked if could find enough to count on one hand.

Wade Rankin said...

Well, as we've been told, the internet is "dangerous."

Robin Nemeth said...

Ginger, I will try to explain:

There's a difference between the casual thought that 'I disagree with that person so much, I wish they'd shut up' or even 'I wish they could be shut up', and in taking action to actually forcibly shut other people up and deliberately close down debate. I see the latter occurring incessantly in recent years.

I've been forcibly censored over and over in the last fifteen years, or denied the opportunity to express myself in peoples homes or at their tables or on their forums. And this has even happened a great many times by people who had at one time claimed to be my friend or who've claimed (as Kim has) to respect me. And no logical or acceptable explanation is ever given. It's not that I've said things that are crazy, or said them in any kind of crazy or threatening manner. I've been forcibly shut up for speaking the truth in a (mostly) civilized manner (when I'm really angry I will use a curse word now and again but Jenny seems to get away with it ), and it's happened over and over and from people who I'd never expect it from.

I've come to the conclusion that most people are thugs who say they want to interact in a civilized manner with others, but they really don't mean it. They want to deceive other people and push their weight around and abuse their power. And so that's why I say that most people are deserving what's happening to them. Maybe not all of them but it's gotten really hard for me to find sincere people. I have to remind myself, over and over again, that just because the vast majority of the people I've encountered have been horrible scumbags, that this doesn't mean I should presume everyone is a horrible scumbag. It's gotten harder and harder to do over the years.