June 20, 2010

ASD or Synaptic Disorder?

I'm with Harold.

Synaptic Disorder Instead Of Autism Spectrum Disorder?

"The word "Autism" has become romanticized, occasionally glorified, in public discussions of the neurological disorder. It is literally being stripped of its meaning as a diagnostic label of a mental disorder and is being turned into a different way of thinking, a way of life, a culture. Maybe it is time to start thinking about dropping the use of the term autism in the DSM, abandon the Autism Spectrum Disorder concept and replace it with a more informative, less romanticized, less politicized name ... Synaptic Disorder."

Now that we know something about all the varying things that "autism" is biologically, this 70 year old description of some strange acting kids is almost useless and a drag on the progress of finding causation and treatment. As I often say... it is as useful as diagnosing people with having "The Vapors".

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