June 9, 2010

Andrew Wakefield is Happy

I have so much to write about following Autism One and The American Rally for Personal Rights, and so little time, but I wanted to take a minute to share an observation.

Andrew Wakefield is a happy guy.

I don't know Wakefield and only said hello and shook hands with him at the rally for the first time, but I have seen him over the years at conferences and presentations, going back to about 2005. He has always seemed such a sad figure to me. Few smiles, very burdened, and just holding things together and trudging on through the muck.

That said, a quite different fellow showed up at A1. He was smiling and happy and chatty and even bounced a little when he walked. His head was up, his smiles were often and frankly, I am really happy for the guy. I have not asked him, but one can only assume that finally being able to talk about what has been done to him (and having people listen as he is making the rounds in the media and his book reached the Amazon top ten) is doing wonders for his peace of mind.

But then, there is that lesson that the powers that be don't seem to have kept in mind here. When you persecute a man, and take all he has, he has nothing left to lose. If he is a strong enough man to survive the beating, he is not afraid of you any more and you loose any control you had over him. And if he is wise, he will be happy to be free of invisible chains that being in a position of influence in a corrupt system binds one with. I know of quite a few people in medicine that dare not say what they really think, lest they be ousted from the fold. Andy can now say whatever he wants.

So congrats to Andy for being able to take a punch. Well six years worth of punches really. I look forward to all that he will now be able to say and do now that public health, Pharma and the Main Stream Media has done their worst and failed to break him.

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nhokkanen said...

To borrow from The Who:
I'm free,
And freedom tastes of reality,
I'm free -- I'm free,
And I'm waiting for you to follow me.

How many more will have the guts to leave the temple?