June 14, 2010

Mercury and Aluminum are not Friends

So what is happening inside your baby when he is given a mercury containing flu shot, and an aluminum containing DTaP shot?


Dan at Necessary Roughness said...

Ginger, I love your blog, but this particular demonstration is comparing apples to oranges.

What you're looking at in that video is mercury metal ionizing and dissolving Aluminum metal. Mercury metal dissolves all sorts of wonderful things, creating amalgams.

Thiomersal has its mercury in an already ionic and bonded state, not the liquid metal you see in the movie. The mercury is already reacted.

Similarly the aluminum in DTaP is already ionized.

Jim Thompson said...


Thank you for this excellent visual demonstration of the ferocious toxic effect of a heavy metal like mercury,

In this case mercury destroys an aluminum I-beam.

The mercury metal atom has an atomic weight of 80 and the aluminum metal atom has an atomic weight of 13.


The mercury atoms are attracting electrons from the aluminum atoms. The aluminum atom to atom electron sharing (bonding) is then destroyed. The aluminum atoms and the mercury atoms share electrons (bonding) and the I-beam structure loses its structural integrity.

Now in the human body, mercury’s ionized state (organic form of mercury as thimerosal) is altered by the liver and kidneys and then moves through the blood stream and comes into contact with cells. It then attracts electrons from hydrocarbon structures of these cells and alters or destroys those hydrocarbon structures, with results that include the death of neurons and the alteration of DNA.

This also raises a more complex question regarding the destructive combination (synergism) of both of these two metals, mercury and aluminum, in the body.

Jim Thompson said...

Here is a transcript of recent testimony submitted to Congress regarding mercury dental amalgams:

“During the hearing, testimony showed that dental offices are the largest polluter of mercury to municipal wastewater treatment plants, contributing 40% or more of the load.”

Testimony to the U.S. House Domestic Policy Subcommittee of the Oversight Committee on Government Operations and Reform Hearing on: “Assessing EPA’s Efforts to Measure and Reduce Mercury Pollution from Dentist Offices” Presented by: John Reindl On behalf of
by Michael Bender, Director Mercury Policy Project/Tides Center , May 26, 2010.

www.mercurypolicy.org and