June 11, 2010

CNN: Report: Swine flu could cause up to 90,000 U.S. deaths

... August 24, 2009

"WASHINGTON (CNN) -- The H1N1 flu virus could cause up to 90,000 U.S. deaths, mainly among children and young adults, if it resurges this fall as expected, according to a report released Monday by a presidential advisory panel.

The report urges speedier production of the H1N1 vaccine and the availability of some doses by September..."

Remember this bologna? I thought I would post it again now that the school year is through, and we have seen what kind of garbage/vaccine sales tools are put out by the President's Council of Advisors on Science and Technology.

Do you know how many people died in Maine from the H1N1 virus? 19.

Well sure the death rate in Maine was practically nill... it is a rural state... but what about a place like California, the most populous state in the nation? 579.

Virginia 37
Iowa 41
New Mexico 58
Illinois 111

Are we at 90,000 yet? Are we even approaching that 36,000 deaths per year that CDC claims die from the flu during a typical season?

Let's go ahead and skip to the grand total of all deaths in the US:

Laboratory Confirmed Influenza-Associated Deaths
(all types of flu and pneumonia)
from August 30 2009 to April 3, 2010



Holdren was off by 98%

(Begs the question... what if you threw a pandemic, and nobody came?)

How exactly does President's Council of Advisors on Science and Technology show their faces in public? Why does co-chair John "sterilants in the drinking water" Holdren still have a job?

Estimates range that between four and eight billion dollars was spent on this "pandemic" just in the US. Only a quarter of the population took the shot, and more than 70 million doses are being thrown away (that is mercury.. toxic waste.. hazmat material).

If we were not living in bazzaro world, the media would be raving about the billions wasted, the public would be screaming for hearings and investigations and jail time for fraud, and Barack Obama would have fired all these people and apologized to the American public for this colossal disaster and fear campaign. But apparently Holdren has put quaaludes in the drinking water.

But the really exciting question is... HOW CAN WE MAKE SURE THAT WE GET THE H1N1 STRAIN EVERY YEAR! How awesome is it that CDC reports 36,000 deaths every year and we had less than a tenth of that this year! Why is CDC not partying in the street!? We have found the safest flu ever!!!



Minority said...

Do you suppose...

that the 36,000 number is just a made up number for the purposes of scaremongering?

And that real deaths from the flu are around 2 or 3 thousand a year, at worst?

And that the swine flu scare was shot down by the habitual flu scaremongering campaigns.

Sorry, but this is verrry funny.

Ginger Taylor said...

Yes Minority... I do supposed those things.

I think that we have this fake pandemic to thank for getting actual lab tested numbers of flu deaths. The CDC claims 36,000 every year, no mater what. I think they just pull that number out of a My Little Pony.

And re: reports of children's flu deaths change according to the sales needs of the CDC... from a post last fall:
CDC reports that approximately 100 children die of the flu every year.

It was reported by the panel that 40-50 children die of flu per year, and that the 86 that have died from H1N1 this far had vastly exceeded that number. I told the panel that my understanding was that the number was 100 per year, and that we had not yet exceeded that. I had gotten that number from this CDC video that was posted a year ago on their You Tube Channel (50 seconds in Dr. Jeanne Santoli states that about 100 children die of influenza every year).


They have either doubled the real number, or cut it in half, presumably to encourage vaccination.

So my question is... was CDC inflating the number of children who die per year from the flu last year to scare parents into getting the seasonal flu vaccine OR are they deflating number of children who die per year from the flu this year to scare parents into getting the H1N1 vaccine?

[Update: CDC has reported that pediatric flu deaths have ranged between 46 and 153 over the last six years. CDC has apparently chosen the lowest year of pediatric flu deaths to use as their "average" to make this years flu deaths seem like they are twice the 'average'.

How many children have died from flu-associated complications during previous flu seasons?

* During the 2003-04 season, 153 flu-associated deaths in children were reported to CDC. (This data was collected by CDC.)
* During the 2004-05 season, 47 deaths in children were reported to CDC. (This is the first year that influenza mortality in children became a nationally reportable condition.)
* During the 2005-06 season, 46 deaths in children were reported to CDC.
* During the 2006-07 season, 76 deaths in children were reported to CDC.
* As of June 14, 2008, 83 deaths in children occurring during the 2007-08 season have been reported to CDC.

(Note: The counts above are of flu-associated deaths among children according to the flu season the deaths occur, not when they are reported to CDC.)

Cara said...

Ginger, My niece was unfortunately one of the unlucky ones who died from complications of H1N1 over the Christmas holiday. She was only 26 and lived in Nevada. Her death, however, was largely due to medical negligience. They did not test her right away and sent her home with drugs, only three days before being rushed back to the same hospital because she couldn't breathe. It was all very sad ... she left 2 small children (4 and 7yrs old). Although I was against the H1N1 scare from the beginning and refused shots for my family (I have an 8 yr old autistic daughter) this 'up-close' experience made me realize the flu can easily kill if correct measures are not taken (preventive as well as treatment). I am still angry with what shoddy care the hospital gave her. Perhaps the number of H1N1 deaths would have been even lower had hospitals done their due diligence instead of negligience!

Ginger Taylor said...


I am truly sorry for your loss. My post is quite pejorative, and I am sure that is no picnic for you to read after having lost her to the disease.

Sorry for the sarcasm.

I have been frustrated in reading that there was a growing body of information on the role of vitamin D depletion in flu deaths, and my own health department's deafness at please to include this information in notices about how to prevent infection, serious complication and deaths.

Early reports of H1N1 deaths were in people with pre existing health problems, and one doctor noted that all the health conditions listed were all associated with lack of adequate Vitamin D, which is a powerful immune system regulator. It may even out perform vaccines in preventing flu.

I went back and forth with my state public health director and begged her to at least make the vitamin D3 information available along side flu shot recommendations in public service announcements, as we live in the northern most state in the Union besides Alaska, and making sure our population is not vitamin D deficient would not only prevent flu deaths, but a whole array of diseases from infected paper cuts to cancer.

If vitamin D level testing was a part of regular check ups, how much disease might be prevented just by making sure people have enough of what their immune system needs to function correctly? It is a 10 dollar bottle of vitamins from the grocery store for peets sake, and very, very hard to OD on.

Every time I hear about a flu death, I want to ask... "did they have any other health issues? Know if they were D deficient?" Because if we know who is at risk for dying... just as if we knew who was at risk for vaccine injury...

But as your niece experienced, the medical industry is a blunt instrument and is more machine than healing agent. It is a one size fits all paradigm. There is a lot of arrogance there.

We had a friend five years ago who died from meningitis after his second trip to the ER. He had tattoos so they assumed that he was feigning illness to get drugs and sent him home. When he went back, it was too late. He was in his twenty's and newly married.

I don't have a lot of faith in industrial medicine. It has done us quite wrong too. I have been preaching individualized medicine, really taking time to evaluate the patient in front of you to see what is going on with them and only them, instead of treating them according to what is believed to happen in "most people".

Docs look at a patient and say, "well in most patients it is ____X____", and then treat for _____X_____. I want to say... "Well most patients are not here in your office, this specific patient is... find out what is going on in this specific person and treat it". Sounds like both your niece and my son were victims of that (cost cutting) thinking.

But again... I am sorry if my tone about this public health mess was hurtful. The ugly thing about "public health" is that it is cold and hard and deals with numbers instead of human beings. My best to your family and the little ones who certainly must miss their mother.

Cara said...

Ginger, I wasn't offended in any way. I am always encouraged by your well researched analysis of what a joke our medical establishment has become, esp in regards to autism. My niece definitely had some underlying pre-conditions (moderate obesity, boyfriend that smoked, probably very deficient in D3, poor diet)that made things worse for her ... but, I feel she could have certainly pulled through it if she had better and appropriate care. I suggested intraveneous Vit C and the ECMO machine to my sister-in-law but the doctors and hospital were not buying any of it (I had found that the Vit C had totally restored an Australian man who was on the brink of death just like my niece). I'm totally with you on D3 ... I had to ask for it when I had my daughter go through Fragile X and chromosomal abnormality testing a few months ago, which all resulted in negative in causing her autism (can't be the toxins or number of vaccines now can it?? Has to be 100% genetic.).
I wanted to ask you if you had any thoughts about homeopathic treatment for autism. I am going to pursue that path, for one, because I can't afford biomed, and two, I heard biomed is not as effective with the older kiddos ( my daughter is a mod to high functioning 8 yr old). Anyways, I'm looking at Amy Lansky's Impossible Cure and looking for a Classical Homeopath that has a good track record in treating autism.
God bless you and your child and thank you so much for all you do to expose the darkness and corruption in the medical/pharmaceutical industry in defense of our kids and the families who have to endure so much! ~ Cara

Ginger Taylor said...


I don't really know much about Homeopathy. I have some friends who practice it, one friend who recovered her child with it, another who saw "some big wow's" with it, and my chiropractor raised his five unvaccinated son's on it and he has the healthiest family I have ever seen. I probably should have at least gained a basic understanding of it by now, as more and more people are using it.

Send me your email address. I will get you into touch with two friends who practice it, both of whom I really respect. I am sure they can offer you some good direction.

Cara said...

Ginger, Thank you very much. I really appreciate your help. Email: curly1invista@hotmail.com
Check out "Homeopathy for Autism" on facebook.
God bless! ~ Cara