August 15, 2008

Round Up: Too Much To List

So, So many important stories out there and I have not been around to follow up on them, or even my own stories.  Chandler has taken to eating dirt so his lead level has shot through the roof, and our kitty got hit by a car and has a broken pelvis.  It has been a tough week at chez Taylor.

Here are some of the things I have missed:
  • David Kirby follows up on Rene Jenkins 3% and shares with us the Military's 2% stats for serious vaccine injury.  Digg it.
  • Dan Olmsted on the 1979 Wyeth Memo.  Their reaction to the cluster of "SIDS" deaths in TN connected to their vaccine?  Stop shipping so many doses from the same lot to the same place, so health officials can't detect 'hot lots' that kill children.  Tantamount to an admission that Wyeth has known for 30 years that SIDS is a vaccine reaction.
  • Margaret Dunkle proposes an action plan in the AJC in response to the Hannah Poling case.
  • Chicago Tribune brings us more doubts on the safety and efficacy of Gardasil.
  • Barbara Loe Fisher on the Gardasil injury reports that NVIC is receiving. 
  • Drowning is the leading cause of death for children with autism. Christopher Connections.
  • AP notes that it is becoming socially acceptable to be intolerant of children with autism.
  • Even the pro-vaxers are counting the days until Julie Gerberding's tenure at (ruining) the CDC is over.  Watch the video.
  • 8 Drugs Doctors Would Never Take.
  • Paula Dorf "Cake" Mascara's primary ingredient is Thimerosal.
  • Claire Daines may play Temple Grandin.  
  • If Jeffrey Deutch's Building Common Ground is not on the list of blogs you read, it should be. 
  • Pray for my son and my kitty cat. 


James said...

I am very sorry to hear about your kitty, I have a cat myself, my wife and I (and son) will keep him/her in our thoughts.

I read the tribune article that you linked on guardasil. I am very interested in how this one turns out, HPV is a problematic virus and if the vaccine is successful it could really drop the rate of not only cervical cancer but al juvenile respiratory papillomatosis, which can be devastating. The article didn't tell me anything I didn't know. we won't know if the vaccine is effective for many years. but it does bring up a good point about the vaccine possibly increasing cervical cancer rates through decreased screening via pap smear, perhaps though a false sense of security. I'm not ready to give up on this one, but there are certainly some very legit concerns.

Anonymous said...


Thank you for illuminating the AAP’s shameless “benefits outweigh the risks” statement.

Looking at your excellent post on Julie Gerberding’s interview on CNN, at, raises the following question.

Is Dr. Renee Jenkins of the AAP suggesting the same unproven theory as the head of the CDC – that “our understanding” is that the “stress” of the vaccine causes a fever which then may cause “Autism- like” symptoms in children predisposed with mitochondrial disorders? Shouldn’t they be concerned that the fever may be the symptom of the injury and not the cause of the injury?

This biased and defensive approach by the AAP and CDC deflects attention from the real question – why aren’t they helping to protect our children by making sure vaccines don’t cause injuries including Autism?

I hope your loved ones recover from this week’s setbacks.

Ginger Taylor said...


There are a whole heck of a lot of questions that CDC/AAP should be interested in, but as you point out, they give these two or three sentence throwaways and then leave the stage with everyone going, "Wait... how rare?! What is the mechanism?! Come back! Then they point and shout, "Hey... isn't that the avian flu over there?" and duck out the exit while everyone has their heads turned.

Makes me crazy.

There is a wise saying, "Out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks", Matthew 12:34. You can tell what is important to people because they spend enormous amounts of time talking about those things.

AAP/CDC's is in preventing communicable diseases, not figuring out the causes and treatments of autism.

Ginger Taylor said...


Being new to this discussion, the other big deal about this article may be lost on you. That it exists at all.

When I started writing four years ago, we got almost no press. No one was listening. One article like this in a major newspaper that actually discussed a vaccine critically was a coup.

That the mainstream media is starting to think critically about vaccines, and not all lumping them together in the "Vaccines good, only do good for people" mindset.

Anonymous said...

I just do not understand how anyone at the AAP and CDC can declare it is ok to harm some in order to help others. And I do not understand why the feedback from families of afflicted children seems to be ignored.

I would hope it is incompetence that led to this inhumanity, although your reference may be more fitting... "Out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks." The Pharisees were control freaks who lost their way spiritually trying to hang on to their power.

Anonymous said...

We lost our granddaughter in 2007 to a tragic drowning. Taylor was seven and had an angelic personality before she left us. She was epileptic, autistic, and was seeing specialists at a children’s hospital for speech and motor skill therapy. She gave goodbye hugs to each of her kindergarten class mates at the end of each day. Born in 1999 she received the full mercury/vaccine regimen. If there is a one in one hundred fifty chance that children will suffer with her disabilities then we urgently need to put honest, competent people in place in the AAP and CDC and FDA to stop it. These kids depend on us. Ginger, keep up the good fight and take care of your family.

Kim Rossi Stagliano said...

sdtech - I'm so sorry.


Lynna Kay said...

I am sorry to hear about the kitty cat. And very sorry to hear about your son's lead levels. I will pray.

Anonymous said...


Thank you.

Casdok said...

So sorry to hear about your cat. Hope Chandler gets bored with dirt soon.

Ginger Taylor said...


I am so sorry to hear about Taylor. It is so horrible to loose such a precious little one.

We got just a little taste of that misery in May. One of Chandler's classmates, Ashley Brock, drowned in the pool next door.

We have become close with the Brocks since then and seeing what they have had to go through, both loosing her and the multiple insults that have been added to their injury since then, has motivated us to fight harder for these kids.

Ashley was one of the children in the vaccine court pipline. She was injured by a flu shot her mom got in pregnancy then two more times before her autistic regression.

Ashely never should have died, and she never should have had autism in the first place.

Wait.... are you the man who had the Taylor Haug t-shirt on at the rally in June?? I have your picture second to last in my pictures from that day.

What a sweet girl. I am so sorry you only had her in your life for such a short time.

I am so exhausted and angry about our kids being treated as throw aways.

Anonymous said...


I can't tell you how many similarities I see between Taylor and Ashley - from their passion for love and life and family to their abilities to have made such a profound connection to their teachers and classmates. Yes that is Taylor's photo at the rally. Please let Ashley's parents know that I am so sorry for their loss. I appreciate the amazing commitments they made and I care about their suffering as I do for our children. What great parents. Thank you for sharing your tribute to this beautiful little girl.