August 29, 2008

Vice President Sarah Palin, Mother of a Beautiful Boy with Downs Syndrome

I LOVE the sound of that.

John McCain has just chosen the mother of a child with Downs Syndrome as his running mate. Trigs mom, Sarah Palin.

This gives me hope.


Jeff Deutsch said...


Amen to that!

Incidentally, one thing that strikes me is that disabled children tend to be the youngest in their families. That alone speaks volumes about the costs of raising a disabled child.

Jeff Deutsch

Ginger Taylor said...


There is actually a term for that. It is called "stoppage". Having a disabled child kicks your ass and you are done.


Anonymous said...


Paul Offit hyped his new book and gave out more misinformation today on National Public Radio. See the NPR Science Friday site for today at http://www.sciencefriday.
I emailed Ira Flatow to allow scientists on the other side of the issue to be on another broadcast but he sounded really biased and closed minded on the broadcast.

The young woman on the other side was courageous and a did a great job responding to the arrogance and misinformation. She displayed honesty and integrity. A good role model for the other two.

Mark said...

many downs kids benefit from gf/cf diet.

K Fuller said...

If I am unlucky enough to see a copy of Offits book anywhere, I plan to turn it around on the shelf.

d said...
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Ginger Taylor said...

Well since we do not know how their household runs, I think that we should with hold judgment on that issue.

My husband and I have switched off primary care provider roles according to which one had work. They may be doing the same.

d said...
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Jim said...

The comments on the AoA story on Palin are interesting.

will gordon said...

You guys have never met her, or even heard of her until Friday morning. Sarah Palin has 5 kids, not just one down symdrome baby. She has a 90 percent approval rating in her state. Jesus doesn't even have a 90 percent approval rating. She's done a lot of good for the state. She's not a bad mom, you can't say that, you've never met one her kids. Delia, didn't your mom ever tell you to reserve judgement? maybe it's you with the bad mom

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