August 4, 2008

AAP, ECBT, Offit and Peet Hold A Press Conference to Tell You To Vaccinate

You have to admit, they have balls.

A week after having CBS hold the spot light on their conflict of interest and all the cash they get from vaccine manufacturers, AAP, Every Child By Two and Paul Offit will hold a press conference together, along with Amanda "Parasites" Peet, to tell everyone "The Facts About Vaccination®" and to kick off their "Vaccinate your Baby" campaign.

I guess they have decided that the best defense is a good offense, rather than simply responding to CBS and addressing their credibility problems.

I am reminded of Ken Lay's assertions that Enron was just dandy when the press started asking questions after Jeff Skilling took his money and ran.  August 24th 2001, two months before the stock hit the fan:

Business Week: "There has been some concern among investors that perhaps there is more to his resignation than meets the eye, perhaps accounting or other issues that have yet to come to light. Is there anything more?"

Ken Lay:
"There are absolutely no problems that had anything to do with Jeff's departure. There are no accounting issues, no trading issues, no reserve issues, no previously unknown problem issues. The company is probably in the strongest and best shape that it has ever been in."
JB Handley has unearthed more info on Every Child By Two, turns out half their income is from Pharma.

Jenny McCarthy has sent a shout out to all available hands that can get into NYC tomorrow to picket and get our mesage out.

I will go ahead and repost the CBS piece from last week to remind us that what is on tap for tomorrow is merely a commercial brought to you by the good folks who sell vaccines:

And a blast from the past so that you may remember the bravado and seduction that was Enron, when in their last days they promised that they could protect you from the weather:

The lesson?  If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

If someone promises you that your child can be free of all diseases, down to the common flu, with no side effects... buyer beware.


The press release mentions that the mother of a child with autism will be there.  Apparently it will be Ann Hotez whose husband Peter Hotez is a vaccine researcher and President of the Sabin Vaccine Institute.   So it looks like Amanda Peet will be the only one there not getting a check from Vaccine Inc.


Anonymous said...

The AAP, Rosalynn Carter and Betty Bumpers with "Every Child By Two", and Paul Offit - since they all get funding from the pharmaceuticals then they should declare their conflict of interest.

Here is a sample of some grossly biased and false messages that they still get by with. I found this posted as a "vaccine myth" link on the South Dakota Dept. of Health Department website at

"Has thimerosal contained in vaccines ever been shown to harm children?
No. Studies have never shown that mercury at the level contained in vaccines causes neurological problems."

"If thimerosal has never been found to harm children, why are vaccine makers now making vaccines that don't use thimerosal as a preservative?
Thimerosal is being taken out of vaccines for two reasons. First, single-dose vials have largely replaced multidose vials in the United States. Therefore, the risk of contamination with bacteria or fungi is much lower. Second, other preservatives that don't contain any mercury can be used in some vaccines. So the main reason that thimerosal is being taken out of vaccines is that it can be. Thimerosal (as a preservative) is absent from all vaccines routinely given to children in the United States.
Editor's Note: The following information is reprinted from Chapter 15 Common Concerns about Vaccines, p. 92-115, from the book Vaccines: What You Should Know, third edition, by Paul A. Offit, MD, and Louis M. Bell, MD, ©2003"

Anonymous said...

Look at

What is not said is horrendous - that no studies have shown Thimerosal to be safe in babies' bloodstreams. With what is now known Paul Offit's book is still promoted for $14.95. Where is this man's conscience? For part of our population of children this is possibly a neurological version of thalidomide!

Anonymous said...