August 11, 2008

No Child By Two

One of the options for an alternate vaccine schedule is to wait and not begin vaccination until a child is two years old and has a mature immune system.

Dan Olmsted has a great column today on implementing a No Child By Two vaccine policy.

I think it is a great idea.

I have a friend who is taking her two month in to see the doc today and wanted advice on vaccinating.  My advice, as always, figure out what is the biggest threat to the child and work on preventing that.  There were Mumps in Maine last year, so I called CDC to see if that was still going around.  Nope... last case was in February.

So if there is no immediate viral threat to the baby, and the baby has a 1 in 150 chance of a serious neurological disorder, which vaccines are known to cause among other things, why not wait?


James said...

I see this 1 in 150 figure thrown out alot, I was wondering where it comes from.

Ginger Taylor said...

1 in 150 is CDC's prevalence for ASD.

However the Department of Defense reports that the rate is 1 in 88 for military dependents and there is one study that came out 1 in 67.

So it is a least 1 in 150 but that number is a few years old.

Lemme know if you want references.