August 1, 2008 Lists "Autism" as Known Adverse Reaction to DTaP Vaccine Tripedia

In's "A to Z Drug Facts" section the entry on Diphtheria / Tetanus Toxoids / Acellular Pertussis Vaccine contains the following Central Nervous System Adverse reactions for Sanofi Pasteur's Tripedia:

Drowsiness (29%); irritability (25%); anorexia (10%); fussiness (6%); autism, convulsion, encephalopathy, grand mal convulsion, hypotonia, neuropathy, somnolence (postmarketing)."

Hats off to for actually providing informed consent to consumers. To my knowledge they are the first to do it.

HT: Allison Chapman


mommy~dearest said...

Interesting. I'm going to check it out right now. Thanks for posting!

K Fuller said...

Why are there no percentages listed for all of the side effects?
Do they know how many children suffer Autism because of this vaccine?

Ginger Taylor said...

To get that information they would have to have actually carried out studies on the rate of autism in those vaccinated with the vaccine and compare to those who don't get vaccinated. They won't do that.

There is currently a bill in congress, introduced by Carolyn Maloney of NYC to force CDC to do such studies.

They won't do it because they already know that the outcome is not going to be good for them.

Anonymous said...

okee thanks im goin to check it

Anonymous said...

I would say a highly qualified "hats off" to the vaccine manufacturer. When you perform a search for "Tripedia" on the site you get several options for Tripedia descriptions. The ones labeled "consumer information" do not include autism as an adverse reaction. Only the selection marked "for professionals" contains autism as an adverse reaction. I haven't seen the updated package insert. Once again, there is a huge information gap betweenn the risk disclosure provided to consumers and those provided to healthcare professionals. Good catch nevertheless! And progress of a sort.

Anonymous said...

Upon further resaerch I see that the autism reference was indeed included in the 2005 Tripedia package insert. Of course it is couched in terms that state no causal relationship has been established. Still surprising to see it there.

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