August 1, 2005

Mercury Fillings

So I have not even touched on this yet, but I will get there eventually. I am pretty sure that my fillings played a role in Chandler's Hg contamination as I have a ton of them, and one of them is 'not right' and needs to be replaced.

Just one more thing I wish I'da known about before I had babies.

Mercury Amalgam Label

This is the label for the material dentists use to form an amalgam (aka. "silver filling"). Keep in mind, they put this in your mouth! (Thanks to Freya Koss for forwarding this to me.)

[ed-Click to read more clearly]

Mercury Amalgam Label

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Anonymous said...

Disgusting! When will the dental establishment enter the 21st Century and stop putting mercury in the human body. Unfortunately, the same can be said of the medical establishment in general....