August 22, 2005

Common Ground

Good words from Wade at Injecting Sense:

As parents, we know that our autistic children are capable of far more emotion than stereotypes portray. I know the gut-wrenching experience of seeing “typical” kids ignore my son, or, worse yet, seeing idiotic adults assume my son is mentally retarded. Members of the neurodiversity community know that same pain, but they seem to feel it is caused as often by the actions or words of anti-thimerosal/biomedical advocates as much as it is by unfeeling members of the general public. It is incumbent on all of us to learn why they feel that way, and perhaps look at ourselves.

Read the whole thing.

The discussion in the comments section IMHO is what the discussion between the neurodiversity community and the biomed community should be like. Hat's off to Wade for creating such a safe place for people who clash to often to be transparent with each other.

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