August 27, 2005

Different Types of IV EDTA Chelation

I didn't even know that IV chelation existed until a few weeks ago, so I have little to offer to the conversation. I will try to post any information I find on it and how it differest from oral chelation. I wanted to post this letter from a doctor who advocates IV EDTA chelation to his colleagues, as it offers some ideas on specifically what may have happened in PA.

Dear Health Care Professionals:

You may soon read and hear the kind of hysteria and negative press that I expected to see, but it will get FAR WORSE before it gets better. As of this moment, I can only assume that there must have been a substantial deviation from the standard procedures that I, and all of you, have established for the safe administration of Calcium EDTA. As incredible as it may seem to those of you belonging to this discussion group, the possibility exists that the child was treated with Disodium EDTA administered by IV Push. I am forced to consider this unfortunate explanation unless there was some major undiagnosed illness in the child that no one suspected, such as a major heart defect or perhaps an aneurism that ruptured at the exact time the patient was receiving the IV Push of Calcium EDTA. However, the autopsy has been completed and the results were inconclusive so that they have ordered additional tests, which may take up to 5 months to complete.

This means that there is no obvious explanation for the death of this child. My fear is that if someone who is not knowledgeable in chelation and has not learned that this is complex chemistry assumes, for example, that all that they have to do to provide magnesium EDTA or Calcium EDTA is just add either magnesium or calcium to a syringe containing Disodium EDTA.

We could have a serious problem because Disodium EDTA has a black box warning about rapid administration to children and simply adding something like Calcium or Magnesium does not fully convert Disodium EDTA to Calcium EDTA. Then there is also a problem with discomfort, if you tried to give yourself an IV push of diluted Disodium EDTA the pain could be extreme so you might wind up increasing the dose of Lidocaine and again we can get into problems with the heart if too much of a "caine" if given intravenously.

So let's look at the big picture, there are NO DEATHS occurring when EDTA, either calcium or Disodium are PROPERLY administered. Now the media will try to make chelation out to be fraudulent and the tests that we do to measure lead etc as being meaningless. Amazingly they will bring out Quack buster Barrett who with a little more effort we may be able to one day put behind bars for his lies and incompetence.

Thus I have to conclude some error in rate of administration, dosage, method of preparation probably occurred; in fact, I now believe this is most likely rather than administering the correct drug, Calcium EDTA, intravenously, which even in children is safe and effective.

Doctors who have been providing this treatment to children can hardly stop talking about the remarkable successes they have been witnessing with children responding far more rapidly than we could ever do with just the oral Calcium EDTA that I have been advocating for so long.

We know that worldwide sales of all forms of EDTA have been steadily increasing and that based on logical calculations it appears that well over 10 million patients have been safely treated with either Calcium or Disodium EDTA over the past 32+ years without a single documented fatality, as long as the established protocols were followed. All the evidence to date that EDTA is perhaps the safest therapy offered in medicine, outside of placebos.

To my knowledge, EDTA has been safely administered for nearly 50 years with the only deaths occurring in the beginning, with terminal cancer patients suffering uncontrolled hypercalcemia where inappropriate doses of Disodium EDTA were administered by rapid infusion to patients with known compromised renal status.

With the extensive proof now existing that everyone today has nearly 1000 times too much lead in their bones and Harvard publishing that this bone lead will compromise vision there can be no argument that we all have some heavy metal toxicity. Then once we conclude that government cannot stop the mercury, cadmium, lead etc from going in the air, and thus into everyone anywhere on earth, then it becomes a matter of personal choice, live with these heavy metals or remove them. Oral chelation is clearly necessary since bone lead will take 10 years to turn over for the average adult, but some of us want results NOW. Nothing is as effective as the 147 fold increase in lead excretion over base line that IV Calcium EDTA, PROPERLY FORMULATED, was documented to induce by Doctors Data with the help of Dr Whitaker's staff.

Thus I must extend my sympathy to the family of the deceased 5-year-old boy from Nigeria whose brave mother came to the Pittsburgh area from the United Kingdom to seek treatment for her autistic child. She was seeing clear improvements in her son. This was the third infusion he had received. He apparently had a cardiac arrest and was unable to be resuscitated immediately following this third infusion of what I fear was not Calcium EDTA, which is the ONLY form of EDTA that I have advocated for the exciting rapid infusion technique.

I hope those who have experience with it in their practice are NOT GOING TO STOP USING it that you have the "rest of the story", as best as we can establish it at this time. Please understand that the involved doctors cannot be expected to admit anything on advice of their attorneys. I have only checked to see if they have ever purchased Calcium EDTA and found the answer was ?no??. leading me to compose this email in an attempt to diminish the harm that the media will do to everyone who otherwise could have been receiving oral and or IV chelation and will now be afraid.

This email may be copied and handed to your patients in an effort to meet the need for a fully informed consent.

Garry F. Gordon MD, DO, MD(H)


Anonymous said...

Dr Gordon says that he sold *only* disodium EDTA to the "involved doctors", which would be Dr. Kerry and... maybe Dr. Usman?

Disodium EDTA given 'IV push", besides causing great pain, is an effective way to kill a child, you can see that that is what Dr. Gordon is saying, can't you?

Not that Dr. Gordon or anyone wanted to kill Abubakar, but they weren't anywhere near smart enough to be using chelation if they didn't know that fact.

Dr. Kerry was not trained as a hematologist or toxicologist or anything like that, he's an Otolarygnologist. Why was he "in" autism.

Oh, for the money.

You seem to be trying to excuse these people from their responsibility, Ginger.

Please, please stop doing that.

Ginger Taylor said...


I posted this as it thought shed some light on IV EDTA chelation, the different types, and what may have gone wrong.

I made no comment on it one way or the other because, as I have said, I don't do IV chelation and don't know anything about it.

Is there something that I wrote that gave you the impression that I am trying to excuse someone from something?

Anonymous said...

I have sever cad as verified by two angiograms and one CT 64 scan. I have had 35 EDTA treatments in the past 2 1/2 month there is no change to my condition or symptoms. I plan to have 90 treatments total at which I will have another CT scan. I believe the treaments are not effective and a waste of money and time. As far as Stephen Barret his work is needed to keep people from publishing false and misleading claims. My suggestion to anyone considering EDTA treatment is to verify that they have a condition that would warrant this type of treatment. It is shame that there are people that prey on others suffuring. Steve Swall