August 29, 2005

Dr. Buttar's Comments on IV Chelation and Abubakar

Dr. Rashid Buttar is one of the most vocal proponents of chelation therapy for autism and Pat Sullivan is a software mogul turned health advocate after his bought of mercury poisoning from dental amalgams. Pat, with the doctor's permission, has made public some private emails between the two on his blog. The emails were both before and after the death of Abubakar.

A must read for any one in the discussion.

I do not know this Dr. Kerry. However, Dr. Usman, one of my trainees had started this child on our TD-DMPS over a year ago and the child had done tremendously well. The mom had actually sent me an email thanking me for developing the protocol about 8 months ago since her son had responded so dramatically well to the treatment.
Read all of it here.


Anonymous said...

I have 2 sons who r autistic.they r 14 yrs &15yrs old.we tried so many interventions.but with very limited do we know if our children need chelation there any indications.and how long the therapy will be for. please advice us.

Ginger Taylor said...

Sorry for the delay in answering.

Because your sons are older, usually results are not as dramatic as they are with younger children, but my understanding is that even older kids show improvement.

Chelation therapy is done under the supervision of a DAN! doctor. They will first do a urine test to see if either of the boys have metals that need to be cleaned out of their system.

Chelation can take months or years. It depends on the child.

Many of these children lack the proper amino acids to detox metals out of their system normally the way your or I do. Because of that, they may need to be on some form of chelation long term, even if it is glutathione, which is the human body's natural chelating agent (which these kids do not produce enough of) which can be bought in any health food store.

I would encourage you to find a DAN doctor that chelates and have your boys evaluated to see if they are candidates.

The list of doctors can be found at: