May 30, 2012

Stop What You Are Doing And Watch This Video: Jeffrey Smith on GMOs and Autism

Four years ago I watched The World According to Monsanto, and was horrified to learn that I had been feeding my children poison.  We had switched Chandler to a SCD diet the year before, and saw dramatic improvement in his behavior, language, happiness, relationships, and his puffy belly went flat.  Check out my posts on his gains from the spring of 2007:

I wondered if his healing was not just because I had been giving him only simple sugars, but also because this diet was now organic, and he was not getting GMOs any more.

I wrote about it in post entitled, Monsanto GMOs: My Questions about Monsanto's GMOs and Autism.  I got a response from Árpád Pusztai, one of the worlds experts on Lectins who got Wakefielded when he discovered that gm foods caused autoimmunity, GI problems and acted as an adjuvant in lab rats.  He said, yes, it was plausiblethat GMOs could be facilitating some of the damage we see in our kids with an "autism" diagnosis.

Now THE master of the GMO fight, Jeffrey Smith is confirming that it is likely part of the assault on our kids is by Monsanto and her sister witches.  He gave an amazing presentation at Autism One, and if there is only one speech you watch from that conference, it should be this one.  This is the speech he gave there.  And this is not just for those with autism.  Everyone with a mouth should watch this.

Watch it!

Read his full discussion on the topic here:


J Bishop said...

I've also wondered how often the foods used in vaccine production are GM?

Mrs. Ed said...

Very interesting. I've been meaning to read his books. Thanks for posting this

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