May 25, 2007


So I am at Autism One and I am no longer at Autism One.

I am a thousand miles away back in Maine.

Scott just called me and said, “Are you holding on to your pants?” Then he told me the best thing I ever heard ever.

He took Chandler to pick up his older brother from school. Scott was standing the lobby holding Chandler when the guidance counselor walked by. She knows our family and knows that Chandler is autistic and will be coming to school next year, but had not met him yet and did not know the severity of his disability.

She stopped to say hello, and Scott introduce him. She turned to him and said, “Hello Chandler, how old are you?”

Chandler stuck out his hand with all his fingers spread and said, “Five”.


I am in tears! I am absolutely HIGH right now!


The hits just keep on coming.


I forgot that we upped Chandler's zinc at the beginning of the week. Check this.


-Rhonda said...

Wow, that's great! Congratulations. I check in on your blog ever so often to see what kind of progress Chandler's made. My son is 2, and recently diagnosed with PDD, so I'm just starting on this journey of therapies, biomedical treatments, etc.

Yay for Chandler!!!

Maddy said...

That is truly fabulous. It really is truly 'shocking' when something like that happens, the more it happens the more shocking it gets.
Wishing you a shockingly good weekend.[and thereafter]

Clay said...

Chandler is Edith's age. Edith does the same thing except she doesn't say "five", she says "cinco".

Our kids apparently know more than we think.

Ginger Taylor said...

Thanks so much for celebrating with me guys. It is great to have people who know how much it all means.

I hope we get to keep finding out more of what is in there.

redheadmomma said...

Ginger, I don't usually comment, but I love your blog and I'm a regular lurker. I wanted to say that yes, we know exactly how amazing & special that moment was. :) We are so happy for him. Chandler, and every kiddo with ASD, give us such tremendous gifts, I think the biggest one being that they have the ability to blow us out of the water when we least expect it. And we celebrate the tiniest things that the rest of the world would never get. If that doesn't get us all hopeful, I don't know what will! So happy for you!

Niksmom said...

I am smiling and claping for both you and Chandler. What a wonderful surprise!

Melly said...


Anonymous said...

i know how you feel i am constantly surprised by my son who has autism too. they are like little sponges and soak up far more than we think they do. the difficlty of course is finding out what they know!