May 8, 2008

Monsanto GMOs: Arpad Pusztai Looks at the Potential Link to Autism

After writing my last piece on the questions on the link between GMO's and Autism based on the comments of Dr. Arpad Pusztai in "The World According to Monsanto", I wrote to Dr. Pusztai and asked if he thought the ideas may be plausible ones.

He has not read the post yet, as he is traveling, but after reading the summary of the ideas in my email to him, he thought that the idea that the adjuvant properties of GMO's are setting our kids up for vaccine injury was a plausible one.

Here is his response:

Unfortunately, I have not had the time to read your second bit but I shall do so soon. However, I have found your ideas on the possible adjuvant role of GMOs very convincing.

You know there is quite a bit of evidence that the Cry toxins from Bacillus thuringiensis are strong immune stimulants and also immune adjuvants. Moreover, in GM-peas (not commercially available) even the transgenically expressed bean alpha-amylase inhibitor (not allergenic in beans) becomes an allergen and and immune adjuvant when its gene is transferred to peas.

There is now ample evidence to reinforce our original observation... that one of the unintended and unpredicted consequences of genetic engineering is the inducement of immune changes in the recipients, particularly in their mucosal (gut) immune system.

I shall attach our 2006 scientific review in which you will find more material on this.

So, your idea that in addition to the adjuvants (thiomersal, aluminium, etc) used in vaccines, if the diets contain immune adjuvants originating from GMOs and in receptive individuals, one may reinforce the possibly unwanted immune consequences of vaccination. This may be one too many of the immune changes that contribute to the development of autism in a genetic subset of individuals.

I am sorry that your child may be one these unfortunate individuals. It is possible that you may shut the doors after the horses bolted but I very strongly advise you to keep an eye on your child's diet and avoid GM corn, GM rice, etc at all cost. Although the Americans have difficulties to maintain the GM free status of even organic foodstuffs, please, do your best to cut out all GM from the diet. Write to Ronnie Cummins at OCA ( for advice if you have not done so already.

This is the paper he sent:

Biotechnological, molecular and ecophysiological aspects of nutrition: GMO in animal nutrition: potential benefits and risks

I have not read the paper yet, but will comment further after I have a chance to digest all this.

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