May 26, 2007

"March 11"

Scott called this morning to update me on what is up with Chandler.

Scott was making breakfast and thought he would just ask Chandler a random question. He said, "Chandler, do you know what day your birthday is?"

Chandler replied, "March 11".

Until know we had no way of knowing if he even understood the concept of a birthday. We knew he understood birthday parties have cake and they were damn good things, but that is it.

I told Scott to get out the video camera stat and start getting this stuff on record. Hopefully if I have enough time I can cut something together that shows him before and after the SCD diet.

Incidentally I am here hanging with two moms, both of who tried the SCD diet on their kids with little result, and they tried it for six months and one year, so clearly this diet is not a magic bullet for every child, but it seems as if it is another piece of Chandler's puzzle.


I forgot that we upped Chandler's zinc at the beginning of the week. Check this.

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