February 26, 2011

Mary Holland Discusses Bruesewitz v. Wyeth and Vaccine Epidemic on Fox & Friends


Stan said...

Comes the revolution...

The medical profession & public health talking heads really need to get pulled up short on their claims about vaccines eliminating 90% of the targeted disease, and how the smallpox vaccine eliminated smallpox, etc etc etc. Now that the Supreme Court, in all of its august majesty, has made law, in denying parents access to state civil courts after dutifully jumping through the hoops & still not receiving justice from the federal Vaccine Court - which Barbara Loe Fisher, who 'was there' in the establishment of the NCVIA of 1986, points out was the clear intent of the law - it's, plain and simple, war.

Parents need to besiege their representatives in Congress to take their power of making law back from the Supreme Court's hijacking of their role in the tripartitite, American form of government, and give parents proper recourse to justice in this matter for their children. It's civil disobedience time, big time. No more friendly exchanges on talk show sofas. Let's have major, full-on debates - and direct action, to curl their toes.

Stan said...

Sorry; that's tripartite.

It's also time to take away their power of striking fear into the hearts of parents by saying that if you don't shut up, there will be a massive return of the childhood diseases, and you will be child killers. (a) Let's see what the REAL risks-vs.-benefits are from the various vaccines - including all the autoimmune and neurological conditions seeded by them; and (b) It's not as if the vaccines are the only treatments for the childhood diseases anyway. Allopathic treatments, maybe; but there are any number of naturopathic/alternative treatments for the ch. diseases, that don't have the damnable side effects to them that the vaccines have.

We need to go on the offensive in this matter, and stat. The corporate-government juggernaut is about to win the day. It must be stopped in its tracks.