June 20, 2008

Julie Gerberding Tells Congress That The Verstraeten Study is Junk!

I am stunned.

I can't even think of a snarky comment to write.

My only question is, when is the press release from the CDC retracting Verstraeten coming out?

David Kirby "CDC: Vaccine Study Design "Uninformative and Potentially Misleading"

For those of you who may not understand the significance of this development, Julie Gerberding, the head of the CDC, has just taken down the tent pole arguement in the "vaccines don't cause autism" claim, on her own, with her bare hands.


Pamella Addresses the AAP and All Star Pediatrics about the Gerberding report and their continued disrespect for parents.
The American Academy or Pediatrics in an Awkward Position after CDC Takes Thimerosal Safety Studies Off the Table


Mark said...

is she trying to save herself??

K Fuller said...

Someone out there must know how to get the mainstream media to do more coverage of this admission by the CDC. Pediatricians everywhere should be up in arms that they have been lied to, but then we would all see that many of them do no study on their own. How frightening to know that our childrens health,and adults too for that matter, is being controlled by pharmacy salespeople handing out brochures.

Thing1Thing2Mom said...

Stunned is right. I read Kirby's report at Huffington Post a coule hours ago and it left me going "aaaba, aaaba, aaaba"

I just couldn't believe what I was reading. The enourmity of this is just overwhelmng.

I am wondering if this might be a preimptive move in preperation for the special masters in the Omnibus hearing finding for the plantiffs. I am just speculating as to what might be Girberding's motivator.

Robin Nemeth said...

You're not going to wait for the stinking main stream news media to cover this development. You're going to get out there with your flyers and your tee shirts and your bumper stickers and you're going to, to the best of your ability, give people this information yourself.

Robin Nemeth

K Fuller said...

You are so right I dont wait for the media. Every piece of mail that leaves our house has a label attached saying 1in150 American children are affected by Autism, including our son.
I also have this at the bottom of every email.

Unknown said...

"Pediatricians everywhere should be up in arms that they have been lied to, but then we would all see that many of them do no study on their own"

They don't do their own study because they are stupid enough or maybe just don't have enough time, to consider that they've been lied to. Might they demand a study of their own? But that would take brains, and more importantly, a national leadership of some kind that they just don't have (unless they just all wanted to donate 20 to SafeMinds. But why should the Congress and ACIP listen to yet another study by SafeMinds?) I wonder, might we see the AAP split down the middle over this?

Where are the pediatricians out in the streets calling for the Gerbil's resignation? WHERE ARE THE WHISLE-BLOWERS? ("Where have all the whistle-blowers gone?.. Long time passing..")