June 19, 2008

Ginger Taylor, BS, MS, AM

Recently I was preparing a list of bios in order to introduce a group of researchers to one another, most of whom were autism parents. I listed their credentials and then wrote "Autism Mom" or "Autism Dad" following.

Then it occurred to me that those titles really should be part of their credentials. You certainly learn more in a year of autism parenting than you learn in a year of schooling.

So I am proposing that we start listing our hard earned credentials. Add A.M. or A.D. to the end of your alphabet soup.

You sure as hell have earned it.


Tricia said...

A big hearty AMEN to that!!!

K Fuller said...

That is the best. Sometimes I want to tell people that I have forgotten more about my childs Autism than you will ever know. I stop myself because I dont want them to quit trying!
K Fuller AM