June 24, 2008

Age of Arrogance OR We Are All Going To Die

In Switzerland, the EU and the US Department of Energy have just finished construction on the world’s largest supercollider.

Now generally I believe in the principle that ‘science is fun’, but there is one small potential downside on pressing the start button on this mother. There is a teeny, weenie speck of a chance that… theoretically… it could open up a black hole on the suburbs of Geneva.

World’s Largest Supercollider Could Destroy the Universe – Tech Freep

But don’t panic, because scientists say it “PROBABLY” won’t happen.

When I heard this my mind went back to a sermon I heard from a very bright pastor in Manhattan named Tim Keller who made the point that there are many things that you can be wrong about, that won’t cause that big of a problem. But that there are a few things that are so important, the consequences of which are so dire, that you can’t just THINK they aren't true, you have to KNOW that they aren't true.

Examples of such dangerous assumptions might be that God does not exist, that vaccines don’t cause life long neurological impairments in children, and that your science experiment will not open up a black hole on the surface of the earth and suck in the planet, the sun and the rest of the solar system just like in Poltergeist when the whole house got sucked into the closet.

What do black holes have to do directly with autism? Nothing that I know of. Although I would not be surprised to hear that Autism Speaks is considering funding a study to see if there is a relationship between black holes and autism under their ABV* program. (*Anything But Vaccines)

I raise the topic for two reasons.

One, to point out what arrogant SOBs we really are.

Two, as a public service announcement on the off chance that on some sunny day this summer you find yourself suddenly flying through the air in the general direction of Europe, so that you will know what is happening and be able to take a moment to decide that you are completely right on your position on the God question, and to forgive those who were wrong about the vaccine and the black hole questions.

But don’t worry. It probably won’t happen.


Lisa Jo Rudy said...

OMG, you absolutely cracked me up with this one (and my husband too). Being science fiction geeks, we are (natch) absolutely certain that space aliens will soon make their presnce known... on the subject of vaccines, though - that's a whole lot less certain!

Lisa (autism.about.com)

Mark said...

I'm sure we will be fine !!, our parents survive the first nuclear tests, apparently they weren't sure if the atmosphere would catch fire.

Anonymous said...


I was laughing... and then I wasn't.. which made me laugh again (in a nervous way).

Love this post. I'm off to send the link to everyone I know! :-)


Anonymous said...

At least they didn't build it in St. Louis.


Ginger Taylor said...

Thanks Brett.

Now I have to worry about black holes AND electricity devouring aliens.

Like energy prices weren't high enough already!

amanda said...

Genuis. I hope you don't mind that I just mentioned this post on my blog....

Anonymous said...


Love the look and especially loved this piece!

You are too funny ;-)


AutismNewsBeat said...

Brilliant satire! People who actually have an understanding of physics may marvel at your total cluelessness, but I get the joke.

Anonymous said...

"that vaccines don’t cause life long neurological impairments in children,"

Show me the evidence!

Thimerosal, the mercury containing component that has been erroneously linked to autism, has been phased out of production, and has been found only in trace amounts in vaccines since 2001. If thimerosal is to blame for the autism epidemic, why is are the diagnosis rates for autism still continuing to explode?

The thimerosal-autism link makes no sense.

Ginger Taylor said...

You may find the evidence here:

No Evidence of Any Link

Also of interest:

Julie Gerberding Admits on CNN that Vaccines can Trigger Autism

And be sure to read the Department of Health and Human Services description of Vaccine induced encepalopathy, the symptoms of which describe a child with autism.

There is lots more. If you need more after digesting this stuff, let me know.