June 14, 2008

Two More Gardasil Deaths Bring The Total To Five

"Two Less" - Egran03

From Natural News:

Two More Girls Die After Receiving Gardasil Cervical Cancer Vaccination
by David Gutierrez

(NaturalNews) The European Medicines Agency (EMEA) has reported that
two young women died shortly after receiving Merck's Gardasil, a
vaccine against several varieties of human papillomavirus (HPV).

Gardasil and Glaxo SmithKline's Cervarix protect against the two
strains of HPV that are responsible for 70 percent of cervical cancer
cases. Gardasil also protects against two HPV strains that cause 90
percent of genital warts.

The EMEA did not release the names or ages of the women who died, and
said the cause of death was still unknown. It described their deaths
as "sudden and unexpected."

"In both cases, the cause of death could not be identified. No causal
relationship has been established between the deaths of the young
women and the administration of Gardasil," the agency said.

The recent deaths mark the fourth and fifth to occur shortly following
vaccination with Gardasil and the first in Europe. Previously, three
young women, aged 12, 19 and 22, died in the United States within days
after receiving a Gardasil shot. In addition, 1,700 cases have been
reported of patients suffering non-lethal adverse reactions.

Health officials believe that adverse effects of medication are widely

Starting in September, the United Kingdom's Department of Health is
launching a yearlong campaign to vaccinate British girls between the
ages of 11 and 13 with one of the HPV vaccines. The program is
expected to prevent 1,000 cervical cancer deaths per year, the
department says.

In response to the EMEA's announcement, the Department of Health said
it had no plans to reconsider the program or change its advice on
vaccination against HPV.

An estimated 1.5 million people in Europe have already received an HPV

In the United States, three states have passed laws mandating HPV
vaccines for school-age girls, and 38 others have considered similar laws.

Mandatory vaccination has been opposed by the American College of
Pediatrics and the New England Journal of Medicine.


Autism News Beat said...

Wouldn't chance alone guarantee that some deaths will occur "soon after" vaccination? Correlation, as you know, is not the same as causation.

Ginger Taylor said...


But wouldn't common sense tell us that if no other cause of the sudden and expected deaths can be found and that a brand spanking new vaccine with not to long a track record was administered just before hand give tell us that the vaccine was very likely the cause?

Chemical compounds injected into people should be guilty until proven innocent.

Because all the medical authorities have to do to keep from indicting vaccines in people's health disasters is just not look hard enough.

Unknown said...

As for correlation, this is possible. Only time (and thorough investigation, both epidemiological and theoretical/immunological) will be able to answer the question more fully.

Anonymous said...

I cannot believe they are forcing a vaccine against cancer?

Anyone see I am Legend...whole population goes bye bye due to cancer vaccine...

This just terrifies me that the govt consideres these girls collateral damage!

MaryClare said...

The actual deaths including these 2girls is 31. 17 girls died in clinical trials and now an add'l 14girls have died since this vaccine was approved in June of 2006. Over 5,000 adverse events have been reported and VAERS has a database that also records these adverse reactions as well as deaths. The deaths are underreported and they may be over 31 as most doctors will deny that Gardasil caused a girl's reactions and/or death. This is what I am hearing from parents whose daughters have been damaged or have died.