April 5, 2008

David Kirby is About To Hit CDC Again, With A Triple Punch This Time

David Kirby, the man who has dug up more on the vaccine scandal than anyone, has yet again given the heads up to everyone that the hits to the CDC's 'no link' claims just keep on commin'.

Now I can tell you that as you are reading this now, the CDC, the DOJ and HHS has already read this. They are on the internet autism lists, and they read this blog and the others who write about the vaccine autism link.

So to you, our health authorities, and especially to those of you visiting from in side the CDC building:

It is time to end the charade. Vaccines plunge children into autism. It is proven. The legal precedent has been set. The research is in. It is on paper. The word is out. "The Debate Is Over".

Because you insist on allowing this plainly untrue 'no link' statement insanity to continue unchallenged, you are destroying the vaccine program, and more importantly you are continuing decimate lives of children and their families world wide.

So, CDC employee who got into your line of work to IMPROVE people's health, and I am talking to the people doing the real work because this message clearly has been lost on your leadership, stop the hemorrhaging. Stop propping up these foolish leaders who think parents are so dumb that they will watch Hannah Poling win a million dollar judgment for her vaccine induced autism and then swallow CDC claims that there is no link between vaccines and autism.

Salvage the integrity of your profession by acting with integrity.

Blow the whistle.

Call the Atlanta Journal Constitution and start talking on the record.

Call Congressman Dan Burton and tell him you are ready to tell congress what is really going on inside the CDC and what they really know about vaccine injury.

In case you cannot recognize it below, what follows is the handwriting on the wall.

There is still time to address this responsibly before we start seeing large scale numbers of children with vaccine preventable illnesses, but that window is closing as parents are beginning to choose to completely abandon the vaccine program because they know their government is lying to them.

It is time to end this now.

Hello all

Just a little heads up to my friends – and especially, non-friends – that I am working on THREE new stories – all of them bombshells.

I expect the first one to break early this week – It involves new documents received through FOIA that are nothing short of shocking – and I am not shocked by much anymore. I hope the AJC will run it.

The second one might break by the end of the week, or early the following week. When it is announced, it will keep certain government folks up nights, worrying, if not speed-dialing their attorneys.

Finally, the third piece of news might be a few weeks away, but it is also rather nuclear. It has to do with the many more Hannah Poling carbon copies out there – and the impact this will have on future court cases, not to mention public opinion.


Unknown said...

Thanks, Ginger, for all your great work. I would like to suggest, however, that not all so-called "vaccine-preventable" diseases are necessarily worth preventing. In my opinion, we need to learn to distinguish between those that ordinarily have long-term consequences in the developed world and those that do not. In addition, we need to compare the long-term consequences of those diseases to the long-term (properly studied) consequences of vaccination. All the best, Sandy Gottstein, President, Vaccination News, A Non-Profit Corporation (http://www.vaccinationnews.org)

Thing1Thing2Mom said...


Bill O'Reilly is running a segment on the Larry King debate Monday evening.

I sent him an email Thursday night asking him to expose the CDC and AAP. My subject was "The CDC, The AAP, massive spin, misrepresentation of fact and unsupported accusations."

I also asked him to do a "body language" segment of the debate. So I don't know which angle he is taking. I've been trying to send you a copy of my email to him but your box is full.

I hope he is respectful to Jenny and it goes our way. The ad says "Jenny McCarthy looses it on the Larry King show over her son's ..."

Let me know when your box is available and I will send you my full email to him. I've also posted it at my blog http://theeducatedparent.blogspot.com


John Best said...

I'm used to seeing CNN, the CDC and DOJ reading my blog. Now I see that the National Park Service also reads it. Why would they care?

Ginger Taylor said...

I thought that too the first time I saw US Forest Service visit here. I thought it was a parent.

Then I learned from Dan Olmsted that the first use of thimerosal was in plant anti fungals. Several of Kanner's original autism cases had linked to it. Parent in the forestry service, parent chemist, living in a forest where thimerosal anti fungals were first used etc....

Erica said...

Your blog is fantastic! Thank you for putting it out there. I just happened to come across it and I am stunned at the resemblance of your son and mine.
My son is now 6 and fully recovered. We were in ME too but just moved to FL (my husband worked in Lewiston).
I would love to link to your blog from mine - would you please contact me if you are interested as your contact info is not available.
Thank you for all your hard work!

Unknown said...


The youtube video's not available anymore!! Where to find it??


Ginger Taylor said...

Top right corner of the blog, baby.

Thing1Thing2Mom said...

Hi Ginger

Still trying to email you. The box is full and I am sure you were slammed with messages the weekend of the conference.

I wanted you to know that I am staying on Bill O'Reilly to sink his teeth into the vaccine safety story, specifically with regard to the spin and evasiveness of the authorities since the Hannah Polling concession.

Here is my email in follow-up to last nights segment he ran on the Larry King Debate. It was a brief body language segment of Jenny McCarthy but it was very effective and respectful of her.


Mr. O'Reilly

Thank you so much for doing the body language segment of Jenny McCarthy from the Larry King Live show.

I think you where spot on with your analysis and you were quite respectful of Ms. McCarthy.

I am hoping you will cover the vaccine safety issue in greater depth. It is a very complex issue but one need not pick a side to realize something is wrong in terms of the evasiveness and "spin" of the CDC and AAP during the press coverage since the Hannah Polling concession.

They CDC flat refuses to appear on interviews that also host a vaccine reform advocate and their statements along with the AAP, are nonspecific as to how we are to know vaccines are safe, they often evade direct responses to questions and refer to studies that are steeped in criticism and controversy, not to mention special interest.

CNN, unlike Fox News, has dedicated themselves to this story but you are the only person I know with the audacity and aggressiveness to truly expose the spin and evasiveness of the CDC and AAP.

Go get 'em...please
Pamela Felice

Ginger Taylor said...


You are right... I am slammed!

It is going to take the rest of the week to catch up.

Keep doing what you are doing!