April 15, 2008

AAP Declines to Support Military Dependents in Need of Behavioral Services

Angela Warner of Autism Salutes has been working to get appropriate behavioral services for military dependents with autism. She has drafted a letter to Secretary Gates to that effect. Angela asked the AAP to endorse the letter, and they have declined.

Let's hope they reconsider.

The refusal of the American Academy of Pediatrics to endorse the proposed and MUCH needed and necessary changes to our TRICARE program detailed in my letter to Secretary of Defense, Dr. Robert Gates (post directly below) led me to question in depth, the reasoning behind the academy's refusal. Below you will find in order, the email exchange between myself and Karen Hendricks, AAP Assistant Director of Federal Affairs...


Jim said...

Jim said...
Are these people all idiots? Ginger, you forgot to add her usual and appropriate tagline for things in recent days regarding the bumbling-backward-and-foreward, chicken-with-it's-head-cut-off behavior from the AAP:

"Decent and Wise Pediatricians everywhere, rise up!" (rise up and be heard, just like Who-ville did :)

It even said that all the national autism organizations supported this - I assume that includes Autism Speaks?

This just makes me sick - as if the military life didn't put enough strain on families already. I certainly wouldn't expect them to be progressive enough to support HBOT, chelation, and other DAN! 'quack' treatments that have hundreds or thousands of positive anecdotal trials behind them.

But ABA?

Although it would be nice - if our own military showed up the APP about the efficacy of DAN! But would never happen - not under Bush at least - something to ask Barak about perhaps?

Tom said...


You have been too kind in your assessment of the AAP; I no longer look for good things from this group, as they seem to tell most pediatricians what to do, and not the other way around.

But hope springs eternal.

Take a peek over at "Something Beginning With A"--looks we have a rising star in the UK.

Terri Lewis

Ginger Taylor said...

I know... it's ABA. Their only possible argument as to why this is not in place can be, "because we are to cheap and too big a bureaucracy".

And Terri... a month ago I would have been right there with you, but they showed up at DAN and reports are that they are working earnestly, so I am giving them some time to prove all I have said about them in the past wrong.

That said, if you are not on board, then by all means, stay skeptical. You certainly have every reason to be.

And yes... you are right Jim.. I forgot:

Rise up wise pediatricians. We know you are out there, we have met you and know you are concerned with BALANCE. Rise up and let your voices be heard!

You know you wanna.