April 11, 2008

Listen In on the NVAC Meeting Today

It is going now, until 3pm.

listen-only conference line has been established for the Vaccine Safety Meeting on April 11th. Call-in participants will only be able to hear the discussion. The call in number is 1-800-988-9711, passcode 3634862. If you would like to send comments, please e-mail them to nvpo@hhs.gov.


Unknown said...

Ginger, you are my hero!! question - anyone know who the players are in the room?

Ginger Taylor said...

I don't. Only what I wrote in this post:


googleperson7777 said...

Is the technology not available to make the speaking in the room clear enough to understand? :-(

I could understand the telephone caller at 12:00 Eastern time, though. He seemed like a good guy, but naive, lol. He said the method of studying the safety of the ingredients should be communicated to the public.