January 29, 2012

Welcome LJ Goes to Adventures In Autism

This blog was supposed to be a log of my journey in being an autism mother.  It was... and as my journey traveled through the corruption that made my son sick, and kept him from healing, it transformed into medical corruption blog.  Because that is where I am on this adventure.

But as you may have noticed, over the past year I kept posting pieces by Lisa Goes, that really resonated with me.  They communicated all of the frustration and anger and pain and chaos that we lived through in Chandler's early years, and they did it with a transparency that I consider brave.  Because it is brave to expose that much of yourself and your pain to the world.

So as I have become a professional activist and my son is so much better (he is a happy, happy child) I wanted to bring some of that former light and energy back to this space.  I am pleased to announce that LJ has come on board to share her experiences with my audience.  She is someone I have affection and respect for, and who loves and defends our children passionately.

Join me in welcoming LJ Goes.


Kim said...

Welcome LJ, you are a terrific addition to an already wonderful blog! And I love the sippy cup!!!

Kim Spencr said...

Love you BOTH! Match made to send THEM to corporate HELL!